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Getting Kids Avid4 Adventure


The great outdoors are a great escape for... fill in the blank. Avid4 Adventure has taken this great escape and turned it into an opportunity to educate kids on the importance of outdoor recreation.

Avid4 Adventure is on a mission and that is to provide kids with the skills and confidence to choose active outdoor lifestyles. Dave Secunda founded Avid4 Adventure because he saw that kids were getting more sucked into technology staying indoors and schools have been faced with decreasing budgets for physical education. Through day camps, overnight camps, school programs and events, they offer teach kids a ton about the outdoors and how to have fun safely.

For all the adventures being embarked on, Avid4 Adventure has been getting custom logo stickers in different shapes for some promotion and also to stick on equipment being used. For this they needed a heavy duty, white vinyl sticker to hold up to the elements and also be able to wrap on helmets, kayaks and other outdoor gear they use.

We love Avid4 Adventure's core values as a business and their passion for teaching kids how to enjoy nature, watch this video for more on Avid4:

All it takes is a little push to set off on an adventure, a simple glance at a fun sticker is sometimes all it takes to get started.

Announcing StickerGiant's 2016 Camping Cookbook

Camping Cookbook 2016

Happy Holidays everyone! Before we head out to take a break with our families and loved ones for the Christmas break, we wanted to quickly let you know that our new StickerGiant Staff Cookbooks are now being included with all custom sticker and label orders for a limited time.

For the 2016 StickerGiant Staff Cookbook, our fourth edition, we are proud to introduce our first Camping Cookbook. Take a look at all our staff favorite recipes for when we are out on adventures in the great outdoors. This also gives you a chance to see all the faces behind the stickers and labels you trust us to print throughout the year.

If you just can't wait to get your hands on it, feel free to submit your information and we will send you one.

StickerGiant will be closed starting tomorrow, but we will be back in on December 28th to keep your stickers and labels rolling out. Feel free to submit orders online at anytime.

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!