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The Perfect Pitch from Third Street Music School

3rd Street Music School

Music can spark an idea, passion, and for some a life they wouldn't have without it. Third Street Music School is an all ages community music school that gives kids the opportunity to become better musicians, dancers, singers and composers.

Third Street Music School is the longest running community music school in the country and is based in New York City, NY. They have been around 120 years since 1984 and help over 5,000 students work towards their musical dreams.
"With a mission to provide access to high quality music education to all people, no matter their financial situation, Third Street is a music school for everyone. Whether your instrument is a piano, a violin, a flute or even your own voice, you have a place in Third Street's welcoming, supportive community. Meet us today and change your life with music!"

Through donations and their partner programs, Third Street Music School is continuing on their mission. To keep their name out there and celebrate what they do, they created custom logo stickers for people to spread the news. Whether on equipment cases, laptops or the back of a car window, Third Street Music School's red symbol will be seen spread around New York and beyond.

Find your rhythm and get some custom stickers to enhance your presence in the world.

Energy Saving with Longmont Estates Elementary School

Turn Off the Lights

Saving energy is awesome but it's hard to always remember the little things, like simply turning off the lights when you leave a room. Teaching this to kids can be even harder. That is where stickers come in very handy to educate. We recently worked with the Longmont Estates Elementary School and their student Energy Club, the Electrified Eagles, to help remind everyone about reducing energy waste.

The Energy Club meets once a week to discuss different topics on how to reduce energy use and various ways to do that. Their nickname is the Electrified Eagles (an eagle is the school mascot). The concept is pretty simple but harder to execute. The kids worked in their group to help remind people to turn off light switches when they leave a room as a way to reduce energy use. They came up with the idea to use stickers on light switches as a reminder to people around their school.

They reached out to us to see if we could help with this project and provide some fun custom stickers. We offered them some rolled quick stickers to make it easy for the kids to run around the school and stick them to the light switches. The kids had a blast with this project and the school's lights were all marked within thirty minutes.

We also made a video for the class, so they could also learn about the art design and printing process for custom stickers. Check it out:

Thanks to the Longmont Estates Elementary School for getting us involved in this fun project.

The Journey Begins with SpaceKids.Global

The journey to space can only begin if inspired. SpaceKids.Global is educating young kids on space travel and what it takes to be an astronaut.

SpaceKids has a simple goal, to make a difference. The mission is to reach 1,000,000 kids around the world and inspire STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics + Environment) and Education. 

Virgin Galactic Astronaut, Sharon Hagle has put this program together and is out there inspiring kids and her peers to help the cause. In gaining support, SpaceKids designed a kiss cut stickers to match the style of space exploration and promote the program.

Check out Sharon's visit to Park Maitland School in Maitland, Florida and Browne Academy in Alexandria, Virginia:

In a short amount of time, 3,125 students have been reached. As the education spreads, so do the stickers to promote it.

Everything is impossible, until it is a custom sticker.

StickerGiant Donates 3D Printer to Local Middle School


Here at StickerGiant, we know the value of technology and like to support endeavors that showcase how technology can be used to improve not just our company, but the world around us.

We recently donated a 3D printer to Westview Middle School, based in Longmont, Colorado, where the school's robotics team went right to work on designing and creating all manner of 3D objects, especially parts for their VEX robots. Partnerships like the one we have with the schools in our community are very important, as it shows just how much can get done when we all work together.

While the concept of 3D printing has been around since the 1980's, it wasn't until the last few years that the idea actually started to see mainstream use. 3D printers can be used for everything from tea cups to houses, depending on how big the scale of the printer is. That's pretty incredible, if you ask us!

Even though we don't 3D print our stickers, we still make the best quality sticker products around. Want to try us out? Go ahead and start your order now. We'll be waiting for you!

Program Yourself Smarter at Rocky Mountain Ruby


The words you're reading right now wouldn't be possible without the help of a programmer, the unsung heroes of the internet. Unless you're a developer of some essential part of our internet experience, learning a programming language can seem as impossible as resurrecting Sanskrit in your hometown. For those that live and breathe web development there's a conference just for you.

Ruby is "a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write," according to their website. Rocky Mountain Ruby is a single track software conference centering around all things Ruby, held in Boulder Colorado September 24th through the 26th at The Boulder Theater. The great part about the conference is that it's not just talks - there's also an outdoor experience for all attendees, too, so you really get the most out of your time. 

Now in its fourth year, Rocky Mountain Ruby seeks to connect Ruby developers and enthusiasts  from all across the world in a three-day, fun-filled adventure of information. The event will have awesome speakers from several different industries, great workshops and a chance to make lifelong connections. Their custom stickers are just one awesome reason to attend - look at all that fantastic artwork! The sticker is colorful, beautifully designed and really captures the essence of what Rocky Mountain Ruby is all about.

Check out this video from Rocky Mountain Ruby 2013 to get an idea of what to expect when you attend, then grab your tickets here before it's too late. Ready to promote your own ideas with an awesome stickers? This link has all the information you need to get started!

Get Your Thinking Caps Ready For TEDx Boulder


For those not in the know, TED talks are a great way to educate yourself on a number of topics. TED Talks are sort of like apps: Want to know more about electronic dance music? There's a talk for that. Interested in learning about apartheid and how it affects the world? There's a talk for that. TEDx Boulder is a local event that promises to be as funny, smart and educational as its big brother.

Started in 1984, TED was a conference for people in the Technology, Entertainment and Design industries to get together and discuss new developments, interesting thoughts and whatever else struck their fancy. It's since expanded to include science, business, politics, music and more, and now the latest development is the addition of the "X" at the end of its name. While not big, that little x gives TED people the power to independently organize a TED event while keeping what TED stands for.

All of that exciting, informational fun is coming to Boulder, Colorado September 27th at the Macky Auditorium Concert Hall at the University of Colorado Boulder. StickerGiant is proud to be not only a sponsor of this fantastic event but the provider of the event's stickers! That's right, your's truly will be attending the TEDx Boulder event so you know it's going to be fun. Make sure you get your tickets now so you don't miss any of the incredible action and don't forget to grab one of these super cool stickers! Connecting people with common interests, one sticker at  time.

Here's a great video from a past TEDx Boulder that was presented by Erika Napoletano titled "Rethinking Unpopular." Go ahead and give it a look, then click here to get your own independently awesome stickers!