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Stickers at Summer Festivals with Super CASA


Be a sticker hero. Our friends at Voices for Children CASA are back for a line up of summer events and festivals where they are featuring their volunteer led team as super heroes on custom stickers.

Voices for Children of Boulder County are always hard at work to get kids out of harmful or unhealthy situations. The CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers puts in a lot of time in training and development to to be heroes in children's lives. It's important that they bring in enough volunteers and donations to stay on mission.

To raise awareness for the CASA program in Boulder County, they attend lots of summer festivals to promote material about their cause and gain donations from the community.

"Our theme for this year celebrates our CASA volunteers being our superheroes," states Katie DePoy. "In order to engage and recruit more volunteer CASAs, our organization participates in local summer festivals as a vendor booth. Staff and Volunteers share their experiences with the community to help recruit volunteers and spread awareness of child abuse in our county. We frequently pass out stickers and pamphlets to help with this endeavor."

To celebrate and promote awareness of their team, they designed promotional stickers that feature the volunteers as super heroes in four different designs. Each custom circle sticker has a different CASA hero with different color combinations stating "Super CASA" and their company details below.

It's positive to see promotion for good and colorful stickers are a fun way to get the word out fast. Have your own colorful designs ready for promotion? Get your own custom stickers today.

FoxGives Spreads Holiday Cheer


The gift of giving can never be overstated. FoxGives by Twentieth Century Fox is spreading holiday cheer by giving gift bags to kids dressed up with their own custom sticker designs.
"FoxGives is Fox's very own philanthropic organization. Primarily, we are a staff volunteer team. In concert with local non-profit organizations, we work to develop and maximize the impact of volunteer opportunities for Fox staff. We focus on volunteer projects that benefit at-risk youth through education and we also work towards environmental improvements."

This holiday season, FoxGives put together a toy drive to get gifts for kids at the Mar Vista Family Center and the Bresee Foundation, there was also some ice skating involved to make a fun event out of it. In the evening, volunteers helped create gift bags that will go to 800 students at the Los Angeles Elementary School.

For bagging up the gifts, FoxGives printed up custom sticker sheets with fun snow flake designs with their logo blended in. Choosing the custom sticker sheets allowed them to do multiple designs on a single sheet, that were then placed on every single bag. The sticker packaging is a nice touch as they deliver them to put smiles on kid's faces.

It's always fun to see what part custom stickers can play in spreading some holiday cheer.


HomeGrown Heroes


It's always fun to pick up a sweet sticker design and find out the story behind it. With this instant classic, green bus sticker for HomeGrown Heroes, we discovered their great cause to advocate for more fresh produce in their community and schools.

HomeGrown Heroes is in High Point, North Carolina where they rank 9th in the nation for food insecurity. The impact of this ranking is that children are going hungry and sometimes only have access to food at their schools. Through partnerships and a local elementary school as a pilot for their program, they are creating a school based garden and farm to schools program that offers hands on activities with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) education.
"Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, academic learning, community and social development, and environmental stewardship. The produce that is grown in the school gardens by the students will be used on the HomeGrown Heroes Educational Mobile Market to serve the surrounding communities where their families live."

In gaining support for their cause, they have a petition on and also are selling these die cut stickers encouraging people to stick them on their fridge, car or other unique surface; and then calling them to take a picture of it to share as part of their HomeGrown Heroes Hunger Challenge.

Stickers are calling for change, just tell them what to say.

The Matilija Coalition


Making waves for change along the Ventura River, The Matilija Coalition is spreading the proposition to remove the Matilija Dam with full color stickers.

In California, within the Los Padres National Forest sits the Matilija Dam, where it collects and controls the waters of the Ventura River as it travels down from the forest into the cities of Ojai and Ventura before reaching it's delta at the Pacific Ocean.
The Matilija Coalition is an alliance of community groups, businesses, and individuals committed to the environmental restoration of the Ventura River watershed. Starting with the removal of Matilija Dam, we are working for the recovery of the bioregion to benefit the recovery of the Southern Steelhead trout and to restore the natural sediment supply to the beaches of Ventura.

Like any cause there are people for and against for various reasons. The Matilija Coalition is using the power of media to convey their story and are taking it one step further with their stickers. Their design is a colorful rendition of the Matilija Dam in the background showing how the river flows down and eventually makes waves in the ocean. This visualization of the ocean wave is around the fight for fresh water for surfers in Ventura.

A great film was released at one of our favorite events SXSW a couple years ago called DamNation, which covers this topic in depth.


No matter the cause, tell the story by expressing it through custom stickers.




I'm From Driftwood


Let's talk stickers for a cause.

I'm From Driftwood is a nonprofit collecting stories that deliver a simple, yet powerful message for the LGBTQ community: You are not alone. To elevate those messages of solidarity, they are using custom stickers to spread the sentiment even further.

I'm From Driftwood was founded by Nathan Manske in March of 2009. He was inspired by the legendary San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Harvey Milk, who once famously held a sign that stated "I'm From Woodmere, N.Y." when he attended the 1978 San Fransisco Gay Pride march. To Milk, this spoke to the fact that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people come from all over the world, and they all have had different experiences. Today, Manske wants to tell the stories behind these experiences as a way to lend support to those in need, those may feel most isolated.
"The result is an open, honest, and genuine look into what it’s like to be LGBTQ throughout the world. The expanding, inclusive archive of stories not only preserves our history, but reminds people that they’re part of a larger community and never truly alone."

The I'm From Driftwood logo is a simple, pink talk bubble representing dialogue, in order to engage people to tell their stories. In addition, they created this multi-color unicorn design, where sizes and shapes come together for a representation of the mission that speaks loud and clear. And that's what makes custom stickers the perfect compliment as you spread the word that "you are not alone" far and wide.

No matter what the cause, stickers can be a great way to give people another way to identify and support the end goal.