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Meet Tommy: Finishing Lead, Gamer and Heavy Metal Enthusiast

Get to know Tommy, another member of the StickerGiant Team. Finishing Lead at StickerGiant Tommy is the lead on all our finishing equipment, from getting the machines ready to run, the proper lamination in place and making sure your stickers and labels get cut and rolled just the ... [Read More]

Putting the "Giant" in StickerGiant

Breweries, artists, bands, food, crossfits, churches, travel, word camps, startups, festivals, cannabis... name it and we make a sticker for it. At StickerGiant, we focus on making high-quality stickers that will fit the products and brands created by our customers. After another amazing ... [Read More]

Meet Custom Sticker Specialist Maureen!

It's no secret that we here at StickerGiant love our customers - you're the reason we exist! It's fun to create such uniquely awesome stickers while we get to know our customers and their brands. But do you know who we are? Meet StickerGiant's longest-term employee, Maureen. She's ... [Read More]

Take The Sticker Factory Tour

Have you ever been at a restaurant and had the chef come out to your table after the meal? Wasn't it fun to shake the hand that stirred the soup? Meet Your Sticker Chefs. How fun would it be if we took you on a tour our sticker factory? We believe in giving customers like you a ... [Read More]

Employee Spotlight: Tiffany Bernstein, Numbers Analyst

Hi Tiffany! Can you introduce yourself to our readers: I'm Tiffany and I've been working part-time here at StickerGiant for just over 2 years. Do you think you can see yourself staying in Boulder County for a while: I plan to be in Boulder County for another 13 years while my ... [Read More]

Team StickerGiant: Meet Wednesday

In keeping with our "Know your StickerGiant" theme, we present Wednesday, who does so many things around here, even we can't keep track. Any storage closet, junk drawer, or shelving system around our office that's been magically restored to order has Wednesday's organized touch to ... [Read More]