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Sugar Mill Sunset

Sugar Mill Sunset is jumping on the pop punk scene with some rad stickers to represent their band. If only custom band stickers could sing too... Sugar Mill Sunset is a pop punk band in the same town we are based out of; Longmont, Colorado. They are fresh on the scene just coming off a ... [Read More]
Heroes Like Villains

Heroes Like Villains

"Punk is not dead!" Exclaims the Heroes Like Villains. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio this band is here to fulfill the need for some new pop punk in your life. Heroes Like Villains are just getting off the ground floor with some awesome music and sweet designs to bolster their name. ... [Read More]
Nuclear Blast Records

The Nuclear Blast of Heavy Metal

Heavy metal has blasted onto the music scene since the late 1980s in a big way. Nuclear Blast Records has been the main record label that has helped launch hundreds of metal bands since that time. This holiday season they are keeping things even more metal with killer gift tags. Born ... [Read More]
Duran Duran Sticker Art

Sticker Album Art with Duran, Duran

What Are the Chances an album comes with customizable sticker art as the cover? First glance at the new album, Paper Gods, from Duran Duran, we saw stickers popping off the graphic. Turns out, that's exactly the idea behind the artwork for Paper Gods. When you buy the album through ... [Read More]
Christina Outlaw from the Backstage Artist Lounge

On Tour Forever with the Backstage Artist Lounge

Did you ever wish you could go on tour with your favorite bands? Like, Forever? Christina Outlaw is living the dream as COO and host of the Backstage Artist Lounge, based in Nashville, Tennessee. She's literally on tour forever. Backstage Artist Lounge "creates value by taking ... [Read More]

Monocle Travels the Troubadour Trail

Ever get that feeling that you've been there before, but can't remember the path you took? The Monocle Band will lead you back down that twisty mountain road. They've packed a tasty lunch. And they have a scrumptious new sticker, to boot! Formed in late 2010 on the musically fertile ... [Read More]