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The Beatboxing Cellist named Cello Joe

The cellist is largely considered an instrument of classical music and definitely does not turn heads the way some musicians can. CelloJoe has taken his cello mixed with beatboxing and made a new, unique genre classified as Classical Hip Hop. Through street performances and touring, ... [Read More]

Sticker of Church Logo Embodies The Spirit of Community

In 2005 a journey for 16 people sitting in a living room in northwest San Antonio began.  They wanted to welcome people into a community and church that did not care about denominations.  What they cared about was helping people with a friendly community and to spread the word of the ... [Read More]

5 Ways Stickers Spread the Word About Your Event

Stickers say I've been there. Is your brand, event or project a destination? Nothing says "We experienced something awesome together," better than a sticker. Whether you’re attending an event thousands of miles from home or participating in a project in your local community, ... [Read More]