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Meet Tommy: Finishing Lead, Gamer and Heavy Metal Enthusiast


Get to know Tommy, another member of the StickerGiant Team.

Finishing Lead at StickerGiant

Tommy is the lead on all our finishing equipment, from getting the machines ready to run, the proper lamination in place and making sure your stickers and labels get cut and rolled just the way you want.

In his free time, it’s all about video games and heavy metal.

Hey Tommy!

My name is Tommy, and this is my sticker story.

I'm the laser lead operator, so I pretty much will organize rolls, see who get them first, tell about all the work, and then, if there's any issues I'm dealing with them.

Ever since I was a young kid, my dad's worked with computers, so I've been building computers from the ground up as long as I can remember.

What's Your Story?

I'm from New York, but I've lived here for around 23 years. I play a lot of video games, do a lot of skateboarding. Maybe some Frisbee golf here and there, computer work that's about it.

What's Your Favorite Part About StickerGiant?

I like working here because of the people, mainly because I get along with everyone, everyone's super cool to each other, most of time the machinery I like a lot, because I've never really worked with lasers before, and I think it's a really cool application we're using it for.

What Else?

My favorite types of music are death metal, brutal death metal, technical death metal, pretty much the broad spectrum of it all there's a few different subgenres that I'm not gonna get into.

More folks behind the stickers

At StickerGiant, employees like Tommy are encouraged to take part in the Open Book Finance project, and we've been running this program for seven years now. There is a special way that we play the Great Game of Business, and our team contributes to Open Book by sharing the numbers and working every week to better understand how to grow the business. Since Tommy runs the finishing machines, he's a important step in getting the stickers produced and out the door for our customers.

We view each role as vital pieces of our team, and it's always great to see the team delight customers. We hope you enjoy Tommy's sticker story and the many more on our blog. Check them out under the Employee Feature category.

Meet John Fischer, the original StickerGiant

[SG]-John-Sticker-Story-Blog-BadgeMeet John Fischer, the founder and owner of StickerGiant. John talks about his background, what he enjoys the most about the company and what he's interested in outside of the sticker shop.
John's been in the news a bunch over the years, and you can read some of the coverage on our press page. Our podcast team also sat down with John for an interview in our founder's story episode, where we talk about starting the company and the many changes over the year. It's a deeper dive into running a business, and it's worth the listen.

Meet John the StickerGiant

My name is John Fischer, and this is my sticker story.

Hey John! What do you do?

I'm the owner and founder StickerGiant. I started StickerGiant 17/18 years ago in my basement with my wife, and we just started selling political bumper stickers online and one day we realized: "we have an actual business."

What's Your Background?

I went to school for art, so I have a commercial art background and a commercial art degree, and I worked in printing companies selling printing to the advertising agency world and retouching. Way back in the day before the Internet. Then when the Internet happened, I got into Internet marketing really heavily and at an ad agency, and I help build some of the very first websites that did anything.

What's your favorite part about StickerGiant?

My favorite part of StickerGiant is the people and the team and how much fun they have getting everything done every day.

What makes StickerGiant different?

We have our own way of doing things. We're an Open Book Finance company. We're an EOS company, which is a certain kind of management that lets everybody know what they're supposed to be doing and what their job is every day. It helps all of us get along super good.

What else?
I have a couple hobbies. One of them is traveling and the other one is I train German police dogs.

Thanks for answering our questions, John!

Meet Tom: Account Manager, Broncos Fan and StickerGiant Barista


Get to know Tom, a long-time fixture here in the StickerGiant front office. His business is all about helping people find the right sticker for their story. When he's not delighting customers, he's cheering on his beloved Broncos. For real, when this guy gets a paper cut, he bleeds orange and blue. Oh yeah, he brews a mean pot of coffee, too.

Head to the newsstand, StickerGiant is in Forbes Magazine today


What a day! We're very excited here at StickerGiant. The May 16th issue of Forbes magazine for this year has hit newsstands, and we're featured as one of 25 Small Giants for 2017. This award recognizes companies that focus on greatness over growth, and it's quite an honor.

