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Happy Riding at Long Mont Velo


Friendly shop for happy riding with custom logo stickers found at the brand new Long Mont Velo bike shop.

There are so many reasons (all of them good!) to ride a bike. Whether it's for a daily commute, the Sunday ride, or a simple joyride to the local brewpub, transport by bike sharpens your mind, fills your soul, and helps your physical well being. And addressing all of those needs is where your local bike shop (LBS) rolls in.

We're happy to announce the opening of a new LBS here in Longmont: Long Mont Velo. These folks are on a mission to provide a place that is friendly and helpful no matter the bike or reason you're getting your pedal on. Paul, the owner/mechanic,  once owned 50 bikes and can help you decide if your old bike is worth fixing up--or if you should test out one of the sweet rides they have on their sales floor. Long Mont Velo also has you covered from head to toe with apparel and accessories. They have some cool ideas for the shop, too, from hosting fun events like art/brewery cruiser rides, movie nights, game nights and group rides.

In preparing for the shop opening, they printed up stickers to help promote their name in the local community. Now, when locals stop in to get bikes and repairs, they can walk out with a sticker on their bike tube or car bumper. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter. and stop by. They are right across the street from Longmont High School on the northwest side of Longmont's Old Town.

Welcome to Town Long Mont Velo!



Riding the Heartland B-Cycle


May is bike month. Bicycling is great for the environment, health, saves on gas and also a great way to see a city. BCycle has been pedaling it forward to cities all over the United States and Heartland B-Cycle in Omaha is getting creative with custom sticker sheets to spread the word even further.

Not familiar with BCycle?
"BCycle is a next-gen bike sharing system. In layman’s terms: BCycles are there when you want one and gone when you don't. Just swipe your card, grab a bike, and get to where you’re going."

One of the best uses for these bikes is for tourists seeing a town for the first time. Yeah, there is Uber, taxis and rental cars; but what an experience to bike around a downtown setting to see the sites. This is exactly what Heartland B-Cycle is encouraging with their sticker sheet.

Every custom sticker sheet you print with us has free custom shapes. That means you can do multiple peel off stickers for people to interact with and slap on whatever they want. Heartland B-Cycle's sticker sheet includes the BCycle logo, a bike, three locations in the city that you may visit and a peel off of their bike stations. It guides you through how to rent a bike to get around town. It also has a coupon hidden in the small print to get your first ride for free.

We love biking. It's a great month to celebrate it and we have to give big kudos to Heartland B-Cycle for making such an awesome sticker to walk people through their service.

Vote Singletrack with Siren Bicycles

Siren Bicycles

Vote Singletrack. A simple message from Siren Bicycles to search out and conquer those single track mountain trails.

Siren Bicycles are manufacturing American made bicycles forged in a steel furnace in the Rocky Mountains. They started in Boulder, Colorado back in 2007 and today, continue to design the best bicycles to bring out the performance that is inside us. Their bikes can be used to be a racing machine or hitting pure dirt trails. They also are gluten free upon request.

In making your next ride better than the last, Siren Bicycles offers accessories and gear to get you outfitted as brand fans. In encouraging people to show their pride for these American made bicycles, they also design and sell various stickers. Their latest campaign is perfect for the time we are in with the Patriotic "Vote Singletrack" sticker.

Get the votes that count with custom stickers designed to show your personality and play in to current events.

Get Morsa Out of Your Cycling Journeys

Morsa Blog

Tear down that country highway, enjoy the steady climb up a mountain, or race through downtown, attach everything you need to navigate, record, and get the most out of your cycling adventures with Morsa Designs bicycle mounts.

Heart-pounding, extreme video footage from every trail, peak, ocean, and piece of earth there is to offer. Extreme sports continue to capture some of the most insane video footage ever seen. With GoPros, smart phones, and any recording device people can grab, there are YouTube videos galore being uploaded with sweet captures of human feats in beautiful settings. Is it time to show the world yours?

