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Lost Cabin Beer Company crafts small-batch brews and builds community in Rapid City


Beer and stickers make for a great pair, and the team at Lost Cabin Beer Company in Rapid City, South Dakota, knows a thing or two about pairings. Their small-batch craft ales and lagers go hand in hand with the great outdoors and the local community in the capital city of the Black Hills Region.

Custom rectangle logo stickers help them reinforce that brand identity and evoke a time gone by where a good campfire and a great beer were all that you needed. Rectangle stickers are most notable for their use as bumper stickers and also, work well for a wide variety of logo uses.

Rapid City is the jumping off point for travels to Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Monument, Devils Tower, Badlands National Park and (in)famous Wall Drug, and that's just the marquee attractions in a grand geography that spans western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming.

We're fans of their quality ethic because (like us) they only the finest ingredients in their brewery and work hard to source many of them locally. They put pride in their work, and their tasting room displays their love of the outdoors and their goal to serve the people of the town. They have a large selection of branded gear, and they are creating an experience for their fans that lasts beyond the bar stool.

Check out the creativity on their tap list as of October 2017. They are rotating beers frequently, so check back with them if you're in the region. They're worth the stop.



Sticker Stories Podcast Episode 4: Talking World Records and Lager Beer with Ted Risk of Wibby Brewing


In this episode

We discuss running a brewery and marketing with stickers, and we are happy to have Ted Risk from Wibby Brewing on the show to talk about how Wibby got started as a new business in Longmont. We'll talk about the fine art of brewing and how they use stickers for promoting the brewery. We also welcome Saul, the World's Largest Sticker Ball, since he's currently in the 2018 Guinness Book of World Records that's in bookstores now.

Top of Mind

Hamish was proud to introduce our very own Saul The Sticker Ball Story. We founded National Sticker Day on January 13th and broke a world record, and now the 2018 Guinness Book of World Records is out and Saul is on page 123 with other "Great Balls." While creating the Sticker Ball, we realized it was a quite possibly one of our best company team building exercises, and it's the gift that keeps on giving, as every visitor to StickerGiant sees Saul in our front lobby. Also, it's very fitting that for this episode we welcome Ted, since the official weigh in was done at Wibby Brewing on January 13th, 2016.

Andrew spoke about band stickers: We wrote up a post about fan stickers ahead of last weekend's Phish shows here in Colorado, and this week, we profiled Bread & Butter, a Seattle band that printed up custom logo stickers for their West Coast Fall Tour. Then we talked about stickers for Wibtoberfest and the STL Sticker Swap and their attempt at a Guinness Book World Record.


Saul will be featured at Wibtoberfest this Saturday in honor of their two-year anniversary, but more on that later when we bring Ted onto the show.

Interview with Ted Risk of Wibby Brewing


For those listeners not familiar with the Longmont Brewery scene, we got a quick introduction of how Wibby got started and how they’ve reached where they are today. Then he told us about his individual brewing story before meeting Ryan Wibby. We spoke about the German lagers that influenced them and made them want to adopt that style. We dug into where the name Wibby came from and how they went about designing their logo. We also wanted to know what is it about breweries and custom stickers, and why do so many brewers print stickers, plus how Wibby uses stickers to promote their business. We said goodbye and auf wiedersehen to Ted, and then we turned to...

Listener Questions

We’d like to say a big thank you for all the questions that have been submitted along with those stories and we have a few that we answered.

Peter at

Q: How do you battle time vs profit when you receive artwork that is not ready for print?

A: We’re all about fast here at StickerGiant but we also never sacrifice quality. We have a three person art team that touch every piece of artwork that's submitted.

Those guys touch between 1,500-2,000 pieces of artwork every week. Whether it's a quote request or someone checking us out, the art team ensures that every piece is ready for print.

Occasionally, we have artwork submitted that isn’t suitable, and in that case we have to ask the customer to re-submit something of higher quality.

Q: What is it like working with a wide variety of clientele?

A: This is especially cool for us as we work across all industries and get to see stickers and labels from a huge variety of brands and products. So yesterday we put this question to our customer service team as they manage all our orders and ensure our customers get what they want.

Pete at Panini Petes

Q: How has social media changed your business?

A: Social media is now a pay to play environment, with organic traffic making up about 2% of your posts reach. This means you must have a paid strategy to reach your audience effectively.

There’s two sides to this, Andrew who is our content creator, is focusing on telling the stories of our customers which we share through social media, these get shared on Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, Google Plus and Medium. We’re also constantly snapping pictures of cool stickers which we share through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Flickr and Pinterest. You'll need to add some boost budget to get these to your current audience and new audiences.

Hamish runs the paid side of things, which is specific advertising content and is predominantly focused on Facebook and Instagram with a little budget for Twitter and Pinterest. This can be coupon led or product focused and is designed to get customers onto our website to make a purchase.

Top tips: Tell stories and engage people with real content. Use paid social advertising and specifically target an action with a measurable ROI, don’t go chasing likes, and make sure to get meaningful conversions or purchases.

Erin at Wordnik

Q: Have you ever printed a sticker and had to call up the designer and ask "WHY?"

