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ARROW seeks to diversify the corporate workplace through education

arrow kiss cut sticker

ARROW is passionate about diversifying the corporate workplace. To help promote their message, they printed up a custom shaped kiss cut sticker that shows a woman with a cape signifying empowerment.

The team at ARROW analyzed the lack of diversity of socioeconomic position and gender among business professionals, and they saw a huge gap. They wanted to solve that problem, so they are trying to provide free educational resources to girls and students in under served communities. Their project aims to make success less exclusive by providing resources to high school students of all genders and economic class.

ARROW is focusing on two major topics: education reform in New York City and women in tech and business. To address education, they hope to provide high school students of every race, class, and gender equal access to education. When it comes to women in tech and business, only 21 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of computer workers has declined since 1990 and only 25% of computing jobs are held by women. That's how both of these ARROW initiatives can work together to help empower young women to go into tech and business, by addressing those two core problems.

Following the model of free resources for the community, ARROW NYC is holding their second free citywide tech and business event will take place at Hunter College High School. There will be an afternoon filled with speakers, workshops, and prizes and swag bags. The only requirements are that you are a girl in middle school or high school who is interested in the intersection of computing and business. These stickers will be all over, and we look forward to seeing them on social media. We want to help this team close the gender gap and grow jobs in tech and business leadership.

And anyone can help out with this initiative! If you come across an internship opportunity, immersion program, or online resource relating to business and finance or computer science and tech, please pass it along to the ARROW team. These opportunities can change perspectives on future careers and spark interest in a brand new field.

For ARROW, the story of helping girls succeed will get spread one superpowered sticker at a time.

The Man Maker Company


That's right. custom made men just to your liking. Okay, so not really. The Man Maker Company is providing men with beard oil, beard butter and other products utilizing custom product labels to dress them up.

Body care and beard grooming is essential in making a real man. The Man Maker Company is hand crafting small batches of body care products for men in Oregon. They are committed to making 100% natural, non-gmo and cruelty free products.

As they roll out new batches of beard butter, or T'aint For Your Face (it's for chapped skin, not your face... coming soon) they get custom printed labels to show off the benefits of each product offered. They get matte labels which gives everything a smooth finish and the ability to write on batch and bottle numbers.

Become a maker and go for a smooth finish with custom matte labels.

Humboldt Republic State of Mind


Humboldt Republic is creating new designs every week that have the maximum potential for individuality through clothing, apparel and custom stickers.

Through the red woods of California near the northern coast you will find the Humboldt State. This is home base for our friends at Humboldt Republic, who have turned epic designs into fun custom stickers forty seven times over the past few years. We first covered Humboldt featuring their seven 'o seven sticker design back in 2013 and since then we have seen tons of  additional, well illustrated stickers come through the shop.

Humboldt Republic's brand is very much rooted in their location of  Northern California and celebrates that in a multitude of ways on their clothing and apparel. The rad thing about Humboldt Republic is they produce a new conceptually appealing design once a week and only do a limited batch of fifty prints. This maximizes the potential for individuality to shine through and to have a lot of diversity in what they offer to all communities.

They are constantly turning their designs into promotional stickers for their brand too. One of their newest ones features a colorful, yet simple design with the saying "Highest Hills." Then a twist to "The Hills Have Eyes" with a California bear design in the hill and another sticker with a fierce looking bear wearing a beanie. The final one on the top states "Humboldt Legends" and has amazing design work merged together with the center focus on an angry Sasquatch with the tag "King of the Woods." All these amazing custom stickers for Humboldt Republic were printed on our premium white sticker stock with a glossy finish and UV laminate to hold up to the outdoor elements.

These are just a small taste of the stickers they have printed but we are always stoked to see a new sticker for Humboldt Republic.

