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Global Ignite Week: Sparks will fly and name tags will unite at tonight's Ignite Boulder 32


It's time for one of our favorite community sponsorships, Ignite Boulder, back for the 32nd edition live at the Boulder Theater. And it's also Global Ignite Week, so we'll enjoy watching the sparks fly worldwide. We've printed our share of their name tags over the years. The organizing team always put a series of fun phrases on these custom square stickers.

Whenever we have our team manning the name tag table at this event, we see the social interaction around these stickers. There's always a conversation around these phrases, and the name tags serve as a natural icebreaker when you're in a room full of strangers watching someone else put on a short presentation. Since they typically print up about ten of these, there are plenty of options for attendees to express some personal style with the name tag they pick. Again, great for conversation starters and mingling before the show in the Boulder Theater (what a beautiful venue) and during setbreak out on the Pearl Street Mall in Downtown Boulder.

Ignite Talks are presenters of 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun presentation which lasts just 5 minutes. If you can find an Ignite near your, add it to your dance card, circle it on your wall calendar, set that reminder in your calendar app--whatever you need to do to remember. We got a sneak preview of the speakers, and these sparks (or, Ignite Talk) look so fun. The topics cover a range of health and wellness, long distance swimming, alternative energy, intentional giving and other ideas that will make you think.


It's nearing the end of yet another Boulder Startup Week (one of our favorite local events!), so the geek flame will be on full burn.

You can follow the action live on Twitter, and check the Ignite Boulder website for the videos once they've posted--they are at the bottom of the page. We love to go back and watch videos from previous editions, as they certainly have their educational and inspirational qualities.

ChatUp Conference hosted by SnapEngage here in Beautiful Boulder


Our friends over at SnapEngage are hosting their annual ChatUp, which is a Live Chat Best Practices Conference. Customer engagement evangelists will be gathering in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, for two days of actionable, strategic insights that will help build better customer experiences. We printed up a custom circle die cut sticker for their shindig. It's a beauty, with a graphic treatment of Boulder's iconic Flatirons jutting into a cyan sky, and a circle-wrap text for the event branding. They even manage to get their logo and their location on the bottom as a foundation. Simple, yet effective. Also, very pretty, but that's Boulder for you.

Just about any business could benefit from deep dive into converting leads and creating better support channels for customers. Even if you're a brick-and-mortar or services business, you need that digital storefront presence, whether it's to serve customers contact point like a phone number or email. But increasingly, and we've all seen this in our own web searching and page browsing, there are chatbots everywhere. That's the game that SnapEnage is playing, and it's leading to great wins for their company and their customers. Other great session topics include an immersive, hands-on workshop where SnapEngage's Director of UX/UI will teach design best practices and walk attendees through how to create a seamless brand experience on their very own design project and how to leverage chat data to showcase your implementation’s success, and continuously improve it to promote growth. It's going to be an action-packed two days.

All Things Boulder: Get Around Town

With easy access to the Goose Creek Greenway from the Hyatt Place in Boulder, ChatUp attendees can connect to Boulder without a car. You can take the local RTD bus, rent a Boulder B-cycle or try the eGo CarShare for a longer trip to Lyons or Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Microbreweries and rock climbing gyms are within walking distance, and the trails of Chautauqua Park and Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks are a short (but steep!) bike ride away. And don't forget to cruise the famous Pearl Street Mall, check out the Tuscan Vernacular Revival buildings of the University of Colorado campus (It goes by CU in Boulder).

They say that out here in Colorado, we have minds that match our mountains, and this conference will fit right in. Thought leaders and industry experts will be educating, sharing and advancing the world of online customer service. We look forward to seeing the results all over the internet as these attendees take their learning out into the world and make an impact.

Ignite Boulder 31


We're back at the Boulder Theater tonight with sponsored name tag stickers for Ignite Boulder 31.

There's seven different whimsical (and a few downright LOL) name tags that will be on site, and as folks celebrate and mingling for the holidays, they can do so with some fun. They have seven different designs that are guaranteed to spark a conversation, which is the entire mission of Ignite Talks. We are a proud sponsor these events all over the country.
What is Ignite Boulder?

Ignite Boulder is a night of presentations on a variety of topics – with a twist. Each presentation has 20 slides, that automatically advance after 15 seconds. It is a worldwide movement, and Boulder hosts the largest in the world every 2 or 3 months.

What is it like? The talks (or sparks) are funny, interesting, nerdy, quick and from the heart. It is NOT a place to pitch your business or yourself. There will be a livestream going when the show starts at 7pm if you can't be in town for the show. Don't forget to dress up tomorrow! It's the holiday tradition.

All of their videos on YouTube so that you can watch them over and over. See them all here!

NewCo Boulder 2016


The company showcase that is NewCo Boulder is back for another year and although Saul the Sticker Ball is a little too large for a happy hour this year, they are going to have some awesome custom die cut stickers with the NewCo logo.

NewCo Boulder 2016 features businesses from all over the community that invite people into their workplaces and give them an understanding of what they do, how they do it and why they are in business. They take an inside out approach to arranging this event, where at a typical conference everyone gathers in one place. It's a lot of fun for attendees to get to travel around Boulder seeing each different work culture in action.

