Three Barrel Brewing Company

Custom Stickers for Three Barrel Brewing Company in Del Norte Colorado, from StickerGiant

Operating under the motto, "Small Brewery, Big Beer," Three Barrel Brewing Company is beautifully located to serve up that which refreshes.
One of Colorado’s smallest microbreweries, [Three Barrel Brewing Co.] makes its home in Del Norte, Colorado (7,834 ft). Just a block off of highway 160, on the scenic rout of Southern Colorado on the way to the Continental Divide, Wolf Creek Pass, Pagosa Springs and Durango. Established in 2005, copper-clad Price-Shonstrum vessels serve the brewers: Hop Trash, Black Copter, Goofyfoot, Threedom Wheat. Come to Southern Colorado along headwaters of the Rio Grande River and enjoy some beer.

These Colorado natives are hardcore brewmasters. Can't wait to come for a visit and sample their wares!

So what separates a microbrewery from a craft brewery from a brewpub? And what, exactly, is a nanobrewery? Is that like having a tiny brew op in your kitchen....or is it more like Uncle Jesse's still in the holler? With more than 1600 smallish breweries making delicious beer in this country, it can get a little confusing. Well, turns out there's a formula, according to the U.S.-based Brewers Association. That's all well and good but to be honest, we just want to taste the beer. Because as the Brewers Association claims, "there has never been a better time or place to drink beer than in the US right now." Three cheers to that!