What's Baking at StickerGiant: CookieLove


For the love of cookies! CookieLove is a San Francisco based cookie company that is handcrafting delicious cookies with the goal to prove they are the best in the Bay Area.

Erika Olson founded CookieLove earlier this year in May. Since then she has been busy cooking up a storm, coming up with new twists on classic cookies. Erika has loved baking for years and just recently got out of the corporate world, where she had a wealth of experience in business and branding.

CookieLove shows that background in branding with an awesome logo featuring two beaters from a mixer stating "Flour+Sugar+Soul." CookieLove uses rolled laminated labels to slap the CookieLove on to-go boxes and orders.

Get you quick solution to branding, with rolled labels for your baked goods.

“Sometimes me think, ‘what is friend?’ and then me say, friend is someone to share the last cookie with.” - Cookie Monster.