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Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid’s 2nd annual Grip, Sip, Give Golf Classic


Fore! CAN’d Aid’s 2nd annual Grip, Sip, Give Classic sold out in advance and raised a total of $31,000. That's a lot of good that's being done right there. The team at Oskar Blues Brewery printed up an instant-classic die cut sticker, with a golfer teeing off on a can of America's favorite craft beer featuring the foundation's logo. Their vector artwork really shines on this, with the brand's colors standing out on a custom shape.

And of course, there's a beer theme, as the event starts with a happy hour starting MamaMosas (Mama’s Lil’ Pils + OJ) and then a Shotgun start (get it?). Golfers will play until they've earned their 19th hole beers. The day concludes with a BBQ on the green, event awards, and a rollicking silent auction with raffle prizes.

About Oskar Blues and CAN'd Aid

Oskar Blues Brewery started in Lyons, just up the road from our first factory in Hygiene. Oskar Blues now has factories in North Carolina, Texas, and Colorado, plus they own breweries in Florida and Michigan. They've become quite the craft beer empire, and it's convenient that their Anti-Corporate Headquarters, taproom, barrel room and three restaurants are in our hometown here in Longmont, with locations opening in Boulder and Denver.

The CAN’d Aid Foundation is all about really making difference where they CAN. They have a variety of events across the year in multiple locations, and this one takes places in our backyard here in Longmont.They focus they “do-goodery” efforts on supporting Towns, Tunes, Treads + Trails and Love Yur Mama programs. What does that mean for each of those categories? We'll let them do the talking.
Whether it’s digging our neighbors out of a flood or helping a local business get back on their feet after a disaster, community is at the heart and soul of the CAN’d Aid Foundation.  We respond quickly and passionately to help towns across the US.

Outdoor activities feed our soul. We LOVE bikes! We love running, hiking, climbing, camping and soakin’ up sunshine. If a trail needs maintenance, low-income children need a new bike to ride or there’s a program to get more people off the couch and ready to explore the outdoors – CAN’d Aid is ready to make it happen.

We believe music transforms and transcends – it’s the backbone of good times with good friends and should play a major role in our lives – so, we support programs that teach, share, inspire and make a difference through MUSIC, ARTS & CULTURE.

From our “Crush It Crusade” which helps launch grassroots recycling programs, to jumping in and helping with local cleanup efforts, CAN’d Aid is all about showing love for Mama Earth.

FoxGives Spreads Holiday Cheer


The gift of giving can never be overstated. FoxGives by Twentieth Century Fox is spreading holiday cheer by giving gift bags to kids dressed up with their own custom sticker designs.
"FoxGives is Fox's very own philanthropic organization. Primarily, we are a staff volunteer team. In concert with local non-profit organizations, we work to develop and maximize the impact of volunteer opportunities for Fox staff. We focus on volunteer projects that benefit at-risk youth through education and we also work towards environmental improvements."

This holiday season, FoxGives put together a toy drive to get gifts for kids at the Mar Vista Family Center and the Bresee Foundation, there was also some ice skating involved to make a fun event out of it. In the evening, volunteers helped create gift bags that will go to 800 students at the Los Angeles Elementary School.

For bagging up the gifts, FoxGives printed up custom sticker sheets with fun snow flake designs with their logo blended in. Choosing the custom sticker sheets allowed them to do multiple designs on a single sheet, that were then placed on every single bag. The sticker packaging is a nice touch as they deliver them to put smiles on kid's faces.

It's always fun to see what part custom stickers can play in spreading some holiday cheer.


Project Angel Heart: Pie in the Sky


Giving back can sometimes seem like a pie in the sky but Project Angel Heart is doing their part to give back to the community. On this occasion, that Pie in the Sky is real and so is this awesome colorful sticker they printed to promote it.

What is Project Angel Heart?