We'll be down there in attendance, checking out a whole list of companies from lots of industries including: technology, marketing, education, brewing, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, etc. It all culminates at one of our favorite spots Shine Restaurant, where they are spreading their own custom stickers and labels on their Shine Potions and Brewery. Check out the schedule and join in on the fun.


Catalyze CU Demo Day 2016


Catalyze CU is excited to present their third year cohort at Demo Day, and we're so happy to be in our second year of sponsorship for this local community event. Catalyze CU is an eight week, summer startup accelerator designed for CU Students and Faculty: Think summer school for startups. Catalyze CU combines world class mentoring and equity free grants for the University’s most promising ideas and technologies, and this group helps makes these ideas and technologies succeed. We are lucky to print 250 free logo stickers for the eight companies pitching their ideas on Demo Day. We hope to see them on laptops and phones all over Boulder and beyond.

2016 Demo Day Teams Involved

  • Hive Tech Solutions - Allows beekeepers to apply scientific research to improve bee health and enables growers to integrate pollination into their operations.

  • iNForm? - Uses IoT technology to help people keep track of their important items preventing loss or theft before it happens

  • NoEstra - Eliminates estrogen and harmful chemicals from drinking water using advanced filtration techniques available at home

  • Qualify - Gamifies college mobile dating by requiring successful quiz completion before viewing someone’s profile

  • ShoeSense Running - Prevents injuries in runners by providing them with detailed data to know precisely when their shoes are worn out

  • Flutter Scholarships - Streamlines the way college scholarships are sought, completed, and managed through a universal application platform

  • Stateless - Revolutionizes the architecture for IT networks and introduces virtual devices that don’t fail and seamlessly scale


Team pitches will be in the ATLAS building auditorium and will be followed by hands-on demonstrations and snacks in the lobby. If you aren't in Boulder, or don't have the bandwidth to attend in person, check out the livestream or on-demand viewing after the event.

Head to Twitter to check out @CatalyzeCU  all of the event action.

Update on Go Code Colorado: Final Celebration Tonight in Denver

Larry Lamsa Go Code Colorado StickerGiant

Photo from Larry Lamsa

Go Code Colorado

It's been six months since 160 participants across 31 teams and five cities started the journey that is Go Code Colorado.

Now, ten teams have entered the finals and are now dialing in their apps and their business ideas that make use of public data and that help businesses make smarter decisions. It's this initiative and energy that will the State of Colorado a more open and more data-driven place to live and to do business.

Tonight, Thursday May 21st at 6pm, the Go Code Colorado Final Event will take place at the History Colorado Center. Three teams will be awarded a contract with the state worth $25,000 (each!) during the final presentation. Good luck to all of the participants and an early congratulations

From the Aaron Templer at Go Code Colorado, here are the cities, teams and business ideas that came out of this process.
Colorado Springs
U-Nite connects small businesses with quality interns by helping the business create for-credit internships and streamlining the legal and accreditation form process, while in-turn giving insights for students to tune their degree path to better react to market needs.
Quizata generates tourism data through identity-driven content creation.

Exit Now helps reduce traffic during peak times as well as weather or incident-induced slow periods by utilizing real time CDOT and other data, as well as predictive analysis. Exit Now achieves this by enabling businesses to provide coupons or discounts to motorists giving them financial incentives—based on triggers such as location, weather, and traffic—to delay their travel itinerary until a less-congested time.

Mentor Matter is a platform to connect mentors with students. With a foundation of data that shows who’s employed, it combines data from multiple sources to find the intersection of students, industry experts, and career professionals.

CoCo enables Businesses, Colleges, and Students to find services that are needed and wanted from each other. Colleges can offer services/interns to businesses; businesses can look for services and offer positions for internships. Students can look and apply for available internship positions.

Purgatouring came up with COmmute (a Colorado-specific trip assistant) is an application that uses historic traffic information from around the state to generate projected traffic congestion patterns and trends year-round.
Fort Collins

Pikr Knows is an app that will suggest activities to do based on location, amount of free time, and other preferences.

Stay CO allows businesses to take advantage of traffic by finding and alerting travellers of specials happening near them, like a special happy hour or an apres ski deal to move commuters out of traffic and into businesses.

Grand Junction
GoGoCo is a simple mobile app that will use driver and crow- sourced information to alert commuters of traffic slow-downs and stoppages. It will offer alternative activities (like the nearest exit with a coffee shop) and alert people when the traffic gets flowing again. It also also partners with I-70 businesses to offer targeted coupons based on traffic events.

COnext is higher ed’s portal to the real world. Students want to succeed both academically and professionally. Faculty and businesses want to help, but don’t always know how. COnext connects students, faculty and businesses to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Here at StickerGiant, we strive to be an open and data-driven business, and, for us, seeing entrepreneurs work towards this mission only reinforces our commitment to sponsoring community events that do good. Check out these entrepreneurs in action in some Challenge Weekend Photos.

If you’re on Twitter, check out the local hashtags for your region: #GoCodeBldr, #GoCodeCoS, #GoCodeDen, #GoCodeDgo or #GoCodeFoCo.