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Gear Up For Election Day With Stickers!

StickerGiant political stickers for campaign use

It's almost November! You know what that means, right? If you're thinking hay rides, colorful fall leaves and lots of hot chocolate, we're on the same page. But it also means political electioneering is in full swing as everyone gears up for the November 4th election. And what better way to stand out from the crowd than with stickers?

There's a lot of hard work than goes into trying to sway the public's vote - political rallies full of hand shaking and baby kissing, door-to-door politicking to reach a large audience ... and what about all that schwag? T-shirts, paper fans, pens and pencils and notepads - oh my! It's an infinite smorgasbord of political paraphernalia, so why not step out with something new and try political stickers on for size? They can be handed out everywhere you go, are uniquely memorable and easily stick to most everything, making them a great way to not only get your name noticed but remembered, too! And isn't that the whole point of election day?

Sticker Giant knows just how important stickers are to your campaign, and are ready to help in whatever endeavors you pursue! Click here to get started.

Consider a Street Team to Help Market Your Ideas

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Bring the power to the people and utilize a dedicated group of individuals to help you spread the word about your company, brand, products, ideas or causes. There is something to be said for taking it to the streets, and a street team is a quick, effective way to get as much information out there as possible within a short amount of time.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a street team is a group of people (generally unpaid but enthusiastic) that take your flyers, brochures, stickers and other material literally out to the streets and hand them out to people they meet. It helps put a face to the cause and bring people closer to your idea than social media alone can, and gives people an opportunity to ask questions they might otherwise not feel comfortable doing.

gamma gallery sticker pack jordan stickergiant

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Gather your materials - Get your promotional material together and make sure you have enough of each type to sustain several individuals for a few (or several) days at a time. Take into consideration the size the area being marketed to, time of day and any other contributing factors that might make foot traffic heavy or light.

2. Gather your team - If you have a group of friends that wouldn't mind doing some marketing for you, great! Get them together and let them know the situation and what you would like done. If you need a fresh team to start with, advertise in your local paper, on TV, the radio or your social media accounts.

3. Incentive the team - Most street teams get a little something for their efforts, whether it be money, tickets, products or mentions or whatever else you can think of. Most people work better if they know they have something to look forward to - be creative and help out the team that is working hard to help you!

4. Give them knowledge - Before you send your newly energized team out to bat for you, make sure you arm them with all the information they might need should someone stop and ask them questions. Brush up on some commonly asked questions, background for your idea/cause/product, and where they can go for more information. A street team can only help if they know what they’re doing.

These are some basic tips for putting the power in the people’s hands, but there are more out there. Come up with some of your own, and let us know the ways you bring your ideas from the drawing board to the streets!

6 Ways to Leverage Political Stickers to Drive Campaign Support

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It's campaign season again, a time when candidates flock to stock up on promotional gear to drive name recognition and campaign support. Campaign stickers are a cornerstone of any great political campaign and there's never a better time to distribute them than at the entrance of a fundraising event. Stickers present the perfect excuse for your volunteers to exchange friendly banter with attendees, not to mention a room full of people sporting your lapel stickers is sure to put your opposing candidate on edge.

Though it may sound easy, there are a few methods your volunteers should be sure to employ to maintain a role as a convincing stickerer.

You might be asking yourself whether lapel stickers at a fundraising dinner really matter? Heck yes they do! And here’s why:

  • They conveys to your audience that you have driven massive support

  • Donors are more likely to write checks to the campaign whose name they see reflected the most

  • Running for office really is a popularity contest and people who see a multitude of stickers in support will assume that you're the winning candidate

Here are some tips we’ve picked up about how to leverage political stickers to drive campaign support:

  1. Positioning – odds are there will be many volunteers passing out campaign stickers at any given event, so make sure to keep your supporters strategically placed so that they touch attendees both first and last.

  2. Two lines of offense– schedule four volunteers stickering, two at the front entrance and two 10-15 feet back for a second approach in case the first line of offense was unsuccessful.

  3. The approach – don’t block the entrance but be close enough that people will see the offer of a sticker. Make sure your volunteers are friendly yet aggressive enough to incite a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. Do not allow your volunteers to stand far away or whisper among themselves. They should be focussed on the task at hand.

  4. Leverage the ladies – time and again women have proven to be better candidates for the task of stickering than their male counterparts. Speculation aside, it seems harder for people to say 'no' to them.

  5. Dress to impress – Though campaign t-shirts have become standard attire for volunteers, a fundraising event demands more professionalism.  See to it that your supporters take the time to dress in business attire. It will help give them credibility and increase the likelihood that the crowd will accept a sticker from them.

  6. The candidate greets – It’s hard to decline a sticker when he/she's standing within ear shot.  Always keep the candidate at the entrance where they should spend time shaking hands and helping attendees feel welcome.  This gives your candidate leadership over the event and supports the sense of popularity.

Have you found other ways to leverage sticker to drive a political campaign? Tell us your hints and tricks on the comments below:

5 Tips To Build Brand Community With Stickers

colorado dairy goat association stickergiant

Everyone wants to belong to a community and if your business naturally supports a fan base, let your members/customers represent their membership with a sticker. Stickers recently printed by the Colorado Dairy Goat Association represent a perfect way to tap into goat lovers everywhere, while clearly identifying the membership source.

Brand enthusiasts use cars, laptops, phones, power tools and more to highlight their brand loyalty. And if your sticker design can speak to your membership base, it increases the chances that your sticker will earn you surface real estate and thus real-world exposure.

5 tips to encourage your customers to build brand community with stickers:

#1 Find your ideal brand community

Align your brand with a pre-established organization and maintain consistency with sticker distribution. Over time, they will remember you when they are ready to buy. Free sticker distribution is an easy way to show goodwill and also drives referrals.