"Since 1991, Project Angel Heart has prepared and delivered nutritious meals to Coloradans coping with life-threatening illnesses like cancer, HIV/AIDS, and kidney/heart/lung disease. Our meals are made from scratch by a team of professional chefs and volunteers and are customized to meet the unique dietary needs of each client. There are no age or income restrictions to qualify for this service, and meals are delivered free of charge. We also provide meals for dependents of eligible clients to minimize the impact of life-threatening illness on families."

The Pie in the Sky is a fundraising campaign to help with their mission of delivering nutritious meals to improve quality of life for those coping with life-threatening illness. Project Angel Heart is recruiting volunteers to sell pies, which are freshly baked by a local bakery and ready for pickup two days before Thanksgiving, to contribute to the cause. Another way to contribute is to order a delicious pie. Each one sold provides three medically tailored meals for a person with cancer, HIV/AIDS, kidney disease, or another serious illness.

It's great to see such a fun campaign doing so much good and their custom shaped Pie in the Sky sticker is quite the touch to spread this campaign even further.

Raising Awareness with Concussion Clothing

Concussion Clothing

[Dear Readers, the website for Concussion Clothing is down, but we do offer an awesome website to order your own custom stickers.]

Clothing so good it will knock you out. Just kidding, quite the opposite in fact. Concussion Clothing is designing awesome clothes and twenty percent of all orders are helping brain injury survivors.

The idea behind Concussion Clothing is to raise awareness to help prevent concussions. Reminding people to wear helmets and to protect themselves. The best part is the fact that if you order their clothing, twenty percent goes to a Traumatic Brain Injury charity. Currently, they are working with the Brain Injury Alliance New Jersey.
"Whether it is bicycle helmets for students or helping someone pay hospital bills, each charity is revolved around helping others prevent or recover from a Traumatic Brain Injury."

Their logo is a really cool design that gets that point across well. It makes some great clothing and also rad logo stickers to slap on. Concussion clothing has been slapping them on soccer balls and skateboards to help keep spreading the message "use your head, wear a helmet."

Got a message to spread? Say it with custom stickers.

Got Milk Mustache Stickers?

StickerGiant Staff Milk Challenge

Our StickerGiant Staff and Family at our Holiday Party wearing milk sticker mustaches.

A new challenge is upon us, the #GiveAGallon of Milk Challenge. Think Ice Bucket Challenge, minus the cold part and the bucket.

The American Dairy Association and Dairy Council (ADADC) is fighting hunger and putting milk on the table for families in need this holiday season and in to the future. Today, Monday, December 14th marks the launch of the #GiveAGallon Milk Challenge to raise hunger awareness and encourage milk donations. The challenge is that every time a photo is posted of a person, group or pet wearing a white mustache with #GiveAGallon, they well donate $1 to Feeding America until $25,000 is donated.

The best part of this challenge, is all these custom white mustache stickers we printed for them. This makes it super easy to slap it on, snap a photo and post. Check out their steps to participation:

  • Take a photo with a white mustache (use: milk, yogurt, ice cream, white paper, stickers, makeup, etc.)

  • Include #GiveAGallon

  • Tag your friends, coworkers and other companies to sport a white mustache or donate a gallon of milk

  • Post the photo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter beginning Monday, December 14th

  • Share posts from the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council Facebook page to help spread the word!

StickerGiant Milk Challenge

Photos of the StickerGiant Team with their Milk Mustache Stickers.

Sponsorship Desk: Northwest Florida Podiatry Association Car Show


StickerGiant NWFL Podiatry Car Show Sponsorship. Photo from NWFL.

Back in 2011, the Northwest Florida Podiatry Association teamed up with the Pensacola Step Out to Stop Diabetes Walk to raise money for the American Diabetes Association, and thus, the very first NWFL Podiatry Association Car Show was born.

Small by today's standards, it was a collection of eighty or so cars and a hundred people. They've grown the show year after year, and they continue to raise money, with every cent of the money raised going to the American Diabetes Association. The ADA then uses these donations to help prevent and cure diabetes, and hopefully improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

In 2015, the American Diabetes Association celebrates their 75th anniversary, which is quite an accomplishment of trying to do good. Learn more about the Association on their homepage.

Follow the event's Facebook Page for more information.