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Stickers at Summer Festivals with Super CASA


Be a sticker hero. Our friends at Voices for Children CASA are back for a line up of summer events and festivals where they are featuring their volunteer led team as super heroes on custom stickers.

Voices for Children of Boulder County are always hard at work to get kids out of harmful or unhealthy situations. The CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers puts in a lot of time in training and development to to be heroes in children's lives. It's important that they bring in enough volunteers and donations to stay on mission.

To raise awareness for the CASA program in Boulder County, they attend lots of summer festivals to promote material about their cause and gain donations from the community.

"Our theme for this year celebrates our CASA volunteers being our superheroes," states Katie DePoy. "In order to engage and recruit more volunteer CASAs, our organization participates in local summer festivals as a vendor booth. Staff and Volunteers share their experiences with the community to help recruit volunteers and spread awareness of child abuse in our county. We frequently pass out stickers and pamphlets to help with this endeavor."

To celebrate and promote awareness of their team, they designed promotional stickers that feature the volunteers as super heroes in four different designs. Each custom circle sticker has a different CASA hero with different color combinations stating "Super CASA" and their company details below.

It's positive to see promotion for good and colorful stickers are a fun way to get the word out fast. Have your own colorful designs ready for promotion? Get your own custom stickers today.

Aloha for People


Helping others is the greatest accomplishment and there is nothing better than custom stickers to spread that message. Aloha for People has the goal of improving lives both domestic and abroad through selling unique Hawaiian style shirts.

Aloha for People is on a mission to help people. In designing and selling shirts, they are buying fabrics from the people of Guatemala that in turn provides them with jobs. The patterns are very unique and celebrate their culture. Once they have the fabrics, Aloha for People is making all their shirts in Los Angeles, California.  The awesome part is that every shirt sold provides a child in Guatemala access to clean water for two years.

So why Guatemala?
"Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America with nearly 16 million people. About 54% of the population lives in poverty, which equals to over 8.5 million people. Lack of food, water, and over exposure to disease make it very unsafe for Guatemalans. While the government and outside organizations have improved access to clean water in the country, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.  Nearly 95% of water in Guatemala is unsafe for human consumption. Aloha for People hopes to aid in the effort to provide access to clean water to those in need in Guatemala."

As Aloha for People says, they are "threaded for purpose" and proud of the fact they are providing jobs to Guatemala and the USA. Their shirts will be on sale through their website starting March 2017. As part of their start, they used Kickstarter to raise pledge funds. As they start sending out their gifts, they got custom die cut stickers of their logo printed up to include to their fan base.

Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing the stickers travel with the shirts.

Lady O Pink Onions


Pink is the new sweet. That means you better believe there is a very pink custom sticker involved in this. It's none other than Lady O Pink's logo for as they work on bringing pink onions to more people in North America and fighting cancer at the same time.

Lady O Pink is bringing gourmet onions to supermarkets in Canada and the United States. These pink onions have a great flavor, extended shelf lives, and many nutritional benefits; including cancer fighting attributes. Compared to their conventional onion friends of red, yellow and white; these Rosanna Onions have less pyruvate acid which gives them their refined flavor.

They are on an amazing mission and it's best put in their own words.
"Our mission for this project is to not only bring pink onions into North American stores, but also bring more awareness of all cancers and rare diseases. These pink onions have cancer fighting nutrients, so what better way to bring awareness than by selling these beautiful and tasty pink onions!"

Lady O Pink is involved with Stourgarden's® Cause Promotion which is teamed up with Cancer Research UK's Race for Life that has raised lots of money for cancer research. They also feature Produce Heroes™ on their packaging of their onions to have characters educate consumers more about the benefits of their products.

As Lady O Pink get's ready to offer their pink onions in more U.S. super markets, they got prepared by getting some custom logo stickers for promotion. Their Lady O Pink character surrounded by a pink starry circle carrying a platter of pink onions is a great representation of their brand and makes an awesome die cut sticker to hand out.

We are feeling the power of pink and are super excited to see their mission come to fruition with the help of some pink stickers.

Project Angel Heart: Pie in the Sky


Giving back can sometimes seem like a pie in the sky but Project Angel Heart is doing their part to give back to the community. On this occasion, that Pie in the Sky is real and so is this awesome colorful sticker they printed to promote it.

What is Project Angel Heart?

"Since 1991, Project Angel Heart has prepared and delivered nutritious meals to Coloradans coping with life-threatening illnesses like cancer, HIV/AIDS, and kidney/heart/lung disease. Our meals are made from scratch by a team of professional chefs and volunteers and are customized to meet the unique dietary needs of each client. There are no age or income restrictions to qualify for this service, and meals are delivered free of charge. We also provide meals for dependents of eligible clients to minimize the impact of life-threatening illness on families."

The Pie in the Sky is a fundraising campaign to help with their mission of delivering nutritious meals to improve quality of life for those coping with life-threatening illness. Project Angel Heart is recruiting volunteers to sell pies, which are freshly baked by a local bakery and ready for pickup two days before Thanksgiving, to contribute to the cause. Another way to contribute is to order a delicious pie. Each one sold provides three medically tailored meals for a person with cancer, HIV/AIDS, kidney disease, or another serious illness.

It's great to see such a fun campaign doing so much good and their custom shaped Pie in the Sky sticker is quite the touch to spread this campaign even further.

Join Team Strong with Bacon Bibs


Representing "Team Strong" with Bacon Bibs to help promote Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer affects us all even our furry companions. The month of May is a chance for us all to shine more light on cancer and we are helping that light shine with some custom Team Strong stickers.

Bacon Bibs keep our best friends looking fly on the fly with all sorts of custom bandanas to match their style. Tina and Sarah are the owners of Bacon Bibs and also are full time graphic designers. They screen print and sew them all the bibs, after illustrating all the designs.

To help raise more awareness, Bacon Bibs has teamed with other dog personalities on Instagram to form Team Strong. Their team logo design was made into awesome custom stickers that are being included in orders of Bacon Bibs during the month of May. Proceeds of sales for the Team Strong products will be going directly to pet cancer research.

It feels good to be part of a solution to a problem, it feels even better when you can peel and stick that you did your part.

Break Free and Escape Adulthood

Escape Adulthood

Happy Friday! Finally, the week is coming to an end and life is great... or is it? There is a terrible disease out there affecting millions of us called adultitis. Don't worry, Escape Adulthood is here and their mission is to annihilate adultitis by reminding us to have fun and play with their awesome sticker sheets.

The Escape Adulthood movement was started by Kim and Jason, entrepreneurs, husband and wife, parents of three kids and kids themselves at heart. To better explain, we leave it in their great words:
"Escape Adulthood is a mission and a rallying cry. It’s not about escaping responsibilities or reality. Nor is it about paying your bills with Monopoly money, eating a strict diet of chicken nuggets, or putzing around with Play-Doh all day long (although we do love that smell!).

Rather, the “Adulthood” we recommend you escape from is the cynical, joyless, unadventurous version with all the stupid rules, the one that insists we always play it safe and take ourselves way too seriously. We actually believe the crazy notion that there is more to life than the busyness, stress, and melancholy that is typical of most modern lives."

To say playing with their custom sticker sheet with all these goofy, fun stickers has been anything less than amazing is an understatement. We love the reminders they are spreading and with over 2,000 blog posts published on Escape Adulthood their is a lot of great reflection and thought into just stepping back from the day to day.

Kill the stress and have fun, play with stickers. That has been the StickerGiant cure to fighting adultitis for over 15 years, just make a business out of a childhood favorite... STICKERS.