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The Be Hippy Lifestyle

How do you express lifestyle? The things we do, the clothes we wear, and the stickers we rock! Be Hippy Lifestyle is spreading the message of peace and love through awesome clothing, apparel and stickers that represent the beauty and outdoors of Colorado. Be Hippy Lifestyle was started ... [Read More]

FlixMaster - Video Editing in the Cloud

Boulder, Colorado-based FlixMaster [Editor's Note: FlixMaster is now Rapt Media. We've preserved the sticker story for posterity.] brings enhanced interactivity and “branching” to online video. With traditional video, a storyline follows a path from start to finish. Branching allows ... [Read More]

Survey Gizmo

When is a survey not just a survey? Why when it's a Survey Gizmo, of course! Survey Gizmo boasts customer service that's not just great ... it's legendary. Customers aren't the only ones that love the Boulder-based company. Survey says they have a fun work atmosphere, to boot. Break ... [Read More]

Shipping stickers for

I saw some very cool custom shape cut stickers being packed up today, so I make a little film about the experience, enjoy! In case you are wondering, is a awesome app that solves your attachment iPhone issues. Based in San Francisco, they were funded by my buddies down ... [Read More]

Zendesk Lover

Zendesk is a hosted, web-based customer help desk solution. One that uses the Buddha as a mascot. Your Zendesk account comes with customer request web forms, complete community architecture, and a knowledge base repository that is ready to use — just add content. And Zendesk ... [Read More]