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Custom shaped stickers from students at UBC Faculty of Forestry take wings to spread their message


The UBC Faculty of Forestry designed these custom  glossy die cut stickers to help spread their passion for their program across campus and greater British Columbia. It features wildlife and beautiful landscapes, along with their iconic building. This sticker will travel far and wide. Students and those interested in the program will now have a portable billboard to display their pride.
Forestry is the science, art and practice of understanding, managing and using wisely the natural resources associated with, and derived from forest lands. These resources include timber, water, fish, wildlife, soil, plants, and recreation. Forest lands are instrumental in the beauty and spiritual impact of our landscape. The utilization of all of these resources is part of the cultural heritage of British Columbia, and modern resources management embraces these values. Finding a balance between these multiple uses, while sustaining and conserving forest resources is the basis of this challenging and exciting program of study.

The program has a history dating back over one hundred years, when in 1915 UBC officially started as an institution, with three academic areas: Arts and Science, Applied Science, and Agriculture. In 1918, the first forestry course started, where for four weeks returning war veterans could qualify to work as forest guards. One of the newest developments is their Bachelor of Urban Forestry degree that was established in 2015.

Promoting a college department with custom stickers

It's an exciting time for this institution of higher learning, and custom shaped die cut stickers will last for years to come. With a durable finish and a crack-and-peel backing, these stickers will are easily applied and are long lasting.

Check them out on these social media channels:

Here's a quick video of their die cut stickers getting shrink wrapped and ready for shipping:

How to Choose the best Custom Sticker Size?


Ordering custom stickers and labels is a fun process, especially as a new business. At StickerGiant, we focus on making it as easy as possible to get that order placed online without ever having to pick up the phone or talk to one of our Customer Service Team.

We strive to make the ordering process relatively straight forward, select the type, shape, size and upload artwork. However, one part of ordering that can always leave one scratching their head is the size selection. How big is a 2x2 inch circle?

Whether a craft brewer is getting the first set of logo stickers printed to give out in the tap room or a baker is dressing up their outgoing order of fresh cookies with a roll of custom labels. It's fun to see your brand be stuck to something for the first time. Think about the end use of what you are getting. Is it that new trendy sticker going on the back of car windows that will be seen all around town? Is it going to be placed on a laptop with other stickers? Is it a specific size needed for packaging?

Sticker size does matter and sometimes a quick visual is all it takes to decide. Check out this video we put together to help give a you few references to help decide:

The Vegas Shoot


It's not shooting craps, a new club, or luxurious hotel; try lots of bows and arrows. The Vegas Shoot is the largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament on the planet.

The Vegas Shoot brings in archers from all skill levels, whether a novice or Olympic athlete. It takes place over three days, February 10-12th 2017 at the South Point Casino and Hotel. The competitions feature both recurve and compound bows. The event is put on by the National Field Archery Association.

The Vegas Shoot competition includes the traditional 3-spot 20-yard “Vegas Round” that made the tournament famous. One of the top events in the country, it draws in over 3,000 archers and thousands of. They are on point this year with custom die cut stickers with the backdrop of the Vegas Skyline, playing cards and an arrow cutting under "The Vegas $hoot" brand name.

It's going to be a fun few days in Vegas and we're excited to see these stickers hit their target.

New Die Cut Stickers


This past week we launched a new product line of Die Cut Stickers. This new sticker type is an upgrade of our most popular product Premium White Stickers (now called Kiss Cut Stickers), that people have come to love for it's full color, premium quality and fast turnaround times.

The main difference with our new Die Cut Stickers is that the back liner is laser cut to the exact shape of your sticker. It also has a slightly thicker backing which makes them more slightly more durable. These Die Cut Stickers are an exciting new addition to our line up as we offer them with a two day turnaround, so you get quality custom stickers fast.

In addition to this launch, we renamed our custom sticker and label types to make them easier to choose from and keep the names consistent with what you will see around the web when looking to order stickers.

Check out how are revised line up of our premium custom stickers and labels options on

If you have questions on product types, or what will work best for your sticker or label needs, you can email our experts at or give us a call at 866-774-7900. We are always happy to help.

Here is a quick look at our new Die Cut Stickers:


Creative Works Conference 2016


It's time to "Build with Conviction" as designers and creatives from around the country are gathering for the Creative Works Conference this week.

In Memphis, Tennessee October 6th through the 8th, the Creative Works Conference is assembling some super talented individuals for education and fun. There are going to be great talks and workshops on graphic design, blogging, illustration and a lot more related to ad and brand creation.

As part of their event, they wanted to show off their illustrated logo design for the Creative Works Conference. There was no better way to do that than custom die cut stickers. They mocked up their heart in hand design as a stand alone sticker and two separate event logos stickers in black and yellow.

There is nothing better than showing off illustrations to a group of designers with custom stickers. We are super excited and geeked out to be a sponsor for this great event and in the likes of some amazing creative companies. We wish everyone a productive and fun few days in Memphis at the Creative Works Conference.

International Pizza Expo and Custom Pizza Stickers

Custom Pizza Stickers

From finding fresh ingredients to new innovations in pizza baking, there are a lot of little things that going into making great pizza. Every year there is an International Pizza Expo where all things from sauces to ovens are on display.

That’s right. The International Pizza Expo is this week, March 7th through 10th, and pizzeria owners, bakers, suppliers and vendors of all things related to the craft take over the Las Vegas Convention Center. The expo is the largest pizza show in the world.

Over the course of four days, there are workshops on pizza startups to educate, a giant exhibit hall for vendors to display their offerings, and even pizza dough tossing contests.  There are around 500 exhibiting companies this year. All the ingredients to put together a pizza business the right way and enjoy yourself.

Wait! We forgot to mention the awesome necessity of custom stickers and labels that go into promoting pizzerias and pizza products. For years, we have helped supply pizza shop owners with fun stickers to help people celebrate their favorite pizzas. They have a lot of success with this type of promotion to enhance the word of mouth that goes with baking up tasty pizza.

Here are five ways to let your customers endorse you:

  • Make your stickers fun, and make them free. People will be happy to spread them around.

  • Speak in an authentic voice. Stickers should match the experience people have with your brand.

  • Make it fun for employees. Happy staffers make great ambassadors.

  • Change up your message, but keep branding consistent.

  • Be nice to your neighbors: If sticking gets out of hand, clean it up. “When we cater events, the first thing we ask organizers is how they feel about stickers.”

For more information on custom pizza stickers, check out our case study on Ian’s Pizza.

Team StickerGiant is stopping by the International Pizza Expo this week, so if you are attending and want to grab a free StickerGiant Sticker Slice. Tweet at us @stickergiant, today or tomorrow.