A:  We’ve never called anyone up but we have certainly seen some curious stickers come through the shop with no obvious message or branding on them. A recent one that springs to mind was a 4x4 inch square sticker which appeared to just be a somewhat blurry image from a CCTV camera.

Next Time

We currently have a submission form up on our website at If you’d like to come on the show to talk about your business we’d love to hear from you. Even if you aren't based nearby to Longmont, Colorado still get in touch as we can dial you in for the show.

The podcast will be available to download in all the usual spots: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud and Radio Public.

Music & Art

Opening music: Cha Cappella - Jimmy Fontanez

Closing music: My Rollercoaster - Kimya Dawson

Art by Alan Peters, Jupiter Visual

Brewer Highlight: Solarc Brewing


Solarc Brewing is on point with colorful beer label designs and they have some of the best beer names all being digitally printed as matte labels.

We found a new obsession in our custom label printing world that we live in at StickerGiant. It is Custom Beer Labels! The new and different designs we get to see running through the shop for breweries around the country blows us away. Solarc has printed several custom matte labels with us and every time we see them they pop off the presses going through the factory. With beer names like "Shower Beer" and "Donkey Piss" there has to be fun art to back it up and Solarc Brewing is doing just that.

Saul and Archie are the founders of Solarc Brewing. They first connected through the LA Arts Community and bonded over a glass of mead. Like a lot of great companies in California, Solarc Brewing was started out of a garage. Not just any garage, but a barn-like garage behind Saul's house.  The two of them have worked hard at their craft experimenting with all sorts of magic potions and concoctions that brew up some tasty craft beers. Their love of art shows as they treat Solarc Brewing as a work of art, from the beer being brewed to the label designs and branding.

It's easy to see what makes this craft brewer stand apart, and we are always excited to see what custom label design for their beer is next.

Brewer Highlight: Bold Missy Brewery


Bold women have shaped the history of the world. Bold Missy Brewery is celebrated these strong women as they get ready to launch this April and are opening fully stocked with custom logo stickers.

The brewery is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and they are prepping to launch in April. Carol Waggener is very passionate about beer, having spent ten years with Anheuser-Busch and now setting out on her own beer path in opening up Bold Missy Brewery.

Bold Missy is honoring great women of history in the naming of their craft beers that will be tapped soon. Here is the first line up:

  • Solo Flight American Brown ale, named after Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic

  • Find a Way Wheat, named after Diana Nyad, the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage

  • Get Your Gun Golden, named after Annie Oakley, the American sharpshooter and performer known as “little sure-shot”

  • Rocket Ride IPA, named for Sally Ride, the first American female in space

Their logo features a white bottle cap with a lipstick kiss on it. In the name "Bold" it takes the place of "o" and makes for a very compelling design. They printed up three different custom kiss cut stickers with us. The first featuring just the bottle cap logo. The second features the main logo as a custom circle sticker with the name "Bold Missy Brewery" on a red background. The third one is a rectangular, bumper sticker sizes white background featuring the full name and logo.

With a fun brewery location and strong branding, Bold Missy Brewery stickers are going to be spreading fast in the coming months as some great beers get tapped.

Parade of Darks Metro Caring


In the spirit of the Holiday season, dozens of breweries are coming together to support Metro Caring with the 5th Annual Parade of Darks, featuring craft beers from amber to black.

This Saturday, December 3rd from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. the holiday cheer will start spreading with tastings of over sixty plus beers available featuring seasonal and year-round. The dark-beer, holiday fest and fundraiser is taking place at the Turnhalle Room in the Tivoli Student Union which is located on the Auraria Campus in Denver, Colorado. The best part is 100% of the forty-five dollar ticket price goes directly to Metro Caring which helps provide a week of food to six hungry Coloradans.

So what is Metro Caring?
"As Denver's leading hunger-prevention organization on the front lines, Metro Caring meets people’s immediate need for food while also sustainably addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty. Using a multifaceted approach, Metro Caring is an innovative leader in addressing problems related to hunger, with programming offered in Healthy Foods Access, Nutrition/Gardening Education, and Self-Sufficiency."

To help promote this great cause, we printed up some amazing custom logo stickers for Metro Caring to get the word out. Their sticker design features three foaming over pints of beer with the year in the middle above the "Parade of Darks" copy with the Metro Caring logo placed at the bottom. The sticker itself is a custom shape around the logo design to make it stand out for those who slap it on when leaving the event.

Cheers to the Holidays and letting stickers spread great causes that help people out.

Brewer Highlight: Rally King Brewing


It's time to rally! Rally King Brewing is pouring a huge selection of great craft beers in Fort Collins, Colorado while spreading their brand with custom die cut stickers.

So what is a rally king? The definition of Rally is to "come together again in order to continue fighting after a defeat or dispersion to bring into order again." The rally cry in this case is how life can just be crazy and Rally King Brewing decided to pursue their passion despite it all and rally together people with great craft beer.

Rally King has a line up beers from hoppy to wheat and a little bit of everything in-between for all beer connoisseurs. Similar to their line up of different color and flavor beers pouring out everyday, they printed up four different Die Cut Stickers to let people represent their craft brewery in a variety of ways. These custom circle stickers are about the size of a coaster and make for a fun walkaway promotion for Rally King Brewing.