Fumbling around with a Garmin, trying to record his heart rate, while training for the 2011 Counting Coup race gave Jeff Bobbitt a need for something new.  There had to be something on the market that would mount a Garmin to his bike. There wasn't. The word, Morsa, is derived from Italian and its translation is "clamp or vise." Morsa gives riders the ability to attach phones, cameras, & bicycle computers to their bikes. If you need the phone to navigate but don't want to miss out on recording the rolling pavement underneath your wheels with the Go Pro, Morsa has mounts to attach two items at once.

Ultimately, it is passion that drives the innovation and quality of Morsa. Jeff expressed a quote from Oakley to describe his passion he put into starting Morsa Designs,  "Every great creator, athlete and innovator is driven by an internal passion – a desire to turn their dreams and ideas into reality."

Passion in a sticker can make all your adventures memorable.

Morsa Mount

We ran an Instagram contest on guessing what the Morsa mount was. The sticker logo of Morsa was secretly hidden in the bottom part of the photo but the contest made for some fun guesses and interest in the mysterious item. The winner received a Morsa Design bicycle mount with four of the adapters and a free 250 custom sticker order.


Take a Ride on the Wild Side with Crazy Bear Bikes

Crazy Bear Bikes sticker prepared by StickerGiant for promotional item

If the bear went over the mountain to see what he could see, then he obviously did it the hard way - huffing and puffing and tiring himself out before he reached his destination. To get to the best biking and climbing locations in Southern California, Crazy Bear Bikes totally has you covered.

For those that want access to sweet biking trails without the added stress of getting there, hope aboard the Crazy Bear Bus and relax in comfortable style. Based in the Winnetka neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, the bus features air conditioning, super luxe seats, crazy videos and a fridge for your favorite chilled beverages. It can seat up to 14 people (and their bikes) and even has a mobile workshop if you happen to have a bike emergency. They can shuttle you to Glendora Mountain Road, Santa Ana River Trail and several other local trails. If you want to go somewhere not on their shuttle list, just let them know and they'll get you there. Need to go to the airport? Crazy Bear Bikes will drive you in style.

It only stands to reason that their custom sticker would be just as crazy cool as the company themselves, and it doesn't disappoint. Featuring a crazy bear doing stunts on his mountain bike, there's no better representation for what they do than this sticker. Colorful, detailed and super awesome. Who's ready to take on the trails?

Want to know how to get to the top in style? Check out this short video to get a good idea of what Crazy Bear Bikes can do. Ready for your customers to get to the top of your mountain? Click here to get your own crazy awesome stickers!

5 Ways Stickers Spread the Word About Your Event

Bikenetic StickerGiant

Stickers say I've been there.

Is your brand, event or project a destination? Nothing says "We experienced something awesome together," better than a sticker.

Whether you’re attending an event thousands of miles from home or participating in a project in your local community, stickers are a great way to commemorate and connect your attendees.

Falls Church, VA-based bicycle shop Bikenetic has turned their retail/repair brand into something more by hosting outside events that draw a crowd. Stickers are a great way for them to unite their fan-base. "We're a bicycle shop. But we also host concerts by local and national singer/songwriters right here in the shop on our custom built stage," says co-founder Jan Feuchtner. With unique brand features like a concert venue to work with, stickers remind your following to tell others about their experience.

Whether fans are visiting your company, event, or project, people are proud to share their participation. And what’s better than celebrating their attendance with a certificate, a pin, or weather-proof sticker. For them, it personalizes the experience and encourages them to share their experience with others.

5 tips for using stickers to signify commemorative participation:

#1 Make the sticker exclusive to members.

The harder it is to get a sticker, the more valuable it becomes to your network.

#2 Let the design signal a rare accomplishment.

Build interest and drive conversation by making sure that your sticker represents something unique your customer participated in.

#3 Slogans, pictures and colors express inside referencing.

Appeal to your unique member-base by designing a sticker that speaks exclusively to them.

#4 Verify membership so that stickers remain coveted.

Your club members are driven to unite when tougher participation standards are required. Let your sticker reflect and honor their commitment.

#5 Vet thoroughly, but be timely.

Don’t make membership approval so stringent that you forget to reward long-term participants.

Looking for more helpful hints to capitalize on your sticker-driven marketing tactics? Read our customer case studies here.