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Beer Looks Better at Mraz Brewing with Custom Matte Labels


Mraz Brewing Company is standing out in a crowded world of craft beers with colorful, fun designs printed up on matte labels to apply to their line up of different beers.

It's amazing the selection of craft beers from all sorts of breweries across the country these days. It makes it tough to stand out in the crowd which is why custom beer labels become super important for all breweries.

In El Dorado Hills, California is an award winning brewery called Mraz Brewing. It was started up by the brewmaster, Michael Mraz. He started home brewing as a hobby and within a couple years had been named the home brewer of the year for the state of California... twice. Mraz is a lover of belgian-style beers and also brews up American ales.

Mraz Brewing has received medals for several of their beers and Mike's passion for brewing is evident in each new beer he makes. We've been honored to be a part of their journey printing up custom labels for their beer for many years now. One of their more recent ones, Capitol Luau American Sour (featured above), shows the bright and creative style used to show off their beers on this matte label. It's super important to create a brand and design that people will recognize for the achievements associated with the brewery but also, just to catch their attention as they browse the beer cooler.

So go polish off the week with a cold craft beer from your favorite supplier, but we dare you to try and not look extra close at labels after reading this.

Brewer Highlight: Open Door Beer Co.


We've all heard of open door policies but an "open door" brewery really has a much nicer ring to it. Open Door Brew Company is a new brewer on the Colorado scene who is making an impact in their community with their epic logo printed as stickers.

Open Door Brew is all about creating a friendly environment where people can enjoy a good beer with friends. The brewing of their beer is where the time and energy are spent to create those fun opportunities with friends. The fruits of their labor are evident with the variety of beers that are ready to quench the thirst of lots of different taste buds. From their Libertas Pre Prohibition Cream Ale to Short Arm Cretaceous IPA, they have a solid line up of year round beers with new brews being mixed in all the time.

I Open Door is located on the corner edge of Longmont, Colorado in a little community known as Prospect. It's a friendly neighborhood spot that is perfect for craft beer fans to stop in. As folks frequent their brewery, or find it for the first time, they are stocked up with stacks of custom stickers with their fun logo on it. These are seen spreading around town on water bottles, bike racks, car windows and more as their fans spread the word of Open Door Brew Co.

Writing about this great new brewery in town got us nostalgic thinking about our custom brewery stickers video we filmed with some other local Colorado breweries. For those who have not seen it here it is:

Custom Brewery Stickers from StickerGiant on Vimeo.

Brewer Highlight: Solarc Brewing


Solarc Brewing is on point with colorful beer label designs and they have some of the best beer names all being digitally printed as matte labels.

We found a new obsession in our custom label printing world that we live in at StickerGiant. It is Custom Beer Labels! The new and different designs we get to see running through the shop for breweries around the country blows us away. Solarc has printed several custom matte labels with us and every time we see them they pop off the presses going through the factory. With beer names like "Shower Beer" and "Donkey Piss" there has to be fun art to back it up and Solarc Brewing is doing just that.

Saul and Archie are the founders of Solarc Brewing. They first connected through the LA Arts Community and bonded over a glass of mead. Like a lot of great companies in California, Solarc Brewing was started out of a garage. Not just any garage, but a barn-like garage behind Saul's house.  The two of them have worked hard at their craft experimenting with all sorts of magic potions and concoctions that brew up some tasty craft beers. Their love of art shows as they treat Solarc Brewing as a work of art, from the beer being brewed to the label designs and branding.

It's easy to see what makes this craft brewer stand apart, and we are always excited to see what custom label design for their beer is next.

Brewer Highlight: Bold Missy Brewery


Bold women have shaped the history of the world. Bold Missy Brewery is celebrated these strong women as they get ready to launch this April and are opening fully stocked with custom logo stickers.

The brewery is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and they are prepping to launch in April. Carol Waggener is very passionate about beer, having spent ten years with Anheuser-Busch and now setting out on her own beer path in opening up Bold Missy Brewery.

Bold Missy is honoring great women of history in the naming of their craft beers that will be tapped soon. Here is the first line up:

  • Solo Flight American Brown ale, named after Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic

  • Find a Way Wheat, named after Diana Nyad, the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage

  • Get Your Gun Golden, named after Annie Oakley, the American sharpshooter and performer known as “little sure-shot”

  • Rocket Ride IPA, named for Sally Ride, the first American female in space

Their logo features a white bottle cap with a lipstick kiss on it. In the name "Bold" it takes the place of "o" and makes for a very compelling design. They printed up three different custom kiss cut stickers with us. The first featuring just the bottle cap logo. The second features the main logo as a custom circle sticker with the name "Bold Missy Brewery" on a red background. The third one is a rectangular, bumper sticker sizes white background featuring the full name and logo.

With a fun brewery location and strong branding, Bold Missy Brewery stickers are going to be spreading fast in the coming months as some great beers get tapped.

Brewer Highlight: Third Space Brewing


One of Brew City's newest craft breweries. Run by two lifelong friends, Third Space Brewing is currently pouring quality craft beers for the people of Milwaukee, including special seasonal varieties of Wisconsin flavor.

Brewmaster Kevin Wright is an alum of Hangar 24 in San Bernardino, California, and a has a degree from the UC-Davis Master Brewers Program. Andy Gehl is a recovering attorney, who heads up all sales, marketing and legal. The duo are the roots of Third Space Brewing, putting together an epic brand with tasty beers to match.

Their custom die cut sticker has a hexagonal shape, with a barley leaf in green as the brand's iconography. Then bold white type on a grey background help bring home the name and location. This logo works well on stickers and gear, with the round corners acting for easy application and extended durability.

Stickers and beer together is our third space.

Brewer Highlight: Rally King Brewing


It's time to rally! Rally King Brewing is pouring a huge selection of great craft beers in Fort Collins, Colorado while spreading their brand with custom die cut stickers.

So what is a rally king? The definition of Rally is to "come together again in order to continue fighting after a defeat or dispersion to bring into order again." The rally cry in this case is how life can just be crazy and Rally King Brewing decided to pursue their passion despite it all and rally together people with great craft beer.

Rally King has a line up beers from hoppy to wheat and a little bit of everything in-between for all beer connoisseurs. Similar to their line up of different color and flavor beers pouring out everyday, they printed up four different Die Cut Stickers to let people represent their craft brewery in a variety of ways. These custom circle stickers are about the size of a coaster and make for a fun walkaway promotion for Rally King Brewing.