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Blue Bucket Mobile Boutique & Gallery


“I believe all people have a creative spirit and should have an outlet to express their creative voices with encouragement and support.”
— Tiffany Stout

Another drop in the creative bucket. Blue Bucket Mobile Boutique & Gallery is hitting the road with a fine selection of fun creations and stacks of their very own custom die cut stickers featuring their wonderful logo design.

Blue Bucket was started by and run by Tiffany Stout. She is an educator and artist, who was inspired by all the different cultures in places she lived. She has turned that inspiration into creation with her art being turned into all sorts of fun gift items. She has an art gallery setup and also, the best part, her vintage trailer that is a mobile boutique.
"Our vintage Cardinal trailer has been transformed into a traveling boutique with gifts for pet lovers, inspirational seekers and original art collectors. The art studio is where we bring people together to find joy in creativity."

With an epic image of a blue Cardinal trailer, the logo design was perfect to print and die cut as a custom shaped sticker to spread the word about the Blue Bucket Mobile Boutique & Gallery.

Redwood & Co.


We want to start this post by saying thank you to all the small businesses out there that make our small business what it is today.

Handcrafted for homes everywhere, Redwood & Co. is building and selling quality furniture, home decor, hand soaps, body lotions, pillows and more.

Redwood & Co. is a small business with a modern twist on traditional living started by Mark Wilkinson "Red" and Chris Wood "Wood." This boutique shop can be found in Wardensville, West Virginia, Staunton, Virginia and the worldwide web. A fun part of their brand is how they came up with the name given redwoods are more a California claim to fame.
"It all started as a joke with friends. Shortly after we met, they thought it would be funny to combine Mark’s hair color (Red, obviously) and Chris’s last name (Wood…) and refer to us as one. And it stuck. Now, almost ten years later, Redwood has become not only our personal brand, but now the brand for the business we’ve worked so passionately to create."

With the quality and care put into their products, they needed to match that with custom matte labels to put the right finishing touch on. Redwood & Co. printed up custom circle labels of their logo that work for an assortment of products and packaging. For their hand soaps and other body care products, they use the Redwood Soap Co. brand printed on custom sized labels that wrap around the bottles and boxes they are packaged in.

Keep standing tall, Redwood.