5 Blogs About Business Failure that Will Benefit Your Startup


There's something purifying about sharing your startup business failures with others-- especially if you can use the information to improve tactics.

Like that one time you launched a $30,000 crowdfunding campaign that you felt sure was destined for success and you wound up only raising $200 from your parents. The fundraising failure was further magnified to your business network when a late night MailChimp email went out to the wrong list of subscribers, and they all ripped you a new one for being a spammer.

Horrifying at the time (seriously, you will never make that mistake again!!), but when you describe the situation later to a fellow colleague who is picking your brain about marketing his new dog chew product, it's funny and makes everyone feel a little better about that same situation happening to them.

That is the precise reason why we love startup blogs that talk about failure -- they manage to authentically cover the realities of business ownership and make for better learning opportunities. And the following 5 are ones that really take the cake. So if you've ever managed a failed startup business venture or would benefit from hearing about someone who has, check them out. Be warned: Some of these sources include a few expletives.

1) 4 Famous Crowdfunding Fails

Whether you're already an entrepreneur or are working for a company that has had ample experience with success and failure, you will love this article. While it's created from the viewpoint of an editor from Entrepreneur Magazine, we've all seen companies who have failed to meet the tactics required to get their project off the ground. So step into Crowdfunding Fails-- and maybe even tell us about your own startups' missteps.


2) 9 Lessons From A 10-Time Startup Failure

What's it like to crash and burn 10 startups and come out on the other side with a multi-million dollar venture? Find out when you read this candid piece featuring Co-Founder and CEO Kurt Theobold of Classy Llama. He would be the first to tell you about how important experiencing a string of failures when paving the way for business success. Get ahead of the game by learning from the insight of this frank CEO whose company made the Inc. Magazine's 500 Fastest Growing Companies list.


3) The 13 Biggest Failures From Famous Entrepreneurs And What They've Learned From Them

There's nothing like learning about the financial waste at a massive scale that can accompany a startup that fizzles into defeat. Which is why this blog piece does a great job of extracting the realties behind hard failure. The beauty of these candid features with entrepreneurial mogul is that all of them emerged from the darkness of total bust into the light that is venture prosperity.


4) The 25 Worst Business Failures in History

Believe it or not, failure isn't a newly invented business phenomena. I know, I know, most of us know that failure is human. But even the best of us forget this simple fact at the worst of times and wind up beating up on ourselves in a way that doesn't help anyone. Business loses are felt at the same degree of impact for small and large companies alike, and it's easy to forget that the effect is still the same: it sucks. This article does a great job of listing brands of varying sizes who have sustained loss. Read it to remind yourself that failure isn't only normal, it's human.


5) Why Most Startups Fail

Last, but certainly not least, is a piece all about Startup flops and the entrepreneurial impulse to ignore failure stats. While your startup idea could be the next big thing, data shows that it takes a whole lot of learning from your missteps before landing sure fire business success. My favorite point made by the author? "The biggest failure in startups isn’t that founders and employees aren’t adequately warned of their slim chances. It’s that they aren’t warned of the challenge of building something that lasts". Be warned: This one probably has the most honest perspective of all.


These are just a few of the business-related blogs that help us learn from others to avoid making the same mistakes ourselves. Do you have any others to add? Let us know in the comments.