Back to School

It’s that time of year again: Back to school is here, and that means opportunities to create community, ignite school spirit, and inspire creativity. 

There are a variety of ways that custom stickers can be used to reward your students, promote school events, or support your student’s chess club. With options like Die Cut Stickers, Holographic Stickers, and Clear Stickers, you can foster school spirit and community connection throughout the school year. 

In many backpacks you’ll find water bottles, notebooks, folders, portfolios, laptops, and tablets (maybe even a trapper keeper). Each of those devices or paper goods needs some fun identity of their own, while instilling a sense of pride in the institution where one works, takes class, visits or cheers. 

And don’t forget about the coolers, cruisers, and bumpers that proudly display back-to-school stickers showcasing school spirit, favorite clubs or sports teams, and humorous stickers like "Proud Parent of an Average Student".


Sticker Sheets for Classroom Creativity

When it comes to the K-8 educational setting, stickers can do so many things for students, teachers, parents and communities. Sticker Sheets present a delightful and engaging way for teachers and parents to supplement children's education in the classroom. With up to 30 different peel-off stickers on a single sheet, children can explore, learn, and reward themselves in a fun and tactile way. 

Beyond the stickers themselves, the background sheet offers additional educational potential: include smaller matching designs, subject names, or even a QR code leading to educational resources online. 

Custom Sticker Sheets can become an inventive tool for learning, sparking joy and curiosity in young learners. And now, with our lowered minimum order of just 50 stickers, they're an even more accessible resource for classrooms.


School Pride with Die Cut Stickers

Within the bustling environments of high schools and colleges, custom stickers emerge as a vibrant, durable tool that offers a unique way to strengthen community identity and school pride. 

Customs stickers can serve multiple purposes; from a business college distributing department-specific stickers to students, to a high school theater group using them as promotional giveaways at performances. 

Whether you're a student embarking on your first design project, a school representative wanting to reflect your institution's value, or a sports enthusiast eager to display team spirit, these stickers provide a tangible way to delight your fans, faculty, alumni, and students.

In the world of academia, custom stickers are not just products, but meaningful instruments that foster community engagement, promote institutional pride, and celebrate individuality and creativity. Bring community to your campus with custom Die Cut Stickers


Boost Fundraising with Custom Stickers

Custom stickers offer an impactful and memorable way for school board members, alumni, and parents to amplify charitable and fundraising endeavors. Distributing stickers at events serves as a token of appreciation, allowing attendees to remember their contribution and share their experience. Adding the year of the event to your sticker design allows attendees collecting stickers year after year to show their continued support. 

More than just souvenirs, these stickers become badges of honor for donors, symbolizing their commitment to the cause. By promoting visibility and sparking conversation, stickers aid in extending the impact of your efforts and fostering a tight-knit community rallying around your mission.