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Howling at the Moon is a Primative Pursuit

  Have you ever wished that you could just pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag and howl, howl, howl? Primitive Pursuits of Ithaca, New York has a mission: ... to steward the health of our community by fostering life-long relationships with the natural world through ... [Read More]

Find the Fish: Alaska Guide List

If you want to create magical stickers, you've got to start with some strong artwork. The expertly illustrated artwork on the license plate stickers we recently printed for is proof in point. It absolutely jumps off the page with an awesome three dimensional ... [Read More]
Custom Square Stickers printed for Pine Island Glacier in West Antartica

Pine Island Glacier: A River of Ice?

Today's trivia question comes from way down in Antarctica ... West Antarctica, to be exact. The Pine Island Glacier is about as far away from everything as it could possibly be. We know most of what we know about the massive ice sheet through fly-overs. It covers approximately ... [Read More]

Puerto Viejo: Keep It Local

Well, I just don't know what to make of this one. "Puerto Viejo" and "Keep it Local" reads the sticker, which sounds like a plea to stay away from the Costa Rican resort town. It's in a "natural" state right now, catering to adventurers but not really to tourists. There are plans for ... [Read More]

New England Wild Flower Society

Want to see something beautiful? The New England Wild Flower Society owns and manages ten sanctuaries in New England, protecting rare species as well as examples of New England habitats... Garden in the Woods, 180 Hemenway Road, Framingham, MA ... is open for its 2010 ... [Read More]