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WordPress is WordCamp Rochester's super power as they bring a Kodak moment to their custom sticker sheet


When the weekend rolls around, we have our sponsor spotlight shining on many volunteer-led events all around the country. Today we're telling the sticker story of WordCamp Rochester and their sticker sheetWordCamp Rochester will be November 18 at SUNY Brockport, and we wanted to send them a shoutout for all of the hard work going into this weekend. It's all about the venue sponsor, and they've offered their space for this second-ever WordCamp Rochester--thanks to the team at the Rochester WordPress Meetup group.

Stickers are a fun and different way to promote your brand and delight the people at your event. With sticker sheets, you have the chance to have a few designs occupying the same space, and when WordCamp gets to work, they bring in a lot of great elements.

Let's take a closer look at what makes up an iconic event sticker.

Designing a great event sticker sheet


With WordCamp stickers, we see great design and fun local tie-ins to each sheet that comes through the shop. If you know anything about Rochester, New York, then you know it's the third-largest city in the Empire State and the home of many major American corporations, most famously the Eastman Kodak Company.

With this iconic brand in mind, the designers brought in the WordPress branding with Wapuu clutching an old Kodak camera with a collection of photographs. Then there's two other WordPress logo stickers with the city skyline of Rochester wrapped around the top. Lastly, you'll see the five different peel offs that feature funny sayings that WordPress lovers will instantly recognize, like "I don't make free websites" and "WordPress is my super power!" Many a web designer has been asked to help someone out for free, or for "exposure," and this sticker sheet plays on that familiar conundrum.

WordCamp: Learn about WordPress with like-minded folks

For those not familiar with WordPress or WordCamp, a WordCamp is a volunteer-led, community-oriented conference that focuses on everything WordPress, which is one of the most-popular digital publishing solutions for the modern Internet. Small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, massive media companies--they're all using WordPress to power their content management and delivery.

WordPress is an open source project, which is just one of the many reasons we've supported their events for years. We love the informal natures of these events and that it's by WordPress users in their local communities. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other. This helps the local WordPress community flourish by learning not only from each other, but from a great lineup of speakers who want to share their knowledge.

Workshops and Tracks at WordCamp Rochester 2017

Rochester’s WordCamp will divide its workshops over three tracks, from basic to professional.

The Beginner/Blogger Track is for people who are new to website design, blogging, or WordPress. The sessions are designed for novices who want to blog or be on the web for other personal projects. Likewise, operators of small businesses or non-profit organizations will learn how to promote their enterprises using their own websites with no coding or other technical knowledge.

The Intermediate/Flex Track is one step up and intended for site owners, established bloggers, and entrepreneurs to learn how to communicate with a designer, how to blog effectively, and how to tell whether projects are going well. The overall focus is on website content. Attendees in this track need familiarity with HTML, the basic coding language of the Internet.

The Designer/Developer Track will find interest among professionals and DIY WordPress builders. The sessions here will focus on the graphical end of design and customizing website themes. Skill with HTML and CSS is recommended.

Event Stickers are perfect for any gathering

WordCamps aren't the only events that use stickers or sticker sheets. 5K races, fundraisers, and school groups all use sticker sheets. After all, you get more bang for your buck with a sheet of a few stickers, and if you design it around a theme, you can even tell a story on that sheet, with the peel offs serving as an interactive piece of art for your attendees. These WordCamp sticker sheets peel easily to slap on a laptop or another free piece of swag like a paper notebook, and when people leave your event, they enter the world as a brand ambassador for your community.

Try out our custom stickers for your next event.

Global Startup Weekend kicks off with custom stickers galore


This past weekend was the beginning of the Startup Weekend to end all Startup Weekends, with the Global Startup Weekend from Techstars and Google for Entrepreneurs kicking off from November 10-12 and now continuing into next weekend. Whew!

We've sent stickers out for dozens events all around the world, and we're excited for all of these entrepreneurial communities as they gather and innovate. They are all featuring some kind of die cut sticker, which makes for one of the best event sticker options for organizers. There's more design options, easier stacking, higher visibility and less backing to dispose.

More about Techstars Startup Weekend

Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs.  Beginning with Friday night pitches and continuing through brainstorming, business plan development, and basic prototype creation, Startup Weekends culminate in Sunday night demos and presentations.  Participants create working startups during the event and are able to collaborate with like-minded individuals outside of their daily networks. All teams hear talks by industry leaders and receive valuable feedback from local entrepreneurs. The weekend is centered around action, innovation, and education.  Whether you are looking for feedback on a idea, a co-founder, specific skill sets, or a team to help you execute, Startup Weekends are the perfect environment in which to test your idea and take the first steps towards launching your own startup.


Here are the Startup Weekend events from last weekend

Custom event stickers heading to Techstars and Google for Entrepreneurs Startup Weekends


Today we start a few weeks of startup coverage, as this weekend serves as the unofficial start to Global Startup Weekend.

We're a long-time partner of these volunteer-led community events, and when November rolls around, we really see a bunch of these stickers come through the shop. We love seeing the local flavor that each designer puts into their sticker, and we get to learn all about new cities around the world. Big thanks to Google for Entrepreneurs and Techstars for making these events happen.

