Artwork Services - Recreating Artwork - 86th AMXS Team Ramstein.

StickerGiant often has customers that have great ideas for their stickers but don't have artwork that can be reproduced well. The most common problem we encountered is getting a graphic to print that looks great on-screen at 72 dots per inch (dpi). The problem with these web graphics is that they do not reproduce well, screen resolution and real life printed products are completely different animals and do not play well together.

StickerGiant has world-class Artwork Services available to our customers. The pros at StickerGiant set type, simple design requests and do lots and lots of artwork recreation.

Recreating artwork takes a pro, it is extremely time intensive and detailed in nature and if you don't have the experience some of these projects can take forever. Below is a job we did for the 86th AMXS Team Ramstein.

The 12 member team that provides on-the-spot services for the 86th Ramstein C-130s did not have the original artwork for their team crest. We wanted to help them out so one of our pro-artists recreated this intricate piece of artwork from scratch. Below is a medium sized version of this job, and here is a bigger view of the detailed before and after.
Before and After
revectorized image

click for a bigger view