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Kids Tackle Computer Programming at the Great AZ Code Challenge

This weekend Infusionsoft in Chandler Arizona will be hosting The Great AZ <Code> Challenge, a two-day technology event where kids from all over Arizona will be building video games, apps or websites, meeting new people, competing for prizes, and learning about how coding can help ... [Read More]

Computer Science Education (CSED) Week at Galvanize Boulder

It's that time again: Computer Science Education (CSED) Week, brought to you by the folks at and the Hour of Code. As part of our sponsorship, we are working with Boulder CSed Week ( and the folks at Galvanize Boulder. We've been involved since they started their ... [Read More]
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Sponsorship Desk: CSEd Week 2015

It's day two of Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), an annual program developed to inspire grade school to high school students to get involved in computer science. CSEdWeek was created in 2009 by the folks at, and each year consists of a grassroots campaign that's ... [Read More]