Sponsorship Desk: Los Angeles Startup Week


Los Angeles Startup Week Sponsored Sticker - Santa Monica Pier Photo by Mateusz Kudla

When we write about our sponsored events, they seem to blend into one glowing ball of awesome. With our commitment to the global startup world (after all, fifteen years ago StickerGiant was a startup), we get to celebrate the community that gathers around entrepreneurial activity.

Right now in the City of Angels, home to the global entertainment industry, there is a subculture that's grown to 876 Startups, 59 Incubators & Accelerators, 38 Coworking spaces and 15 Hackerspaces. That's a cornucopia of networking and technological innovation.

LA Startup Week kicks off today just a short walk from the scenic, hundred-plus-year-old Santa Monica Pier, where you can take in the sights over the Pacific Ocean at the Original Muscle Beach and hit around a ball on the courts know as the birthplace of beach volleyball.

#LA StartupWeek Info

LA Startup Week Base Camp will be in two locations during the week: Tuesday and Wednesday check in at General Assembly at 1520 2nd Street in Santa Monica, while Thursday and Friday head to R.O.C. at 604 Arizona Avenue.

Follow @LAStartupWeek on Twitter or like LAStartupWeek on Facebook to get notifications about the week ahead.

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