This weekend, we have stickers traveling to Tahoe, Tuscon, Fort Worth, Noida and Mexico City for their gatherings.

Let's start with Startup Weekend Tahoe and their Lake Tahoe-shaped kiss cut sticker that features a multi-colored geometric background and the iconic Startup Weekend beaker. They also incorporated the @SWTahoe Twitter handle so anyone can easily access their account and enage with their community. Nice touch.

Down in Tucson at the University of Arizona for their Startup Weekend, we have a "Wildcat Red" custom die cut sticker with the beaker and the Eller College of Management as the background. This sticker also features a plug for the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship and their Innovate UA branding.

Startup Weekend Fort Worth has a massive robot beaker towering over the city skyline on a seafoam green background and printed on a kiss cut sticker. They are using a cool mix of custom fonts with large block sans serif and a thin sans serif to help set the brand apart.

Startup Weekend Artificial Intelligence Mexico City has a sticker sheet packed with six stickers. There's some event branding and a few beaker peel off on the sheet that will give attendees a few application options.

Heading over to Startup Weekend Social Innovation Noida in India, we find a green kiss cut sticker with a geometric patter and the event branding front and center.

Custom stickers make every event more fun (and memorable)

If you are running an event, why not try out a custom designed sticker to help promote your community and empower your fans to spread your message? We have many custom sticker options to try, and we're happy to send out samples if you want to test drive some products.

At Startup Weekend Denver IoT & Smart Cities and Ahmedabad, Budding Entrepreneurs Craft Their Future

Startup Weekend Ahmedabad Sponsoored Die Cut Stickers 2017 blog

There's no weekend quite like a Startup Weekend, where inspired people from the creative, development, and business fields gather to take an idea from concept to creation in a few short, action-packed days.

Heading into the Memorial Day weekend, sponsored stickers will be at two different continents for Startup Weekends. One will be happening in our front yard here at Galvanize Golden Triangle in Denver, while the other one is farther afield at Gujarat University in Ahmedabad, India. Both events have custom shaped die cut stickers on site, with Denver rocking circles and Ahmedabad sporting squares.

We are going to start  with the sticker above that will be on the Indian subcontinent before finishing up in our home state of Colorado.

Startup Weekend Ahmedabad

We've sponsored a few Startup Weekends in India, and we are pleased to be heading to Startup Weekend Ahmedabad hosted by the Gujarat University Startup And Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) at Gujarat University in the western Indian state of Gujarat.
Through GUSEC, GU has pioneered the country’s first support system for non-tech innovations, as GU is primarily a university focussed on non-tech disciplines such as science, arts, commerce, law, and medicine. GUSEC has also pioneered ‘Research to Revenue’, the first of its kind initiative for a research university, with the aim of converting 5% of research into commercialized products, services or technology. (From the GUSC website)

The entrepreneurial spirit is a big part of this region, and it is home to one of the world's first seaports, and features civilization back to the time of the Ancient Greeks. But as we fast forward to the modern day, we see that aspiring & experienced student entrepreneurs, designers of all types, and non-technical talent (i.e. business, sales, finance, legal, etc.) will all congregate to come up with the next big idea.

They have a slick square custom shaped sticker with the city of Ahmedabad in the foreground on an orange, brown and deep purple color treatment that has a shining sun illuminating the iconic Patang Hotel revolving tower restaurant. Ahmedabad is the sixth-most-populous city in India with a metro-area population of over 7.8 million. Ahmedabad has emerged as an important economic and industrial hub in India, and now Startup Weekend participants will drive that future forward.

Of course, a Startup Weekend can't happen without all of the people behind the scenes, from mentors and coaches to judges and organizers.

Startup Weekend Denver IoT & Smart Cities

Startup Weekend Denver | IoT 3.0 and Smart Cities 2017 Sponsored Stickers Blog

The organizing team in Denver decided to mix it up for this Startup Weekend, focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities as the theme of their weekend. Since this is a Internet of Things + Smart City edition, teams will be focusing on ideas that solve problems in the IoT realm. We're more connected than ever, with the integration of internet ready devices as part of our every day life. And as far as Smart Cities go, people are always flocking to cities. As such, urban development groups have to be visionaries to blend technology to secure and manage a city's assets for the betterment of everyone, whether those people are residents, tourists or people doing business.

They went with a really fun custom shape on their die cut, with the event branding at the top in green, and then a purple, mountain-framed cityscape that's buzzing with tech activity, from drones and satellites flying overhead of Denver's skyline. Of course the Startup Weekend lab beaker is front and center, demonstrating the experimental nature of the event.

Big shoutout to all of our organizers, and best of luck to teams as they form and start building these creative solutions. Thanks to Galvanize Golden Triangle campus for serving as the venue host. Galvanize campuses are home to an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, skilled programmers, expert data scientists, and people motivated to make an impact.

This video tells more of the Startup Weekend story. Give it a quick watch.

Startup Weekend - Trailer from Eighteen Eighty on Vimeo.

