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Rescue Atlantis Will Make You Ears Ring

Rescue Atlantis describes themselves as "a group of whiskey-swilling gentlemen making loud, rowdy music for your enjoyment. Denver, Colorado based, we are here to leave our songs ringing in your ears for days." You don't have to take our word for it. Go ahead and fire up the Rescue ... [Read More]
Custom Shaped Stickers Printed for DJ Promote by StickerGiant

DJ Promote

Are you ready to get this party started? Oh, wait, you need a bassline, don't you. Well check this guy out and you'll be moving in no time flat. He's DJ Promote, he's a turntablist, and he's got the guy upstairs on his side. Somewhere in West Texas, one humble man with a set of ... [Read More]


Rounding out our week of music-related posts, check out Fighter, the fifth and latest album from Manafest. Or as his third grade teacher probably called him, Chris Greenwood. Manafest has been organically building his fan base for the last 6 years playing hundreds of shows on ... [Read More]
Laestrygonia Custom Rectangle Stickers Printed by StickerGiant


Hold still. Deep breath. Just because it's called Laestrygonia doesn't mean old Five-Eye up there is going to be mythically huge and life-threateningly dangerous. Oooh, or does it? Laestrygonia is a great new band based out of Geneva, NY. The exciting thing about these guys that you ... [Read More]
Custom shaped stickers printed for Zookeeper's Palace Band

Zookeeper's Palace

Zookeeper's Palace serves up a heady blend of sounds they call tribal space rock. We call it far out and fun! With an eclectic mix of musicians hailing from across the United States, the sonic realm of Zookeeper’s Palace can best be described as tribal space rock with a progressive edge. ... [Read More]
Custom shaped stickers for the Jet Edison Band out of Boulder CO, printed by StickerGiant

Jet Edison

Boulder's own Jet Edison has been busy making a name for themselves with their signature rock-jam hybrid stylings. Word of Jet Edison's captivating performances has been spreading rapidly, and gaining them recognition all across their home state and beyond. Upon recently returning from a ... [Read More]