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The Goonies 80s Are Back


"Hey, you guuys!" Inspired by on the best movies of the 80s comes a band bringing back the sounds of the time and dropping their tunes with colorful die cut stickers to show what they are all about.

Bright colors, fish net wrist gloves, leg warmers, 80s covers and The Goonies all balled up in to one hip band out of Boulder, Colorado. The Goonies band is on the scene to cover the best the 80s had to offer in music. So how did they get started?
"Founded in 1985, after escaping a kidnapping by a large Sasquatch, the young rockstars decided to travel through time and come light up the 21st century.  While you may wake up with crimped hair, a sore neck, and no recollection of the last 12 hours, The Goonies never... ever.... say Hangover."

The Goonies' band logo is a design for the ages. They utilized the hot, bright colors of the era in a Goonies based design with two electric guitars blasting out of flames on the side. All of this is digitally printed in full color and then finished with free die cuts to the shape of the design ending up as an epic promotional sticker for the band.

If you see the band and receive a sticker, make sure to do the Truffle Shuffle in appreciation. Rock on Goonies!

Just Listen to Front Country


Music is art and inspiration all balled up in one nice package for the soul. The band, Front Country, won't tell you what style or genre they fall in but if you listen, you'll definitely want one of their custom die cut stickers to share your love of their music to the world.

What started as friends playing bluegrass in San Francisco, has turned into a touring band playing all over the country.
"Front Country's dynamic instrumental textures take flight with grace and gravitas while rooted in the relentlessly soulful vocals of lead singer-songwriter Melody Walker. Along with mandolinist Adam Roszkiewicz, guitarist Jacob Groopman, violinist Leif Karlstrom and bassist Jeremy Darrow, this quintet has been called "passionately intoxicating" and "orchestral" and Melody's bluesy vocals have been described as "rafter-shaking"."

Their custom band stickers use a unique design blending the city to the mountains with their name front and center. It's a very clean, fun sticker design that will be a great way for fans to show their support and love of the music.

Front Country will be swinging by our neighborhood in July for the Rocky Grass Festival and we can't wait to listen with a sticker slapped on.

Sugar Mill Sunset


Sugar Mill Sunset is jumping on the pop punk scene with some rad stickers to represent their band. If only custom band stickers could sing too...

Sugar Mill Sunset is a pop punk band in the same town we are based out of; Longmont, Colorado. They are fresh on the scene just coming off a big New Year's Eve performance at Left Hand Brewery. Their music is influenced by bands of the past and future, Blink-182, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, New Found Glory, NOFX and others.

In pumping up the jams, they printed up two black & white style custom logo stickers. They are custom die cut as rectangular stickers, just the right size to go on music gear they travel with or to give to fans who slap them on the back of their car window. The best part of their name is "Sugar Mill" which is an old abandoned building on the south east side of Longmont, and ironically happens to be just across the street from where we print the stickers.

Sunsets by the Sugar Mill will never be the same again. We look forward to seeing more and more Sugar Mill Sunset stickers spread around town and at shows.

Get Write Minded with the Eye Above


Get Write Minded with some funk, fusion, hip hop, reggae and rock styles all mixed together to create a great sound. Write Minded is releasing new music and is spreading their custom band stickers in different color types.

This Colorado based live hip-hop band has a very smooth sound that will get anyone tapping their feet and moving to the groove.
"Write Minded was born when Sam and Jesse branched from a local hip-hop collective and began focusing on acoustic hip-hop. Jonah Greene hopped on the scene incorporating rhythm with drum and bongos. TurtleBear and Forrester merged with the crew from a short-lived psychedelic funk-rock band, and Wilson slid right in bringing tasty keys and synths synonymous with electronic hip-hop. These six musicians got together in hopes of putting together a wild set for a show that ended up falling through. However, what formed out of the experience was way more valuable. Things took off for the power group after the release of the Write Minded Demo. The band continued to write new material and just one year later, has released their debut album, "Eye Above." Write Minded continues to develop a unique and undefinable blend of Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae, Rock, etc. that captivates all listeners."

Write Minded just released their first full debut album July 30th of this year called "Eye Above." It is currently available for digital download and streaming through most major apps and carriers.

As part of their launch, the band made sure to get merchandise together for their upcoming live shows and the album release. Write Minded has a logo that shines and as custom stickers they created four variations with different colors as circle stickers. These designs are sick for fans of the music to slap on and spread the music further by striking up conversations with curious eyes seeing the stickers that make your "Brain Drip."

Find the Eye Above and listen to the official video of their debut song, "Perfect Day."

St. Patrick's Day with The McDeviants

The McDeviants

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What a special day to be alive, enjoy some drinks, green stuff and listen to none other than The McDeviants.

The McDeviants are an Irish Folk band based out of Colorado. They have an awesome sound that is made up of a bevy of instruments that the four McDeviants are playing to keep that Irish sound alive. The instruments heard in their music include flute, whistle, bodhran, harmonica, vocals, guitar, bass drum, percussion, fiddle, bass, cello, and mandolin.

Tonight, The McDeviants will take the stage at Slattery's Irish Pub in Greenwood Village, Colorado to jam out some great Irish tunes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. They take the stage at 8pm. The McDeviants play a lot of live shows around Colorado and are promoting their first CD, "Seven Long Years" and they are using custom logo stickers to have their fans spread their name around.

A band merch table without stickers is like St. Patrick's Day without something green on. Don't get pinched, get custom band stickers.

Listen to the McDeviants, enjoy the holiday and be safe out there. Cheers.

Heroes Like Villains

Heroes Like Villains

"Punk is not dead!" Exclaims the Heroes Like Villains. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio this band is here to fulfill the need for some new pop punk in your life.

Heroes Like Villains are just getting off the ground floor with some awesome music and sweet designs to bolster their name. Combining characters straight out of a comic book into rock stars, it's like every kids dream molded into one.

They are about to see the shadow of their first EP "Amends" this Groundhog's Day, February 2nd, 2016. To help spread the word of their band, they printed up some awesome custom shaped stickers of their logo, "Heroes Like Villains" with a sticker side kick on kiss cut stickers. showing off their comic alter egos.

In talking with Heroes Like Villains, Josh Willis, he gave us the reason for getting stickers,
"We ordered the stickers because we believed we needed to have a visual reference that could be displayed anywhere, in addition to t-shirts and thought what better way to have our band marketed permanently, in some places, than stickers?

Where are you distributing the stickers?
"We're distributing the stickers with our CD's as a pack, or as stand-alone's at our shows. We're hoping fans will help us leave our mark at the various places we perform."

Pump out the sticker jams, with your own custom band stickers. Check out Heroes Like Villains: