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Kids Tackle Computer Programming at the Great AZ Code Challenge


This weekend Infusionsoft in Chandler Arizona will be hosting The Great AZ <Code> Challenge, a two-day technology event where kids from all over Arizona will be building video games, apps or websites, meeting new people, competing for prizes, and learning about how coding can help them get jobs, start businesses, and make a "dent in the universe."

The Great AZ <Code> Challenge design team built a custom shaped die cut sticker, which was the perfect choice for our Spartanics laser die cut machine. The edges of the sticker feature multiple angles and paths, and as you'll see above, there's a tech-based theme and a fun mascot, plus standout event branding in the top left of the sticker. A simple two-tone, green-and-white color choice helps make for a sticker that pops no matter where it slaps. They use the same design on their website, but you'll notice that it's in purple online.

This event is open to kids from all over Arizona. It will be all kinds of fun, and it doesn't matter if attendees have been coding for years or they're just getting started. There will be classes and mentors to help coders of all skill levels, plus workshops about how many opportunities you have when you know computer programming. Also, swag: there will be plenty of food, t-shirts and, of course, stickers.

After the coding is over, all of the kids will have a chance to present their project to their peers in a "show and tell" session. Expert judges will choose winning teams and award awesome prizes at the closing ceremony, which is open to families and the general public on Saturday evening.

Good luck to all of the participants and thanks to the organizers.

Check out this video from last year's event:

ctrl + she 2017


On Saturday, ctrl + she has a die cut sticker that uses typography in a very unique way. Their design team leans heavily on the curly bracket—or what's often called the "brace" by typography aficionados—to form the custom shape of the sticker. This use of a matched pair of brackets is often called an "opening and closing" of a phrase, and is typically used in technical writing or computer coding. The conference is for girls by girls, and it's all about women in technology.

They use two colors, mixing Bermuda green with what's called crusta orange, to create a pleasing pairing of virtually complementary colors. And with this intentional use, the logo describes the event, since the organizers of ctrl + she seek to bring together women interested in computer science and business and "decode the binary between genders." Their goal is to bring together successful women in the technology industry to share their experiences, so that these high school women can aspire to be the female engineers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs of the future.

Since March is Women’s History Month, it's worth highlighting recent surveys from the National Center for Women in Technology that show the current state and potential opportunity for women in technology, with 25% of professional computing occupations in the 2015 U.S. workforce held by women and 1.1 million U.S. computing-related job openings expected by 2024. Overall, women and minorities are under-represented in technology leadership positions, so we're definitely on board with sponsoring groups that try to bring attention to this important platform.

Computer Science Education (CSED) Week at Galvanize Boulder


It's that time again: Computer Science Education (CSED) Week, brought to you by the folks at and the Hour of Code.

As part of our sponsorship, we are working with Boulder CSed Week ( and the folks at Galvanize Boulder. We've been involved since they started their citywide coding initiative in 2014. They have a bright and beautiful custom shaped kiss cut sticker with the mountainous backdrop of Boulder along with a promotional banner for CSED Week, plus a robot arm, a slice of pizza and a laptop with the event website on top. Very cool, and certainly a design that stands out.

What's truly special about CSED Week is that you can participate from anywhere in the world, whether you're doing an Hour of Code, following along during the live stream, or sharing your questions, photos or videos with @csedlive using the hashtags #HourOfCode and #CSed2016. We love to sponsor events locally and around the world because communities are coming together in real life.

Follow along all week on their Twitter.

Sponsorship Desk: CSEd Week 2015

StickerGiant CSED Week Sponsored Stickers

StickerGiant CSED Week Sponsored Stickers

It's day two of Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), an annual program developed to inspire grade school to high school students to get involved in computer science. CSEdWeek was created in 2009 by the folks at, and each year consists of a grassroots campaign that's supported by 350 partners and 100,000 educators worldwide.

But why December 9th? Well, back in 1906, computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper was born, and now this event honors her memory and contributions to the field every year.
In January of this year, Hour of Code--the centerpiece of CSEdWeek--reached 100 million “hours served,” making the Hour of Code and CS Education Week the largest education campaign in history.

From the CSEdWeek site: The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event, and the one-hour tutorials are available in over 40 languages. No experience is needed and anyone ages 4 to 104 can try it out.

There are 191,029 Hour of Code events around the world.

On the Learn page, they have interactive coding games themed like Minecraft, Star Wars and Disney's Frozen, plus advanced topics like Scratch.

We made stickers this year for the Boulder-area events, and you can see our signature mountains in the banner-wrapped design.

Find a local event near you!

Hour of Code Video

Connect Online

Read more about CSEdWeek on their blog, and you can get questions answered on their FAQ page.

Follow @CSEdWeek on Twitter and check all of trending topics at the #CSEdWeek hashtag.

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