ChatUp Conference hosted by SnapEngage here in Beautiful Boulder


Our friends over at SnapEngage are hosting their annual ChatUp, which is a Live Chat Best Practices Conference. Customer engagement evangelists will be gathering in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, for two days of actionable, strategic insights that will help build better customer experiences. We printed up a custom circle die cut sticker for their shindig. It's a beauty, with a graphic treatment of Boulder's iconic Flatirons jutting into a cyan sky, and a circle-wrap text for the event branding. They even manage to get their logo and their location on the bottom as a foundation. Simple, yet effective. Also, very pretty, but that's Boulder for you.

Just about any business could benefit from deep dive into converting leads and creating better support channels for customers. Even if you're a brick-and-mortar or services business, you need that digital storefront presence, whether it's to serve customers contact point like a phone number or email. But increasingly, and we've all seen this in our own web searching and page browsing, there are chatbots everywhere. That's the game that SnapEnage is playing, and it's leading to great wins for their company and their customers. Other great session topics include an immersive, hands-on workshop where SnapEngage's Director of UX/UI will teach design best practices and walk attendees through how to create a seamless brand experience on their very own design project and how to leverage chat data to showcase your implementation’s success, and continuously improve it to promote growth. It's going to be an action-packed two days.

All Things Boulder: Get Around Town

With easy access to the Goose Creek Greenway from the Hyatt Place in Boulder, ChatUp attendees can connect to Boulder without a car. You can take the local RTD bus, rent a Boulder B-cycle or try the eGo CarShare for a longer trip to Lyons or Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Microbreweries and rock climbing gyms are within walking distance, and the trails of Chautauqua Park and Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks are a short (but steep!) bike ride away. And don't forget to cruise the famous Pearl Street Mall, check out the Tuscan Vernacular Revival buildings of the University of Colorado campus (It goes by CU in Boulder).

They say that out here in Colorado, we have minds that match our mountains, and this conference will fit right in. Thought leaders and industry experts will be educating, sharing and advancing the world of online customer service. We look forward to seeing the results all over the internet as these attendees take their learning out into the world and make an impact.

Designers at Create Upstate Take Over Ithaca


Create Upstate will be taking over the bucolic New York State college town of Ithaca for a three-day celebration of design and creativity. This event has a jam-packed schedule with some unique twists on the standard design conference, but we'll get to that. We're rather proud of the die cut sticker that they put out for this year's edition, and it features the beautiful lakeside sunsets and scenery of the Finger Lakes Region. There's a royal purple foreground with a setting sun in the background. The circle shape wraps the entire design in a custom shape that will be portable and noticeable. We're all about awesome designs at StickerGiant, and this conference blends art, discussion and fun, which is why we love this sponsorship.

What's cool about this gathering is that the venues are all downtown right in the Ithaca Commons, with the State Theatre, Cinemapolis and Coltivare representing as venue sponsors. There’s an entire day set aside for attendees to explore the trails and nearby attractions. In addition to inspiring lectures, the organizing team is filling this weekend with plenty of face time, shop talk and fun. Bonus: There will be a street fair on State Street with vendors and maker stations for event goers to check out, along with local adventures to join.

Here's the overall plan for the weekend, just in case you're nearby and still need a sales pitch to visit this awesome get together.

Thursday is Upstate Discussions, four sessions of focused conversations, led by the best design shops in the area. Then it's over to the kick off party hosted by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) chapter in Upstate New York, who is building a community to advance design and designers across Upstate New York and is 100% volunteer-powered.

This is a must-do event that will have trivia, the Student Design Challenge, and the first two rounds of Cropped. What is Cropped? Well, Cropped is an event presented by MyFonts, a company that provides access to 900+ free fonts, and it's just like the annual NCAA basketball tournament, but for art and design

Anyone attending Create Upstate 2017 is eligible for Cropped Tournament, and the field has 16 teams. The first round will challenge all 16 teams to improvise and create artwork on the fly for 20 minutes. Teams will battle head-to-head during the first two rounds that will be held at the Kickoff Party on the evening of Thursday.

Then on Friday is the marquee show hosted by Mitch Goldstein, a design professor at the Rochester Institure of Technology. There are four illustrious speakers: Gemma O’Brien, an Australian artist who is a lettering, illustration and typography wizard; Cap Watkins is a product designer living and working in Brooklyn who is currently the VP of Design at BuzzFeed; Catt Small is a product designer, game maker, and front-end web developer. She makes awesome things at Etsy; Tad Carpenter is a designer, illustrator, author and educator based in Kansas City, Missouri. Carpenter co-runs the design and branding studio, Carpenter Collective with his wife, Jessica.

After all of the speakers, it's off the after party at Coltivare, Ithaca's culinary center, for the final two rounds of Cropped where they'll announce the winning team.

Saturday is adventure day, with a hike at Buttermilk Falls, a brunch on State Street, and finally a tour at Ithaca Brewery,

You can connect with the team on their blog on Medium.com, at their Twitter feed @CreateUpstate, on their Facebook page Create Upstate and on their Instagram account at create (underscore) upstate.

Big thanks to kenwoodworth, thesarahburns, and dblizzy for putting this all together.