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Startup Weekend Parma and EuroSeattle Startup Weekend


This weekend we have Techstars Startup Weekend events in two countries, Italy and the United States, and both are rocking our custom circle stickers.

Startup Weekend Parma

In Italy, Parma Startup Weekend has opted for a clear sticker that's using the beaker design and big, bold serif font for the location. You've likely heard of Parma from the eponymous cheese and prosciutto that has made the region famous. This is a first-time event for this city, and we want to wish all participants an enjoyable weekend of networking and brainstorming. Big thanks to the team for getting the inaugural edition off the ground.

EuroSeattle Startup Weekend

Here stateside in the Pacific Northwest we have a die cut sticker featuring a unique design. The organizers decided to have fun with a local legend and create a mascot for EuroSeattle Startup Weekend using Bigfoot, the mythological ape-like creature said to inhabit the dense rainforests of the region. But, unlike the Bigfoot, sarting a company in just 54 hours is not a myth when it comes to Startup Weekend. Playing on the theme the event will be stocked with delicious European food.


Startup Weekend Helsinki Food & Monterey Bay


Startup Weekend, a Techstars production, is part of the largest entrepreneurial community with over 193,00 past attendees a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs in over 150 countries who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. We going to be in Sweden and Seaside, California, this weekend at long-standing Startup Weekend events, with clear stickers and die cut stickers.

Startup Weekend Helsinki Food

Startup Weekend Helsinki Food will be tackling startup ideas focusing on food & agribusiness. This makes for the eighth edition of Startup Weekend in Helsinki. The event will be conducted in English, Finnish and Swedish. They printed up a classic beaker design on our clear stickers, which means that not only will these work on a laptop or journal, but they will also apply to a window or surface where you want to see through the sticker.

Startup Weekend Monterey Bay

Startup Weekend Monterey Bay is taking place Cal State University Monterey Bay, where each January the region gathers for a Startup Weekend. This is the fifth year that they have bought this global event to the Monterey Bay region. They went with a custom die cut sticker that uses green and blue bubbles all around the beaker, and a all-caps san serif font for their local branding.

It's just so cool to see a committed group of local organizers getting together year after year to generate ideas and build new businesses. Here's to all of the folks who will be in Helsinki and Seaside, enjoy the community!