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ctrl + she 2017


On Saturday, ctrl + she has a die cut sticker that uses typography in a very unique way. Their design team leans heavily on the curly bracket—or what's often called the "brace" by typography aficionados—to form the custom shape of the sticker. This use of a matched pair of brackets is often called an "opening and closing" of a phrase, and is typically used in technical writing or computer coding. The conference is for girls by girls, and it's all about women in technology.

They use two colors, mixing Bermuda green with what's called crusta orange, to create a pleasing pairing of virtually complementary colors. And with this intentional use, the logo describes the event, since the organizers of ctrl + she seek to bring together women interested in computer science and business and "decode the binary between genders." Their goal is to bring together successful women in the technology industry to share their experiences, so that these high school women can aspire to be the female engineers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs of the future.

Since March is Women’s History Month, it's worth highlighting recent surveys from the National Center for Women in Technology that show the current state and potential opportunity for women in technology, with 25% of professional computing occupations in the 2015 U.S. workforce held by women and 1.1 million U.S. computing-related job openings expected by 2024. Overall, women and minorities are under-represented in technology leadership positions, so we're definitely on board with sponsoring groups that try to bring attention to this important platform.

Coding for Kids by Bitsbox


A lot of toys for kids incorporate an educational element but having toys to teach some of the new skills children will need has become harder. That's where a subscription service called Bitsbox came up with their idea to teach kids how to code.

Bitsbox is a website and a monthly subscription box designed for kids (ages 6-12) packed full of fun materials that teach them how to code apps. Think of the children's books where they have pop out elements on some pages and pull tabs to change the picture, or scenery on the page. That is essentially what Bitsbox has done with an app that kids type in code to and it changes the animations and stories that unfold on the computer based on what they put in. Kids get to program video games, puzzles, drawing tools, music apps, simulations and more within a full-blown app development environment.

From a code book to their subscription box, they have a few options to get started with. Bitsbox puts a lot of work into each one making sure their animations are fun and they add in some bonuses to each box too, like stickers. Their stickers change from month to month, but their most recent one really stood out as an Animal House custom sticker sheet. This one sheet featured twenty individual sticker peel offs for kids to decorate their computers, tablets or somewhere Mom really didn't want them to redecorate.

Being big sponsors of coding events all around the World like WordCamps, Joomla Days and more; we are super excited to see these stickers going out of the shop to contribute to such a great educational tool for kids provided by Bitsbox.

Go Code Colorado 2016 Final Event


Photo Flickr user USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Tonight's the Final Pitch of this year's Go Code Colorado. We've sponsored Colorado's App Challenge for three years running now, and if you're in Denver and looking for something (free!) to do, you can join the ten finalist teams and leaders from around Colorado’s tech entrepreneurial community for an evening of fun, food, and innovation. Stickers, drinks and appetizers will be served at the Seawell Ballroom in the Denver Center for the Perfoming Arts before the ten teams present their app and business concepts to an acclaimed panel of judges. New this year: the presentations will be followed by a live Q & A from the judges. This group printed up a series of different designs, all tech-themed of course, featuring the host cities for the Challenge Weekend, plus their HTML-styled fireball and Colorado Flag logo mashup. With corporate partners and governmental affiliation, this state-wide technology development competition looks to service all Coloradans with unique uses of public data for social good.

From the team at Go Code Colorado, here are the cities, teams and business ideas that came out of this process. May the best apps win!
Colorado Springs Challenge Weekend Finalists
Hively is a platform that  connects employee personalities with business cultures. Hively is a fresh approach to the employment process that enables businesses to make better hiring “fits” without spending costly time and resources.

Get Routed is an app that creates safe and effective cycling routes for Colorado athletes.

Denver Challenge Weekend Finalists
Foodcast wants to help food trucks find the best location to park by informing food truck owners of street sweeping days, the amount of foot traffic the area gets, and other beneficial tips through its mobile app.

Locavore is an application that connects local farmers with consumers. It is helping to solve the food desert problem by identifying locations with little access to healthy food using data from the state of Colorado.

Durango Challenge Weekend Finalists is a simple-to-use web portal that allows anyone to create a new business in Colorado. It has contextual and relevant advice driven by the user’s input.

HomePowerDirect is a solar marketplace with education and guided data-gathering for customers, system sizing, automated bidding, and market intelligence for equipment providers.

Fort Collins Challenge Weekend Finalists
SWO is an application mapping verified women-owned businesses using data from the Business Entities and Trade Names databases.

Energy Tech is a surface regulation navigator for oil and gas drilling sites.

Grand Junction Challenge Weekend Finalists
Help a Rider Out connects riders with current information about conditions so they have a safe, enjoyable ride.

dID (digital ID) reinvents the business card for the digital age through an app with endless customization and huge opportunities for businesses.

Follow tonight's action live on Twitter.

Sponsorship Desk: WordCamp Vancouver, AndConf, Startup Weekend Education Austin

We are so lucky to have such a bounty of sponsorship opportunities and community events to support. This week's Sponsorship update is a little road trip of sorts that starts in British Columbia, heads down the Pacific Coast to northern California and finishes in Republic of Texas.

WordCamp Vancouver 2015

StickerGiant WordCamp Vancouver 2015

StickerGiant WordCamp Vancouver 2015

Let's start in the north, where we find sponsored WordCamp Vacncouver stickers sheets in the province of British Columbia, Canada. This year's edition features speakers covering a wide range of topics, from beginner coding to SEO to content management. This year also offers a Contributor day on Sunday the 16th from 10am to 4pm.

What we love most about WordCamps is that these events are a team effort, andwe wanted to send a big StickerGiant shout out to the community of organizers behind WordCamp Vancouver 2015: Jill Binder, Joey KudishFlynn O’Connor, Kirk Wight, Enej BajgoricAndrina Fawcett, and Charlene Tessier. That's quite a crew. This year's venue sponsor is the Technical Web Design Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


&:conf 2015

StickerGiant &And Conference

StickerGiant &And Conference

Now we head south to the woods of western Sonoma County, California, for &:conf — pronounced "and conf." This event is a code retreat unconference for intersectional feminist programmers. Here's a quick summary of the weekend's schedule from their site:
Saturday’s code retreat will be a day of pair programming on one kata where each hour we throw our code away and work with a new person. Sunday’s unconference will have two tracks: yak and hack, where we'll talk about technologies, programming, careers, and culture.

&:conf will take place at St. Dorothy's Rest camp and retreat center, which seems like quite the bucolic setting and reminds us of the forest moon of Endor from Return of the Jedi. Check it out on Google Maps and look around for yourself at pictures on their site.

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Startup Weekend Education Austin 2015

StickerGiant Startup Austin Education

StickerGiant Startup Austin Education

This weekend in the capital of Texas, the folks at Austin Startup Weekend Education will take an idea and put it into action in just 54 hours. This community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers and innovators want to change the world, one startup at a time. Follow them on Twitter at @SWeduATX, and check out the #SWeduATX tweets below.

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