Crafting Tasteful Lagers at Wibby Brewing

Wibby Brewing

The craft brewery world has welcomed another new addition into Longmont, Colorado this past year with the opening of Wibby Brewing. Our neighbors from across town are busy crafting lagers for year round enjoyment and a growing line up of seasonal brews.
"Using traditional German brewing methods, craft lagers are brewed with malted German barley and American hops. These brews are then cold fermented with genuine lager yeast. The tasteful result of this combination is a collection of unique American lagers that few breweries in the craft beer community have chosen to explore."

The Wibby Team consists of Ryan Wibby, the Brewmaster, Ted Risk, the Company Man, & Martha Bartels, Brand Manager. In addition, the two featured above Mickey Heart, the Assistant Brewer (on the right) and Buster Brown, who is there for his good looks (on the left). They are dog friendly.

Wibby has an awesome logo with the "W" topped with the Rocky Mountains and a peak of it's own. It really stands out with the nice complement of colors and looks amazing on our kiss cut stickers. Wibby is a huge supporter of sticker marketing, constantly handing them out to the crowds that stop by to have a beer. The Wibby Logo has started to become a popular addition to vehicle's back windshields and bumpers around town.

Wibby Brewing opened at the end of this past summer and has already been busy participating in local events and community activities. Wibby has really opened it's doors to everyone including families, with root beer and plenty of games on hand for the kids. They also have a rotating schedule of food trucks that stop by.

In addition to their regularly scheduled events, we recently did a Happy Hour at Wibby so people could meet Saul the #LargestStickerBall and put their name on him. Wibby also is going to host our official weigh in of Saul on January 13th, 2016, as we celebrate National Sticker Day. It's going to be a fun filled day with Knock on Wood Smokehouse food truck there to add to the great beer and stickers. We look forward to seeing a lot of you there.

Saul at Wibby

Thanks to Wibby Brewing for being an awesome new resident of Longmont and making awesome craft lagers for us all to drink.

Did you Know that StickerGiant has a Theme Song?

Some of the most iconic brands of the 20th century and beyond have had ear-splittingly catchy jingles that you can't seem to stop humming. Anyone remember the Meow Mix cat song? Or how about the one for Chili's baby back ribs? Some earworms are just too good to go away, and some should have never made it to production.

And sometimes, just sometimes, a theme song or jingle can be found in the most unlikely places - like StickerGiant!

Daniel Braha is a longtime friend of StickerGiant, and a super creative guy. With his love of song in his heart and a backpack full of necessities, he travels the world to seek out new experiences and make some awesome friends along the way. Daniel was gracious enough to bestow upon us his gift of music in the form of a StickerGiant theme song, which is featured above, done on the fly during an impromptu jam session. How cool is that?

StickerGiant loves to support artistic endeavors, and Daniel is just one of many friends we have that keep the lighthearted nature going at all times. We hope that same artistic impression is reflected in your stickers, too! Ready to start your order? It's never too late to turn your bright idea into an iconic piece of history!


A Little Activism Can Be a Good Thing

Stickers_Stuck-Up_Piece_of_Crap_From_Punk_Rock_to_Contemporary_Art-sixhundred sticker activism stickergiant

You’re probably aware that “activism” doesn’t have a very good reputation in local vernacular, bringing to mind graffiti and protests. Remember Occupy Wall Street? A good idea that got a bad rap in the end. But activism simply means “the policy or action of using vigourous campaigning to bring about political or social change.” In this sense, stickers supporting your favorite candidate for mayor fall under this definition - and who doesn’t love stickers, right?

Have you ever been to an outdoor event where someone handed you a bottle of water with a custom label? This technique can be used as a form of sticker activism and is a great, cost-effective way to brand your cause without being intrusive. If you’re going to be set-up at a large event, consider handing out water with your own sticker label - people will undoubtedly see your message.

Bumper stickers adorn cars all across the nation, so you can take your message with you no matter where you go. An interesting design or stand-out colors can really make people pay attention to your product, brand or cause. Another fun idea is to take batches of your stickers to local businesses and leave them on the counter, or see if a sticker can be given with every purchase. Super easy, practical and easy on the wallet. Go ahead and get started now!