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Meet Tommy: Finishing Lead, Gamer and Heavy Metal Enthusiast

Get to know Tommy, another member of the StickerGiant Team. Finishing Lead at StickerGiant Tommy is the lead on all our finishing equipment, from getting the machines ready to run, the proper lamination in place and making sure your stickers and labels get cut and rolled just the ... [Read More]

Meet John Fischer, the original StickerGiant

Meet John Fischer, the founder and owner of StickerGiant. John talks about his background, what he enjoys the most about the company and what he's interested in outside of the sticker shop. John's been in the news a bunch over the years, and you can read some of the coverage on our press ... [Read More]
Tom Sticker Story

Meet Tom: Account Manager, Broncos Fan and StickerGiant Barista

Get to know Tom, a long-time fixture here in the StickerGiant front office. His business is all about helping people find the right sticker for their story. When he's not delighting customers, he's cheering on his beloved Broncos. For real, when this guy gets a paper cut, he bleeds orange ... [Read More]
Melissa Sticker Story

Meet Melissa From Our Shipping Department

Get to know Melissa from our Shipping Team here at StickerGiant. She is busy checking quality, packaging up orders and setting up the classic StickerGiant Shipping Cam shot that we take of your stickers and labels before they go in the box. Tell Us About Yourself I have been here ... [Read More]

Meet Al: The Bluebird of Happiness

Meet one of the Press Operators for us here at StickerGiant. Al is an expert in printing all our stickers and labels coming through the shop and he inspires happiness in us all. Hey Al! My name is Allen LaFollette, and this is my sticker story. What Do You Do? My name is Allen ... [Read More]