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[i am a maker] matte stickers display an empowering message

The Maker Movement has swept America, and this matte finish die cut sticker from [i am a maker] has their empowering phrase "i am a maker" surrounded by a black box. It's a simple, bold sticker that lets the person who is applying it take ownership of being a maker and sharing their own ... [Read More]

Startup Weekend Chicago Maker Edition 2017

This weekend the City of Broad Shoulders will be hosting Startup Weekend Chicago Maker Edition, where participants will pitch startup ideas that include the development of a physical product or software and the delivery system. Successful startups will leverage a team of diverse skill ... [Read More]

Startup Weekend Aguascalientes, Derby and Lille Maker

Three of our sponsored Techstars Startup Weekend events will be happening this weekend, with two in Europe and one in Mexico. A couple have special topic themes, which helps focus the weekend around a specific industries for teams to solve a problem. All three have die cut stickers en ... [Read More]

Startup Weekend Blois and Fargo

  We are sending sponsored stickers to one event here stateside and one in France. As always with a Techstars Startup Weekend, our teams have two nights and two days to turn an idea into a business. Startup Weekend Fargo At Startup Weekend Fargo, the organizers am are seeking ... [Read More]

Startup Weekend Bermuda, Cork & Startup Weekend CEG Edition

We are doing some serious globetrotting this weekend, with Techstars gatherings in three countries, including two island nations. We'll be sending die cut stickers to Bermuda, Ireland and India, and we have a few stories for each of these stickers. Startup Weekends are all about ... [Read More]

WordCamp Waukesha 2017

This Friday at WordCamp Waukesha we're happy to have die cut stickers on site with our WordCamp crew. Started up by the Milwaukee WordCamp team, this is a new edition for the region, and we are stoked about this custom shaped sticker that looks like a giant guitar pick. With a bold blue ... [Read More]