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arrow kiss cut sticker

ARROW seeks to diversify the corporate workplace through education

ARROW is passionate about diversifying the corporate workplace. To help promote their message, they printed up a custom shaped kiss cut sticker that shows a woman with a cape signifying empowerment. The team at ARROW analyzed the lack of diversity of socioeconomic position and gender ... [Read More]

Humboldt Republic State of Mind

Humboldt Republic is creating new designs every week that have the maximum potential for individuality through clothing, apparel and custom stickers. Through the red woods of California near the northern coast you will find the Humboldt State. This is home base for our friends at ... [Read More]

A Little Activism Can Be a Good Thing

You’re probably aware that “activism” doesn’t have a very good reputation in local vernacular, bringing to mind graffiti and protests. Remember Occupy Wall Street? A good idea that got a bad rap in the end. But activism simply means “the policy or action of using vigourous campaigning to ... [Read More]

CyberChimps is One Funky Monkey Making Digital Waves

In the wide world of the web, there are what seem to be a bazillion companies trying to get your money under the guise of help, but CyberChimps is definitely one company that puts its banana - er, money - where its mouth is when it comes to valuable skills that can help a website come ... [Read More]