Stickers on the Mic: A Podcast about Business, Growth and Marketing

Welcome to the Stickers on the Mic Podcast, where we're going to be talking about the stories behind our custom stickers and labels that we print here in the factory. We will be focusing on business, and specifically marketing for small business. We invite our customers onto the show to talk business, growth, and of course, stickers and labels with the members of Team StickerGiant.

Josh Crane with The Coffee Ride from Boulder, CO


Josh Crane of The Coffee Ride talks about his sustainable coffee business practices and growing a brand one bike ride at a time. Along they way, he and Hamish talk about grassroots marketing and how a small business scales.

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More About the Stickers on the Mic Podcast

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Tradeshow Bootcamp

Katie-Hunt-with-Tradeshow-Bootcamp-on-the-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-StickerGiantKatie Hunt is the founder of Tradeshow Bootcamp, host of the Proof to Product podcast, a business strategist and mentor to creative entrepreneurs.

I always tell people, "Focus on your product first and then focus on making that product line unique to you. Make sure it has a unique point of view and that it's telling a unique story that's not already out in the marketplace." - Katie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp



Johnny Battle

John-Erbert-with-Johnny-Battle-Logos-Joins-Stickers-on-the-Mic-Podcast-with-StickerGiantThe folks at Johnny Battle embroider logos into professional apparel that their customers are excited to wear, and they are growing a new company culture as their business takes off.

"Well, our customers are solely business owners, and they're a great type of person tohave as a customer. They're fun, they understand business, they understand the process that you need to go through." - John Erbert, Johnny Battle



Sanitas Brewing

Sanitas-Brewing-of-Boulder-CO-Joins-the-StickerGiant-PodcastMichael Memsic is the co-founder and CEO of Sanitas Brewing from Boulder, CO. He joined the StickerGiant Podcast to talk about running a growing brewery on the Front Range of Colorado, and how his business has continued to evolve while embracing Traction and EOS.

"From my perspective, on a very simple level, traction is just a toolbox to run a business. It's not that complicated, you don't have to be brilliant or a PhD. of business to understand it. It simplifies the system, and it doesn't try to do outrageous things or use outrageous terms." - Michael Memsic, Sanitas Brewing


Longmont Observer

Sergio-with-the-Longmont-Observer-joins-the-Sticker-Stories-Podcast-with-StickerGiantSergio, co-founder of the Longmont Observer joined the Stickers on the Mic podcast to talk about growing a volunteer driven, local online news source, and their support and participation with Longmont Startup Week.

"Longmont Startup Week is all about entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, people who are looking to invest in startups, looking to get funding, or people who are just interested in starting a business." - Sergio Angelus, Longmont Observer


Moon Bath Ritual Teas

Colorado-Crafted-Gift-Box-for-Sticker-Stories-PodcastMoon Bath Ritual Teas is a growing business out of Boulder, CO specializing in botanical bath teas, salts, and more. Tune in to learn the story behind their line of products that have been infused with ancient Ayurvedic wisdoms, and created through collaborations with artists, business leaders, and practicioners ,while growing their brand.

“It's a really beautiful way to experience hydrotherapy which is an ancient healing modality from llng ago, and our intention is just to hope to inspire and reignite a modern bathing renassance that entails a practice of self care.” - Dakota, Moon Bath Ritual Teas


Colorado Crafted

Colorado-Crafted-Gift-Box-for-Sticker-Stories-PodcastWith a modern take on the traditional gift baskets, Colorado Crafted works with unique, made in Colorado gifts for their boxes. From tasty Colorado made snacks, to tasteful jewelry, you can pick your own mix of gifts in the box, or choose from one of their themed boxes.

“Well, the name, Colorado Crafted, is because everything we sell is made in Colorado, and that goes from the products to even our packaging.” - Sarah Welle, Colorado Crafted


Jupiter Visual


Alan Peters with Jupiter Visual works out of Boulder Colorado as a graphic designer, and inspiring the next generation through his teaching work at Madelife, in Boulder.

“Each project is really custom depending on the needs of that job. My projects tend to be illustration based, so starting on the actual drawing board & it isn't uncommon for me to do a sketch or to put pencil to paper to start to nail that down.” - Alan Peters, Jupiter Visual


Be Hippy

Sticker-Stories-Podcast-with-Be-Hippy-from-Denver-COThis Denver based lifestyle brand got their start in 2014, and have continued to grow their business since then. With a wide offering of custom sticker designs, hats, and more, this duo has fun sharing their simple, and fun message - Be Hippy.

“We came up with those two words "Be Hippy" playing around with a few ideas and ultimately, came up with our design in the mountain and the sunshine which encompasses all of these things that are Be Hippy, the lifestyle.”  - Bart, Owner, Be Hippy

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Meet the Stickers on the Mic Podcast Team

matranga podcast host Andrew Matranga (co-host) Andrew is a recovering journalist who really loves stickers, not to mention podcasts. You might recognize his voice from the ads you see out there on the internet. Andrew runs the blog and posts pictures of stickers all over social media. When he's not pushing pixels, he's playing guitar, building something with power tools, or chasing around his three kids.
martin podcast host Hamish "Mish" Martin (co-host) Hamish is StickerGiant's online advertising guru (or PPC Analyst for those who know Google AdWords). He makes sure that StickerGiant's ads are out there for the world to see and enjoy. Mish, as we like to call him, hails from Guildford, England, about an hour from London. He just recently moved to the US, and he really digs finding new mountain bike trails here in Boulder County.
Megan on the Sticker Stories Podcast with StickerGiant Megan Boyd (co-host) Megan is the SEO Analyst, or watcher and fixer of things that affect search rankings for StickerGiant. Adding new content, getting technical with the website, and joining in on the podcast are all things she can be seen doing. When not at work enjoying telling the world about stickers, you can find Megan on a hike, enjoying time with friends, or reliving her past life as a professional jeweler and making new creations.
michaels podcast Jesse Freitas (producer and sometimes host) Jesse is StickerGiant's Marketing Director. He was the brains behind Saul, the World's Largest Sticker Ball and National Sticker Day. He's often roaming the factory floor to take awesome pictures and share them on your Instagram or Snapchat feed. Every fall, he's following the Broncos as they march towards their next Super Bowl. You'll find Jesse walking one of Longmont's greenways with his dog, Reznor.