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Phoenix Design Week Proves There is a Method to the Madness

Phoenix Design Week stickers by StickerGiant to be handed out

Since 2009, when a passionate open letter from designer Mark Dudlik to the Phoenix, Arizona design community gained momentum and supporters, Phoenix Design Week has been bringing together a variety of visual disciplines into one crazy conference of love, support and everything you can think of related to design. It's a wonderful grassroots campaign that draws in worldwide attention, and is quickly fanning the flames of fame.

Phoenix Design Week will be rockin' the desert October 16-24 with world-class speakers, workshops and the Method + Madness Conference October 18-19th at the Phoenix Convention Center. The conference promises to be the highlight of the week with industry speakers, hands-on sessions, workshops and an in-depth look at two aspects of design - the beautiful process of creation and the insight and training that will help you achieve your goals. That sounds pretty exciting to us!

StickerGiant has not only created the beautiful Method + Madness sticker but is a sponsor of the event itself! Pretty cool, right? We're also stoked about their awesome sticker creation, which features the conference logo and accurately describes the event - the magic elixir of design is just waiting to be uncorked and poured into your creative, capable hands. It's truly a beautiful work of design itself!

Mark your calendars or tie a string around your finger so you don't forget to register for this amazing event - it won't be back for another year! Are you ready to rock your own sticker design? Click here to get started.


Craft Brewers Conference Exhibitor Sticker Offer


The Craft Brewers Conference is coming up next week (April 8th-11th) in Denver and StickerGiant staff will be heading down on Wednesday to gain beer industry-related inspiration and build friendships.

The Craft Brewers Conference is the only beer event that provides exposure for both brewpubs and packaging breweries. This makes it a hot bed for professional beer geeks nationwide.


For exhibitors that haven't yet tried our promotional custom sticker or label solutions, we are offering an exclusive 250 free sticker deal to encourage beer brands to test our product for yourself.

With 7,000 brewing professionals enjoying craft brews next week, stickers are a great way to leave a lasting and viral impression.

Ruby on Ales Event Stickers

Ruby on Ales 2014 stickergiant

This week StickerGiant sponsored schwag is making its way to a mighty group of brainiacs in Bend, Oregon who are gathering this weekend to attend the 4th annual Ruby on Ales conference.

Ruby on Ales is a two day single track Ruby conference that offers programming geeks all the traditional conference resources—presentations, opportunities to find a new job and network—with the added mellowing affect of wheat-derived libations.

“Ruby on Ales feels a lot like a reunion of friends and colleagues.”

Open to newbies and alumni alike, programmers will spend the weekend challenging themselves, meeting new people, and drinking the beer that makes the state of Oregon such a hotbed for craft beer enthusiasts.

Don't miss getting your hands on the event sticker sheets we've sent along for the occasion. These full color die cuts even made our staff want to swipe a few before they left the shop. Sporting a red ruby gem and and two beer glasses in the acting of cheers-ing, the sticker designs are reflective of the vast depth of creativity flourishing within the Ruby on Rails community.

Attending the event and want to order your own nifty collection of custom stickers? Use the coupon code RubyOnAles14 and apply $10.00 on us;)


WordCamp Phoenix


This month StickerGiant is proud to be sponsoring yet another WordCamp Phoenix and we are once again honored to be celebrating the creative community that surrounds WordPress. The weekend celebration includes a variety of workshops, presentations, parties and other growth-oriented events for Wordpress junkies.

Held January 17-19 from Chandler, Arizona WordCamp Phoenix provides high-quality training around the fastest growing and most widely used web content management system — WordPress. WordPress is not only a key technology tool, it also attracts a vibrant business community that enjoys the platforms under-friendly nature. Even if you can't make it to the event in Arizona, it's worth visiting the regular Wordcamp wiki to see if a camp is happening near you.

The three-day weekend event will provide a space for the Arizona community members to gather in sunny Downtown Chandler. Plus…you can't beat the sunny January weather. Attendees will help to showcase the diversity of the local community whilst learning from each other. This event is great for anyone who uses or creates for WordPress; small business owners, bloggers, designers, developers or anyone else who has an interest in WordPress.

WordCamp Phoenix and other WordCamp events are hosted as a non-profit collaboration. They are led by a diverse group of volunteers, many of them local influencers. This conference brings together technology professionals, enthusiasts, vendors and customers to connect with each other and learn about WordPress. This event is made possible with the support and expertise of the local Phoenix WordPress community, national sponsors, and amazing speakers who lend their time and talents and a large pool of volunteers and their generous support.

But don't let distance keep you from experiencing the vibrant tech savvy community that makes WordCamps like Phoenix such a success. Be sure to check out their organizer profiles in order to connect with influencers from afar at the handles listed below:


Questions & Support

We hope our blog contains all the information you need to consider participating at WordCamp Phoenix, but if you have any questions about any aspect of this WordCamp event, you may email the organizers directly at Alternatively, you can Tweet them at @PHXWordCamp on Twitter.

WordCamp Albuquerque 2013 Custom Sticker Sheet

WordCamp Custom Sticker Sheet - Albuquerque

StickerGiant proudly supports the WordPress community and the WordCamp mission. We've printed thousands upon thousands of stickers for WordCamps over the years, and this custom sticker sheet for the 2013 Albuquerque event is a knockout.

There are three event-specific stickers on the sheet, with two single color event logos (black and spicy mustard), a multi-color event logo, and a black WordPress stamp, along with our infamous and infinitely flaming StickerGiant logo.

Our fully digital workflow makes printing custom sticker sheets like this a snap, by combining a full gamut of color with intricate die-cutting ability. You dream it. We do it.

Upcoming WordCamps include:

  • Wroclaw, Poland - September 28-29

  • Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden, The Netherlands - October 5-7

  • Toronto, Ontario - October 5-6

  • Louisville, KY - October 12

  • Boston, MA - October 25-27

WordCamps are rockin' all over the world ...

Wordcamp Seattle Takes Off June 8th

Wordcamp Seattle

Hang onto your hats and get ready to bungee jump from the Space Needle, it's almost time for Wordcamp Seattle 2013!

This isn't just any old WordCamp, it's "the largest most comprehensive event for WordPress users, designers, and developers in the Pacific Northwest."

You might be thinking that a conference of this magnitude would cost some serious coin, yet they've held the line with conference fees to a remarkable twenty bucks. $20 for three tracks - User/Blogger, Designer/Themer, and Developer - that provide something for everyone in the WordPress universe? Sweet!

Isn't it time you get your templates in order, your widgets worked out, and your plug-ins plugged in?

This year's event will be held on the University of Washington’s campus. UW's HUB building is the hub - of the WordPress empire - on June 8th, so beam up to the mothership of all WP knowledge. Never mind the retinal scan. Andrew Jackson's mug is your boarding pass.