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Ruby on Ales Event Stickers

This week StickerGiant sponsored schwag is making its way to a mighty group of brainiacs in Bend, Oregon who are gathering this weekend to attend the 4th annual Ruby on Ales conference. Ruby on Ales is a two day single track Ruby conference that offers programming geeks all the ... [Read More]
WordCamp Custom Sticker Sheet - Albuquerque

WordCamp Albuquerque 2013 Custom Sticker Sheet

StickerGiant proudly supports the WordPress community and the WordCamp mission. We've printed thousands upon thousands of stickers for WordCamps over the years, and this custom sticker sheet for the 2013 Albuquerque event is a knockout. There are three event-specific stickers on the ... [Read More]

Wordcamp Seattle Takes Off June 8th

Hang onto your hats and get ready to bungee jump from the Space Needle, it's almost time for Wordcamp Seattle 2013! This isn't just any old WordCamp, it's "the largest most comprehensive event for WordPress users, designers, and developers in the Pacific Northwest." You might be ... [Read More]

Drupal Camp, Jersey Style?

Get ready for DrupalCamp, Jersey Style! Well, not quite Jersey style ... seeing that Princeton is the part of New Jersey that doesn't like to admit to being in New Jersey. Or so legend has it. Nevertheless, DrupalCamp NJ 2013 will held from Friday February 1st through Sunday the ... [Read More]

Rails Girls Portland

A free Ruby on Rails workshop in Portland? What's the catch? To get into Rails Girls Portland, you have to be a woman. With a laptop (and at least a basic knowledge of working with a computer). Or a man, accompanied by an interested lady. (Even better if she's more interested in the ... [Read More]

Word Camp Portland and Albuquerque

WordPress just might be the best example of how free and open source software has changed the world. Not only is the software shared, but knowledge is as well. There’s no better place to learn about WordPress than at a WordCamp and StickerGiant is proud to be a sponsor. WordCamps are ... [Read More]