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12 Laws of Business


We work hard every day here at StickerGiant to make the best quality custom stickers and labels with the fastest turnaround. To do this, we work as a team to get the job done the right way and get our customers exactly the product they are looking for. So how do we do it and stay on track?

As StickerGiant has grown, our owner John Fischer constantly reminds us of the 12 Laws of Business as an approach to all the challenges that arise on a day to day basis. This keeps the whole company focused on the things that are most important. These 12 Laws were inspired by one of the greatest small startup businesses ever, Zingerman's and ZingTrain, who we highly recommend, whether for an amazing sandwich or to learn more business tactics.

We want to share with you our 12 Laws of Business for some insight into who we are as a company.

12 Laws of Business

  1. An inspiring strategically sound vision leads to greatness.

  2. You need to give your customers some really compelling reasons to buy from you.

  3. Without good finance, you fail.

  4. People do their best work when they're part of a really great organization.

  5. If you want staff to give great service, give great service to staff.

  6. To get great performance, you need to give clear expectations and training tools.

  7. Successful businesses do things others know they should do, but generally don't.

  8. To get to greatness you've got to keep getting better. All the time!

  9. Success means you get better problems.

  10. Strengths lead to weaknesses.

  11. It takes longer to make something great happen than you think.

  12. Great organizations are appreciative and the people in them have more fun!

NewCo Boulder 2016


The company showcase that is NewCo Boulder is back for another year and although Saul the Sticker Ball is a little too large for a happy hour this year, they are going to have some awesome custom die cut stickers with the NewCo logo.

NewCo Boulder 2016 features businesses from all over the community that invite people into their workplaces and give them an understanding of what they do, how they do it and why they are in business. They take an inside out approach to arranging this event, where at a typical conference everyone gathers in one place. It's a lot of fun for attendees to get to travel around Boulder seeing each different work culture in action.

We'll be down there in attendance, checking out a whole list of companies from lots of industries including: technology, marketing, education, brewing, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, etc. It all culminates at one of our favorite spots Shine Restaurant, where they are spreading their own custom stickers and labels on their Shine Potions and Brewery. Check out the schedule and join in on the fun.


Nine Pin Cider Works


If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a craft cider works too... right? Nine Pin Cider Works is helping people discover the delicious taste of drinking NY apples with Empire State-themed custom stickers.

Let's talk apples. New York has some really good ones and as a result, the Nine Pin Cider Works has the ability to make great craft ciders. Their goal: To bring more cider into the world.
"Like any revolution, Nine Pin Cider was many years in the making. In 1997, Alejandro’s father paints a 32 foot rose on the brick wall side of 925 Broadway. He raises his family on a small Hudson Valley farm, encouraging a love of nature, adventure and fresh food. In 2010, Alejandro wanders into a store and samples a local hard cider. He quickly develops a passion for the drink and becomes an apprentice. By 2013, Alejandro has perfected his own cider blend, winning a gold medal at the Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition. His winning, noncommercial cider is called Catskill Thunder."

Nine Pin Cider Works has built up their brand over the years with new apple varieties creating all sorts of new cider flavors. As they continue to grow and distribute across the country, Nine Pin Cider printed up some green apple colored stickers stating "Drink NY Apples" with the outline of the state of New York next to it. The design sticker of this sticker is both iconic and distinct, and it makes an ideal way to spread the Nine Pin branding even further than their home base in the state capital of Albany.

A little creativity of your brand on a custom sticker might be all it takes to start your own revolution.


Update on Go Code Colorado: Final Celebration Tonight in Denver

Larry Lamsa Go Code Colorado StickerGiant

Photo from Larry Lamsa

Go Code Colorado

It's been six months since 160 participants across 31 teams and five cities started the journey that is Go Code Colorado.

Now, ten teams have entered the finals and are now dialing in their apps and their business ideas that make use of public data and that help businesses make smarter decisions. It's this initiative and energy that will the State of Colorado a more open and more data-driven place to live and to do business.

Tonight, Thursday May 21st at 6pm, the Go Code Colorado Final Event will take place at the History Colorado Center. Three teams will be awarded a contract with the state worth $25,000 (each!) during the final presentation. Good luck to all of the participants and an early congratulations

From the Aaron Templer at Go Code Colorado, here are the cities, teams and business ideas that came out of this process.
Colorado Springs
U-Nite connects small businesses with quality interns by helping the business create for-credit internships and streamlining the legal and accreditation form process, while in-turn giving insights for students to tune their degree path to better react to market needs.
Quizata generates tourism data through identity-driven content creation.

