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Raux Clothing: Launching a Website with Stickers


There are a lot of steps that go into a new startup business and it's always a thrill to see something new created take off. Raux Clothing is a new brand that is launching their first website today and with it the offering of custom logo stickers.

Raux (pronounced raw) Clothing was first established in 2015 by Skylar in Boulder, Colorado. His passion has always been graphic design and he finds inspiration in various street wear brands like Vans, RVCA and Billionaire Boys Club.

Raux is designed to be a simple and independent clothing brand. The logo of the Lions is based on Skylar's favorite animal and Raux stands for the raw form of his art. Everything is created from scratch.

As Raux Clothing launches their website today, Skylar printed up his logo design as our Kiss Cut Stickers which have a durable UV laminate so they will hold up wherever they are slapped on and the digitally printed colors really make the Raux Clothing logo stand out.

Adventure Ready Spirit with Mountain Standard


When going on mountain adventures, it's important to have quality products that will stand up to all the elements and encounters you will have. Mountain Standard is creating premium clothing, apparel and sticker packs that will have you ready to take on the outdoors in style.

What Mountain Standard does is pretty simple, yet beautiful. They offer premium goods at honest prices so the adventure ready, outdoor community can save money for the road ahead. Their team is lean & mean working out of Boulder, Colorado as they design and build their own clothing and gear. They sell direct to consumers which eliminates a lot of the costs and keeps their offering priced just right. Their saying is "Adventure Ready Spirit" which means their spirits are fueled by adventure and they are always ready for it.

With a fun company culture and brand, Mountain Standard offers an assortment pack of fun stickers. The custom logo stickers come in five different colors. Their other sticker designs include a van that is fully loaded to set off on an adventure, one that states "Super Bueno" and then a sticker stating "Adventure Ready Spirit." All their designs were printed up as our premium quality Die Cut Stickers, which come with a UV laminate to hold up to the outdoors. All these make for a perfect mix to promote the Mountain Standard way of being a rad local business.

Aloha for People


Helping others is the greatest accomplishment and there is nothing better than custom stickers to spread that message. Aloha for People has the goal of improving lives both domestic and abroad through selling unique Hawaiian style shirts.

Aloha for People is on a mission to help people. In designing and selling shirts, they are buying fabrics from the people of Guatemala that in turn provides them with jobs. The patterns are very unique and celebrate their culture. Once they have the fabrics, Aloha for People is making all their shirts in Los Angeles, California.  The awesome part is that every shirt sold provides a child in Guatemala access to clean water for two years.

So why Guatemala?
"Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America with nearly 16 million people. About 54% of the population lives in poverty, which equals to over 8.5 million people. Lack of food, water, and over exposure to disease make it very unsafe for Guatemalans. While the government and outside organizations have improved access to clean water in the country, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.  Nearly 95% of water in Guatemala is unsafe for human consumption. Aloha for People hopes to aid in the effort to provide access to clean water to those in need in Guatemala."

As Aloha for People says, they are "threaded for purpose" and proud of the fact they are providing jobs to Guatemala and the USA. Their shirts will be on sale through their website starting March 2017. As part of their start, they used Kickstarter to raise pledge funds. As they start sending out their gifts, they got custom die cut stickers of their logo printed up to include to their fan base.

Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing the stickers travel with the shirts.

Fall 2016 Boulder County Kids Sale

Sponsored-Stickers-Boulder-County-Kids-Sale. photo

Saturday, October 1st is the Boulder County Kids Sale, a twice-annual consignment sale hosted by Boulder County Parents of Twins & More, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Their event is attended by over 500 people. Everyone will gather at from 8am to 1pm at Boulder Valley Christian Church on South Boulder Road, where plenty of great clothing and gear will be for sale, with items ranging from Halloween costumes and musical equipment to bikes and baby toys.

They have a fun custom sticker with their event logo that also features their social media profiles, @BoulderKidsSale (Instagram), @BoulderKidsSale (Twitter) and their Facebook Page, plus a reminder of their sales. This makes for a memorable sticker that keeps on giving.
Each spring and fall, BCPTM hosts a Twins Club Sale. The sale is open to the general public in addition to BCPTM club members. This is a great opportunity for club members to sell and purchase gently used infant and children’s clothing, toys and equipment. Only club members can sell at the sale, shop before the general public, and work at the sale in order to shop the Workers Only Sale. You must be a club member at least two weeks before the sale in order to sell.



Sticker Prints for Upper Playground


We have amazing creative companies that are putting together rad collections of stickers. Upper Playground is expressing their art and style through several custom stickers promoting their brand and artists.

Upper Playground is an art and fashion company and overall a factory for producing out of this world designs in collaboration with incredible artists. They kicked off as a company in San Francisco back in 1999 and sell clothing, apparel, sneakers, prints and other goods online, as well as their three retail stores located in San Francisco, Berkeley and Portland. They also have established art galleries Fifty24SF in San Francisco, Fifty24PDX in Portland and Fifty24MX in Mexico City, Mexico. They are known to be an independent lifestyle brand and push progressive creative lifestyles.

They recently printed up fifteen unique sticker designs that caught all our eyes going through the sticker production process. Roughly half of them were various designs around their brand name for a sweet variety of custom logo stickers. The rest of them were designs and creations of artists they work for that are now turned into portable sticky prints that can go on laptops, cars, skateboards and pretty much anywhere that a sticky substrate will cling to. Our favorite might be the reference of the classic movie Scarface with "The World is Yours" design.

The sticker world is yours Upper Playground, kudos for these amazing sticker designs.

Humboldt Republic State of Mind


Humboldt Republic is creating new designs every week that have the maximum potential for individuality through clothing, apparel and custom stickers.

Through the red woods of California near the northern coast you will find the Humboldt State. This is home base for our friends at Humboldt Republic, who have turned epic designs into fun custom stickers forty seven times over the past few years. We first covered Humboldt featuring their seven 'o seven sticker design back in 2013 and since then we have seen tons of  additional, well illustrated stickers come through the shop.

Humboldt Republic's brand is very much rooted in their location of  Northern California and celebrates that in a multitude of ways on their clothing and apparel. The rad thing about Humboldt Republic is they produce a new conceptually appealing design once a week and only do a limited batch of fifty prints. This maximizes the potential for individuality to shine through and to have a lot of diversity in what they offer to all communities.

They are constantly turning their designs into promotional stickers for their brand too. One of their newest ones features a colorful, yet simple design with the saying "Highest Hills." Then a twist to "The Hills Have Eyes" with a California bear design in the hill and another sticker with a fierce looking bear wearing a beanie. The final one on the top states "Humboldt Legends" and has amazing design work merged together with the center focus on an angry Sasquatch with the tag "King of the Woods." All these amazing custom stickers for Humboldt Republic were printed on our premium white sticker stock with a glossy finish and UV laminate to hold up to the outdoor elements.

These are just a small taste of the stickers they have printed but we are always stoked to see a new sticker for Humboldt Republic.