#2 Stickers maintain your exposure at community events

This is especially effective when you are just starting out. Other businesses in your industry or town are sure to be representing their brand at events too, and their pre-existing klout helps drive your credibility when they are holding your stickers. Group involvement builds organically-derived interest and trust.

#3 Start a conversation, don’t drive the sale

Stickers are a way to get your foot in the door. Think of them as a way to start dialogue, not a means to an end. They are a fun way to add remarkability to your relationship building skills. The rest comes with consistency.

#4 Stickers are friendlier than a business card

A sticker emotes passion for what you do, while also driving brand awareness. Stickers offer more authenticity than a traditional business card – and are a better reflection of your individuality.

#5 Be patient

Keep in mind that it takes a long time to build awareness to ensure that when your contact is in need of your services, they think of you. Sticker marketing is an investment in your business future, a means to delight people now so that they think of you later.

Enjoy these tips and tricks? Find more helpful hints in our downloadable case studies here.

5 Ways Stickers Spread the Word About Your Event

Bikenetic StickerGiant

Stickers say I've been there.

Is your brand, event or project a destination? Nothing says "We experienced something awesome together," better than a sticker.

Whether you’re attending an event thousands of miles from home or participating in a project in your local community, stickers are a great way to commemorate and connect your attendees.

Falls Church, VA-based bicycle shop Bikenetic has turned their retail/repair brand into something more by hosting outside events that draw a crowd. Stickers are a great way for them to unite their fan-base. "We're a bicycle shop. But we also host concerts by local and national singer/songwriters right here in the shop on our custom built stage," says co-founder Jan Feuchtner. With unique brand features like a concert venue to work with, stickers remind your following to tell others about their experience.

Whether fans are visiting your company, event, or project, people are proud to share their participation. And what’s better than celebrating their attendance with a certificate, a pin, or weather-proof sticker. For them, it personalizes the experience and encourages them to share their experience with others.

5 tips for using stickers to signify commemorative participation:

#1 Make the sticker exclusive to members.

The harder it is to get a sticker, the more valuable it becomes to your network.

#2 Let the design signal a rare accomplishment.

Build interest and drive conversation by making sure that your sticker represents something unique your customer participated in.

#3 Slogans, pictures and colors express inside referencing.

Appeal to your unique member-base by designing a sticker that speaks exclusively to them.

#4 Verify membership so that stickers remain coveted.

Your club members are driven to unite when tougher participation standards are required. Let your sticker reflect and honor their commitment.

#5 Vet thoroughly, but be timely.

Don’t make membership approval so stringent that you forget to reward long-term participants.

Looking for more helpful hints to capitalize on your sticker-driven marketing tactics? Read our customer case studies here.

How To Increase Leads & Sales Using Custom Stickers To Entice Your Target Audience

How To Increase Leads & Sales Using Custom Stickers To Entice Your Target Audience

Businesses and brands are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract more attention from their target audience. Even if you are aggressive with your online and off-line marketing, you and your competitors are often using similar tools and resources.

To differentiate yourself, it's important to get creative and think outside the box—and an excellent way to do this is by creating custom stickers.

When I say custom stickers, don’t think of the cheap and cute stickers your kids play with—instead think of colorful, one-of-a-kind, highly artistic, branded stickers.

How Can Custom Stickers Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns

Custom stickers can be utilized in a variety of ways: as perks for new and existing clients, as an advertising method, and as a way to commemorate a special event.

Our stickers are well-crafted, and won’t be thrown away with ease like your business cards or flyers—meaning they become a constant reminder of your business, brand, product, event, or promotion.

5 Reasons Why Custom Stickers Are The Perfect Way To Market Your Business

  1. Brand-Building Tool—Custom stickers can be used to spread the word about your brand. Even if your sticker is nothing more than your logo, it is a memorable way to keep you top of mind.

  2. It’s Unexpected—Your target audience has grown to expect the same type of advertising and marketing from you, or from your industry. Custom stickers are unique and unexpected, making them more memorable.

  3. Increases Exposure—Custom stickers can be added to mailings, gift bags, handed out at the register, local fairs, and events, and added to donation contributions you distribute in the community.

  4. Increases Customer Engagement—It’s rare that your customers will talk to you about an ad or flyer that they saw for your business, but your custom stickers will get them talking about you—both to you and to others!

  5. They Be Exclusive Or Collectible—If you are looking to created limited edition or seasonal company paraphernalia, consider custom stickers. You could have a slightly different sticker produced annually, on a seasonal basis, or for special events. Even if these stickers are simply different variations of your logo—they can become highly collectable for your diehard fans.

While some companies may turn to pens and notepads—custom stickers are more memorable and much more fun!

There are numerous ways you can utilize custom stickers for new marketing endeavors—and in your current day-to-day operations.

Promotional product marketing is a must for any brand or business looking to gain expedient exposure, and stickers provide the following benefits:

  • They support your efforts to create a brand, not just a business.

  • They are an inexpensive, yet impactful way to grow your business—both for new and existing clients.

  • They are a marketing tool that can be distributed a variety of ways.

  • They allow you to get back to the basics with one-on-one engagement.

  • With proper placement and planning. Your custom stickers can quickly spread throughout your community.

  • Your custom stickers can even replace your business cards.

And yes, adults too enjoy a fun sticker that reminds them of their favorite brands and products.

Sometimes we overcomplicate things—and in turn get in our own way. With custom stickers you can simplify your marketing efforts to increase brand awareness within your target audience. If you are ready to enhance your marketing with custom stickers you can do so today by connecting with a member of our expert StickerTeam here at StickerGiant to help create your customized marketing tools.

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