Exit Now helps reduce traffic during peak times as well as weather or incident-induced slow periods by utilizing real time CDOT and other data, as well as predictive analysis. Exit Now achieves this by enabling businesses to provide coupons or discounts to motorists giving them financial incentives—based on triggers such as location, weather, and traffic—to delay their travel itinerary until a less-congested time.

Mentor Matter is a platform to connect mentors with students. With a foundation of data that shows who’s employed, it combines data from multiple sources to find the intersection of students, industry experts, and career professionals.

CoCo enables Businesses, Colleges, and Students to find services that are needed and wanted from each other. Colleges can offer services/interns to businesses; businesses can look for services and offer positions for internships. Students can look and apply for available internship positions.

Purgatouring came up with COmmute (a Colorado-specific trip assistant) is an application that uses historic traffic information from around the state to generate projected traffic congestion patterns and trends year-round.
Fort Collins

Pikr Knows is an app that will suggest activities to do based on location, amount of free time, and other preferences.

Stay CO allows businesses to take advantage of traffic by finding and alerting travellers of specials happening near them, like a special happy hour or an apres ski deal to move commuters out of traffic and into businesses.

Grand Junction
GoGoCo is a simple mobile app that will use driver and crow- sourced information to alert commuters of traffic slow-downs and stoppages. It will offer alternative activities (like the nearest exit with a coffee shop) and alert people when the traffic gets flowing again. It also also partners with I-70 businesses to offer targeted coupons based on traffic events.

COnext is higher ed’s portal to the real world. Students want to succeed both academically and professionally. Faculty and businesses want to help, but don’t always know how. COnext connects students, faculty and businesses to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Here at StickerGiant, we strive to be an open and data-driven business, and, for us, seeing entrepreneurs work towards this mission only reinforces our commitment to sponsoring community events that do good. Check out these entrepreneurs in action in some Challenge Weekend Photos.

If you’re on Twitter, check out the local hashtags for your region: #GoCodeBldr, #GoCodeCoS, #GoCodeDen, #GoCodeDgo or #GoCodeFoCo.




Did you Know that StickerGiant has a Theme Song?

Some of the most iconic brands of the 20th century and beyond have had ear-splittingly catchy jingles that you can't seem to stop humming. Anyone remember the Meow Mix cat song? Or how about the one for Chili's baby back ribs? Some earworms are just too good to go away, and some should have never made it to production.

And sometimes, just sometimes, a theme song or jingle can be found in the most unlikely places - like StickerGiant!

Daniel Braha is a longtime friend of StickerGiant, and a super creative guy. With his love of song in his heart and a backpack full of necessities, he travels the world to seek out new experiences and make some awesome friends along the way. Daniel was gracious enough to bestow upon us his gift of music in the form of a StickerGiant theme song, which is featured above, done on the fly during an impromptu jam session. How cool is that?

StickerGiant loves to support artistic endeavors, and Daniel is just one of many friends we have that keep the lighthearted nature going at all times. We hope that same artistic impression is reflected in your stickers, too! Ready to start your order? It's never too late to turn your bright idea into an iconic piece of history!


StickerGiant's Zero Defects Policy Means Great Stickers For You, Every Time

SendGrid sticker campaign by StickerGiant

Our secret is out - we love stickers! You might have gathered that from our name, but what you didn't count on was StickerGiant being so committed to quality that we have in place something called the Zero Defects Policy. We know that you've come to us for your sticker needs, trusting that we'll get it right the first time, and anything less than perfect is something we just don't abide. We strive to adhere to the highest possible standards within the sticker industry, which means you get your order right the first time.

Here are our four Zero Defects Policy guidelines:

  • Quality is up to our customer’s requirements

  • Defects are caught early and are corrected

  • Our quality standards aim to satisfy our customers vision of what the end product should look like whenever possible

  • It is more costly to do business long term with a defective product than to allow us to correct it for our customers

It's much easier to do it right the first time than correct mistakes later, don't you think? That saves you time, money and the headache of dealing with a less-than-stellar product. StickerGiant wants to see our customers happy, which is why your satisfaction is our guiding principle through the entire process.

If you have any questions or concerns about your order, click here to submit your information to our Sticker Experts. We will be in touch with you quicker than two shakes of a jackrabbit's tale to make sure you're 100% satisfied.