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The Makers Sessions April 2017


This weekend's sponsorship is all about creative craft business ideas and the maker movement. In the case of this event's stickers, the team went with custom die cut that captures the spirit of the culture and this gathering.

It's a circle, but with a small bump out on the bottom of the sticker to hold the tagline from the event: "Crafting your creative business." It's a mix of grey and blue colors to give it a nice pop.

In popular culture, crafting is taking center stage, with a made-for-TV reality series on NBC called ‘The Handmade Project,’ which is a crafts competition hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. This focus on crafting celebrates artisanship and the makers who can create amazing businesses and products with their hands and their minds, just like Maker Sessions. This edition of the Maker Sessions has a focus of "Selling Your Idea," where participants are encouraged to bring their best elevator pitch to panel of experts who will give feedback.

The Maker Sessions is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that strives to strengthen the creative community with a series of evening educational events for artist entrepreneurs and creative business people.

StickerGiant sponsored stickers will be on hand for the third in a series of four events that will take place across multiples venues and will feature 70-plus makers from around the regional. There will be thousands of shoppers flocking to Akron’s downtown, along with pop up markets all over town.

Crafty Mart has been holding court since 2009, and it's providing Akronites with the opportunity to shop small and it's built a platform for local artists and makers to sell their goods. Most importantly, these events have put Akron on the map they've helped attract unique crafters and artisans to the Rubber City.

We wish all attendees a productive and creative event, and if you're up there pitching to the expert panel good luck with your presentation. Our sponsorships are all about making an impact in the community, and these folks are bringing it with great custom stickers and crafting ideas.

Gift Packaging with Flood Creative


Gift giving is what this time of year is all about. Flood Creative is wrapping up their gifts with decorative stickers on the packaging for a jolly final touch.

Flood Creative works with companies all year long with brand identity, web development, packaging design and more. They are all around a creative bunch and their work shows it.
"Flood is more than just an award winning design agency. We have built brands from scratch as well as turned underperforming brands around. Entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything we do. Let us transform your brand."

In the spirit of the holiday season, Flood Creative keeps to a tradition of sending out gifts of champagne and also donates to lots of great charities. They worked with ONEHOPE this year to get a glitter designed bottle of champagne and then went to task with decorative tissue paper and a fun sticker sheet to package the gifts up. They designed custom sticker sheets with Santa on a vespa, fruit cake, fun sayings, and images with their brand name worked in. The outside of the packages were decorated with an assortment of stickers all over them. For the top seal they used a fun rectangular shaped sticker stating "please treat this box like a friend, DO NOT PUNCTURE WITH A KNIFE.


Via Flood Creative's Facebook Timeline

We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and hope that all your gifts have fun stickers on the outside, or inside. Cheers!

Creative Works Conference 2016


It's time to "Build with Conviction" as designers and creatives from around the country are gathering for the Creative Works Conference this week.

In Memphis, Tennessee October 6th through the 8th, the Creative Works Conference is assembling some super talented individuals for education and fun. There are going to be great talks and workshops on graphic design, blogging, illustration and a lot more related to ad and brand creation.

As part of their event, they wanted to show off their illustrated logo design for the Creative Works Conference. There was no better way to do that than custom die cut stickers. They mocked up their heart in hand design as a stand alone sticker and two separate event logos stickers in black and yellow.

There is nothing better than showing off illustrations to a group of designers with custom stickers. We are super excited and geeked out to be a sponsor for this great event and in the likes of some amazing creative companies. We wish everyone a productive and fun few days in Memphis at the Creative Works Conference.

Create and Destroy with The Uprising Creative

Uprising Creative

We love telling sticker stories. Today is a story about an agency that creates stories and ideas around them. The Uprising Creative is a production and creative company that is all about quality design and execution.

The Uprising is compromised of "passionate thinkers, makers and doers." They take the approach that with the right creative and strategy behind a goal, anything is truly possible. The Uprising Creative has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville and London.

So what does a creative company do? Uprising specifically handles creative direction, design, branding, web, interactive, video, virtual reality, and experiential. This means the hot new artist in LA has a one stop shop to get their logo designed, album art, website, music video, etc.

The Uprising Creative works with quite a few well known brands and artists including, Jordan / Nike, Beats by Dre, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Beyonce, Foo Fighters, Live Nation, Linkin Park, Muse, just to name a few.

With a focus in creative, design, and branding, The Uprising Creative promotes their brand with premium white logo stickers. Even creatives sticker their stories with StickerGiant.

Check out The Uprising Creatives' company reel, a great sneak peek at all the work they have done so far.

Meet StickerGiant Employee Jane!

Meet StickerGiant employee Jane

Jane is our resident Laser Operator and a force to be reckoned with here at StickerGiant. Above all else, she's a great friend - the kind that really pays attention to the needs of others. She's always quick to jump in and lend a helping hand, and she really listens and observes, which makes her incredibly intuitive in not just her mechanical role, but also as a coworker.
She recently publicly recited a poem she wrote about StickerGiant, and it was so moving and lovely we thought we'd share it with all of you:

Giant History, Giant Heart

"It began in a bar

(as many things do)

guys with beers and bad judgement

and nuthin' to do.

They were drawing out doodles

on napkins and coasters--

They were dreamers and young

and blowhards and boasters.

Concocting schemes to align

Their riches and stars

When one dude grabs a doodle

from the top of the bar,

Took a sip of his beer

and let his dreams go far.

It was a sketch of a giant--

beard crazy / eyes wild.

Primitive, minimal--

like the work of a child.

But he held it aloft and

proclaimed with some fire--

'It is with this image

That I do aspire

To plant seeds of my future

and grow my empire!"

The friends had a laugh,

Took a drag

and rolled their eyes--

you believe the nerve of this guy?

Who was this drunken,

delusional wisher?

It was, of course

our boss, John Fischer.

He began with that sketch,

Then made a sticker

Sold it to folks--

Then the plot got thicker.

He decided to print art

That people would send

He bought tech from abroad

and now there's no end

to the stickers we make

and the stories they tell,

The lives we touch

and the dreams we sell.

It is true--it began

with beer and bad art

but the thing that remains

is the soul and The Heart.

'Cause though we make lovely

stickers and labels

and all the rest

There is something else

StickerGiant does best.

Even when we're busy and put to the test

My sister and brother, we treat

people right and take care of each other.

If you work there I think you know what I mean,

Here's to us in 2015!

We love to be creative and express our many talents, and this is one of the many lovely qualities that make Jane a true pleasure to be around. Place a sticker order with us, and Jane will get to work on making them as spectacular as possible. Cheers!

Grinding is a Thing of the Past

Mukee Designs

Artisan of the Mile High City, Derek Keenan of Mukee Designs, elevates the concept of upcycling to a unique and colorful level. Old skateboards and found objects find new life as wearable art as each earring, belt buckle, and necklace are made from skateboard decks that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Serving two years in the Peace Corps in the small west African country of Gambia inspired Keenan to re-think consumption and what we consider garbage, and so Mukee Design was born.

Imperfections are celebrated as each scratch and scuff contribute to the raw, one of a kind patterns and texture unique to Mukee Design's creations. The Lorax would approve, as all Mukee pieces are handmade locally using reclaimed materials so you can feel good about spending your hard earned green this holiday season.

Skateboards and Star Wars imagery came together in Deathstar Blues, a exhibition at Black Book Gallery in Denver which featured Mukee mastermind's sculpture of a Star Wars styled AT-AT made from you guessed it… reclaimed skateboard decks. Get on board and let StickerGiant help you create your own stickers.