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3rd Street Music School

The Perfect Pitch from Third Street Music School

Music can spark an idea, passion, and for some a life they wouldn't have without it. Third Street Music School is an all ages community music school that gives kids the opportunity to become better musicians, dancers, singers and composers. Third Street Music School is the longest ... [Read More]
Turn Off the Lights

Energy Saving with Longmont Estates Elementary School

Saving energy is awesome but it's hard to always remember the little things, like simply turning off the lights when you leave a room. Teaching this to kids can be even harder. That is where stickers come in very handy to educate. We recently worked with the Longmont Estates Elementary ... [Read More]

The Journey Begins with SpaceKids.Global

The journey to space can only begin if inspired. SpaceKids.Global is educating young kids on space travel and what it takes to be an astronaut. SpaceKids has a simple goal, to make a difference. The mission is to reach 1,000,000 kids around the world and inspire STEAM (Science, ... [Read More]

StickerGiant Donates 3D Printer to Local Middle School

Here at StickerGiant, we know the value of technology and like to support endeavors that showcase how technology can be used to improve not just our company, but the world around us. We recently donated a 3D printer to Westview Middle School, based in Longmont, Colorado, where the ... [Read More]

Program Yourself Smarter at Rocky Mountain Ruby

The words you're reading right now wouldn't be possible without the help of a programmer, the unsung heroes of the internet. Unless you're a developer of some essential part of our internet experience, learning a programming language can seem as impossible as resurrecting Sanskrit in your ... [Read More]

Get Your Thinking Caps Ready For TEDx Boulder

For those not in the know, TED talks are a great way to educate yourself on a number of topics. TED Talks are sort of like apps: Want to know more about electronic dance music? There's a talk for that. Interested in learning about apartheid and how it affects the world? There's a talk for ... [Read More]