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Beaver and Bacon Comedy Festival 2016


Everyone needs a good laugh. The Beaver and Bacon Comedy Festival features a hilarious two-day line-up of comedic talent from all over  Canada. They are Canada’s largest Indie produced comedy festival showcasing local talent, and future comedic legends.

Beaver and Bacon is taking place at the Regent Theatre in Toronto this Friday and Saturday. They have comedians that have been seen on MTV, Comedy Central, Sirius XM and more. This year's featured Acts are Kenny vs Spenny, the duo behind one of the most successful television programs in Canadian history with half a million fans on social media and syndicated globally. The second night's Featured Act is Dr. Goldfield & His Comedy Protege, a secret comedian that has been destroying audiences all over Canada. He's a regular on the Kenny v Spenny show.

To promote the laughter, they printed up a custom Snapchat QR code with their logo of a beaver on top of a maple leaf made of bacon. Now, that's quite a tasty custom sticker (don't really eat it, just go eat some bacon). Check them out on Snapchat and all over the internet as the laughs spread this weekend.

Bub Comedy: Longmont Laugh Fest 2016

Sponsored Stickers Bub Comedy Longmont Laugh Fest 2016

Bub Comedy, or as they like to say, "locally brewed laughter," will be hosting the Longmont Laugh Fest 2016 from Thursday to Saturday, August 25th-27th. They printed up a retro type-forward sticker with a green-to-yellow gradient as their text color, with a bold, black background. This is an eye-catcher, for sure, and people who attend the many events around town over the three days will have a memorable piece of stickiness to take with them. We are in with some terrific local sponsors, which always makes us proud.

There are bunch of events around Longmont at different venues, all of which support many local ventures. This time, it's all about making people laugh. From open mic comedy to a street fair and headliners from across the country, there's something for every type of funny bone at the Longmont Laugh Fest. Thanks to The Loft at Instant Imprints, SKEYE Brewing, Wibby Brewing, and 300 Suns Brewing for hosting all of these events over the three days.

Check out Bub Comedy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.





High Plains Comedy Festival 2016


Back for the fourth year is the High Plains Comedy Fest, and we are proud to be sponsors along with some big names (we're looking at you Illegal Pete's, TruTv and New Belgium Beer). They printed up a sweet Western-themed sticker with an orange-and-brown, replete with a cowboy comedian gracing the skyline of our fair Mile High City of Denver. This is an elegant design built for maximum impact.

There are more than 100 really funny people that will be on stage for your laughter and delight, with special shows and multiple venues around town. High Plains Comedy Festival is a comedy festival held each August in DenverColorado. Founded in 2013 by Denver comedian/writer Adam Cayton-Holland, the Festival features a mix of local and national comics in venues throughout the city—with a special emphasis on the historic Baker neighborhood surrounding South Broadway. High Plains has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most talent-packed and fun-filled festivals in the country.

We are ultra pumped for all of this creative talent in Denver, and we just love to know that people will uniting in the spirit of comedy and this case, with a special custom sticker that will last long after the last laugh.




Grumpy Cat at StickerGiant

Grumpy Cat 1

Who is Grumpy Cat? A common, modern story of a cat with nothing that found herself in the eye of a camera. Grumpy Cat had her photo taken and posted to Reddit and a few viral YouTube videos later, Grumpy Cat is an internet star. Grumpy Cat has now found her true call to fame in the form of a four color premium white sticker that will travel the world!

We had a lot of work flowing yesterday and decided to put Grumpy Cat to work. Here is how Grumpy Cat's day went...


Grumpy Cat sticker didn't seem too thrilled by running the lasers to get all our stickers and labels cut out right. She did seem impressed with how smooth the lasers cut custom shapes on sticker sheets.


Grumpy Cat jumped right into getting sticker orders ready to ship, but with free shipping and quick turnarounds, she was a little overwhelmed by the amount of things to learn.

Grumpy Cat 5

Grumpy Cat took a lot of breaks and just never seemed to look happy about it.


Beer break anyone? Not yet, Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat 6

By the end of the day, Grumpy Cat snuck out in a pile of sticker shipments. She never seemed to fully embrace the idea of working.

Is it Insomnia or a Moment of Inspiration?

John Stewart's Insomnia

How do you deal with insomnia?

As rumor has it, John Stewart once exclaimed that "insomnia is my greatest inspiration."

Whether your sleepless in Seattle or Sheboygan, insomnia is no fun.

While it might inspire a winning monologue for John, it's tough on the average Joe. Just how many people suffer from the condition is up for grabs, but the percentage has got to be huge. Today's "always on" lifestyle has taken its toll ... yesterday's forty winks is down to twenty three and five eighths.

Keeping a notepad on the bed stand is handy for those moments when that important thought appears in the middle of the night. Scribble it down, commit the idea to paper, and get it out of your head. It'll be there waiting for you when you wake up in the morning.

Here are five quick tricks that can help deal with insomnia:

  • Avoid caffeine after lunch.

  • Don't watch television in the bedroom.

  • Eliminate noise and light.

  • Never eat a large serving of Nachos Deluxe with Jalapenos before bedtime.

  • Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

Do the Ghouligans do the Mash?

Ghastly Ghouligans Sticker!

I never know what I'll find when I look in the big box of stickers each day.

This morning, I closed my eyes, put my hand in the box, and up came a ghastly sight ... a full-color bumper sticker unlike any you've ever seen before ...

The Ghouligans is an episodic monster comedy series starring Boris, Wolfgang, Bob Tutenkamin, Count Fleming, Krill Gill, the Ghouli-Girls, the Monsterettes, and the Zombies (of course), along with a host of other cast (dis)members. You've never seen anything like this, my friends.

Take a moment to soak this up. Ghouligan Krill Gill as Tuna Montana, a.k.a.: "SCARFISH" ...

Craving more? Here's the teaser trailer for The Ghouligan's new mini-series, coming this summer ...

The Ghouligans have produced dozens of videos so far, but I haven't tripped into a rendition of Bobby Boris Picket's 1962 smash hit ...