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K.J. Wood Distillers


Craft distilled spirits from fresh Rocky Mountain waters in Ouray, Colorado comes K.J. Wood Distillers who are bottling up with custom product labels.

Back in 2013, John Wood took his experience of home brewing and wine making and put it into his quiet passion of distilling fine craft beverages. Thus, K.J. Wood Distillers was born. Great water was the main building block of his craft spirits. With a great location to tap into water, he got to work finding local, natural ingredients to distill with.

K.J. Wood Distillers has three main spirits with a fourth hitting shelves soon. Jinn Gin, Dead Drift Colorado White Whiskey. Berthoud Blue Vodka and their new Ourye Whiskey. For all their hand crafted spirits, they are using a variety of custom product labels to put the right finishing touches with correct information on every bottle.

With the most recent launch of their Ourye Whiskey, they used custom matte labels for the backing of the bottle, custom foil labels for their alcohol percentage and proof, and a clear bopp label with foil in it for the front facing "Ourye Whiskey."

Hand crafted excellence in distilling with high quality custom labels, the perfect mix.

Forging the Anvil Distillery


Hammering out hand crafted spirits at Anvil Distillery that taste so good you will want to grab their custom oval sticker on the way out.

It's incredible the number of successful businesses in our backyard of Longmont, Colorado. When it comes to breweries, Longmont is already on the map in a big way and craft distilleries are on the rise.

Anvil Distillery is a top award winning distillery located in, you guessed it, Longmont. Their specialty spirits are Grumpy's Vodka and Ironface Gin. Their focus is to make quality liquors. During the distillation process they use Non-GMO, local and organic ingredients when available.

The Anvil brand has a very classic feel with their liquors labeled with sketch drawn 1800's style characters. For their stickers, they went with a traditional black and white oval shape with their logo, location and "Est. 2014." The drawn anvil design makes it very recognizable and the custom oval sticker fits the bill perfectly as a car window decal.

As Anvil Distillery has begun to get more notoriety for their hand crafted spirits, their logo stickers are starting to be seen in more and more places.

Distilling in the Rocky Mountains


It's summer time in Estes Park, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountain National Park. This wildlife getaway just got a new spot to visit for some Rocky Mountain distilled spirits at Elkins Distilling Co.

With a 4th of July launch, this mountain distillery opened it's doors with a beautiful backdrop and place to enjoy some craft distilled spirits. Elkins Rocky Mountain Whiskey is their first batch which is available to stop by to taste or grab a bottle to go.

As part of their opening, Elkins Distilling made sure to have all sorts of branded swag on hand to get the word out. They also designed an awesome custom circle sticker with their logo in Colorado license plate colors. Estes Park is very popular for wildlife sightings and specifically Elk, they pay homage to that with antlers embedded in the logo and the mountain peaks as the background. They list the town name so everyone knows where to come try some Rocky Mountain distilled spirits.

The stickers are just the first taste of what Elkins Distilling Co. has to offer.

The Rum Diet at Key West Distilling


But where's the rum? Key West Distilling got the message and is putting it in a bottle while promoting the best diet on custom rectangle stickers.

It all started with a dream of a distillery and then looking at places, who can argue with Key West, Florida? Key West Distilling features a few different types of rum which is perfect in their tropical setting. They also distill a Spyglass Vodka and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
"Using the finest ingredients and age-old distilling processes, we create a product we know you will love. People call our island “paradise” and we know you will find some in each bottle." – Jeffrey Louchheim, Chief Distiller

In a tourist destination like Key West, stickers are a must have to get into traveler's hands. Key West Distilling came up with a great one that states "I'm on a rum diet, so far I've lost 3 days." This mixture of humor with branding makes a very appealing sticker for people to take home and slap on their cars and share with friends.

Don't let people have to ask "Where's the rum?" let a sticker tell them.

Sinister & Deluxe Craft a Brewstillery

Sinister Distilling Co

We love craft brewing and all the wonderful beers and businesses that have grown out of the craft world. As craft breweries continue to pop up around the country, there has been a steady rise in craft distilleries too. Sinister Distilling Co. has been born out of Deluxe Brewing to become the first brewstillery in Albany, Oregon.

Brewstillery? Mind blown. The American Craft Spirits Association has reported over 769 distilleries in the United States as of August 2015. This mixture of the two worlds is a perfect fit for any stop on a brewery or distillery tour.

Sinister Distilling Co. is mixing up whisky, gin, and grappa.  They also just released their first batch of Howard's Hopped Up Gin which is available at their tasting room for samples, cocktails, or to buy a bottle.

In promoting their new expansion of Sinister Distilling Co. at their brewstillery, they kept a matching logo with Deluxe that has a spade back drop with the "Sinister Distilling Co." text over the top. It makes an awesome quick stick logo sticker to spread to all the fans of their line of spirits.

When The Hammer Drops at Stoneyard Distillery

Stoneyard Distillery

6,242 feet above the sea, 42,500 pounds of sugar, and 27,625 gallons of H2O combine for the best ingredients to make handcrafted rum. Located in Colorado, Stoneyard Distillery has the right mix of location and ingredients for great tasting distilled spirits.

The Stoneyard Distillery crew that makes it all happen is comprised of Max, Jim, Tom and Wings. Outside of Wings, the dog companion of the distillery and building inspector, all three of them are pilots in one form, or another. Which means a focus on details and thoroughness is seen throughout all they do. The distillation process is centered around their kettle, known as "Twinkie." She came from the old Hostess bakery before it was closed down.

The name Stoneyard Distillery comes from where they are located, an old stone yard. Their logo incorporates the hard work and history with with the pick axe being wrapped around by the letter "S." The rustic look and feel looks awesome printed as custom stickers and labels for the bottles.

Stick their sticker and raise a glass of some fine Colorado rum from Stoneyard Distillery.

From the final details of labeling, to promoting your brand, make sure it's a high-quality custom sticker to match the quality of product.