We are humbled to be on a list with such great companies, including our friends at SurveyGizmo and the Jack Stack led SRC Holdings, just to name just a few. Founder and CEO John Fischer has put plenty of time and energy into growing this business the right way. Along his founder journey, he implemented Open Book Management, and he involved employees in the numbers so they could help to run the business. With this approach and our focus on making quality stickers fast with a satisfaction guarantee, the company has seen tremendous growth over the years. For all the entrepreneurs out there, check out our Twelve Laws of Business that give the team a clear guideline for how to run the business.

At the core of who we are is that we love what we do. We print custom stickers and labels so businesses and people can share their passions and spread stories to the world. We appreciate everyone who has trusted us to print their designs, logos, product labels and more at StickerGiant. You are the reason for us being on this list and also why we have Saul The World's Largest Sticker Ball featured on the same page with John. It's quite a story that we're telling, and we are proud to be on this list in such an esteemed magazine like Forbes.

Head out to your local grocery story or newsstand to find a copy for yourself. We'll be hanging this one up on the wall here in Longmont.

Get to Know StickerGiant: Meet Ruth


We are back to introduce you to another key member of StickerGiant, Ruth. Here is a look into who she is and what she is all about.

What's your role at StickerGiant?

I am the Office Assistant. so I help out in a variety of areas around StickerGiant. I assist the Marketing Team in following each customer that orders from us on all social media channels, categorize each customer by industry, ship referral gifts, and manage the StickerGiant swag inventory. I also help out the Customer Service Team with all outbound sample packs each and every day. There are several other daily projects and things around the sticker factory that I love to lend a hand. I have worked at StickerGiant for a year and a half now. I enjoy every minute of it. What I love about working here at StickerGiant is the way we operate a business. I have learned so much about how to treat customers and how business is done. Everyday I learn something new and gain more experience.

What's your story?

I was born in Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico. My parents brought me to Colorado when I was eleven years old. I have one brother and two sisters. I went to school here in Colorado and graduated from Skyline High School. I have been married for three years now to my high school sweetheart. In my free time, I love reading, baking, playing soccer and spending time with my family.

What's your background and experience?

Before StickerGiant, I worked in another manufacturing company, where I was a team leader and gained most of my work ethic. I was in charge of testing the product, entering the result of the product into the company system, packaging and entering each of the team's hours in to the system while also checking their hours were correct. 

Ruth is great member of Team StickerGiant and does a great job juggling many tasks that all contribute to getting custom stickers and labels out the door fast with a fantastic customer experience. From handling all sample packs to the little touch points on social media, she sees all orders coming through the shop in a unique way.

Get to Know StickerGiant: Meet Lily


Day to day, we work hard to get you custom stickers and labels super fast. To do this, we work as a team to get all incoming orders through our shop and out the door quickly. Our goal as a company is to provide an outstanding customer experience. One of our Customer Service Ninjas who is always going above and beyond while getting recognized by customers as a joy to work with is Lily.

"Lily was amazing throughout the process, promptly responding to emails, and just generally expediting the process," stated Timbukthree 4WD & Auto Repair on a five star Google Review.

We love to introduce you to members of the StickerGiant Team and today, we want you to meet Lily and get to know her.

In your own words, who are you and what do you do?
"My name is Lily. I make people's day by helping them navigate the ordering process of getting custom stickers and labels."

Tell us a little bit about you.
"I am an artist. I love painting and sculpting. I am hoping to get some work cast in bronze later this year. Currently, I cast in resin and have focused on making toys and figurines of animals and other creatures. I'm a Colorado girl, born and raised. I love animals. I  have a dog named Frigg who was a rescue. I also have a tarantula and lizard. The lizard's name is Zilla. The tarantula is named Ariande and he has two friends who are cockroaches that he did not want to eat."

What else have you done in your career so far?
"I have worked in customer service and hospitality for six years before coming to StickerGiant. I had some amazing experiences being able to help with startups including, Kidrobot and the opening of a restaurant."

What's your favorite about your role at StickerGiant?
"I love seeing all the amazing, often comical things, people create stickers for. I also like getting to know customers over the course of the ordering process. It really makes me happy when I can help someone who is on a timeline, or stressed about something they need stickers or labels for and I can help make it happen. It makes the job a lot of fun."

Ordering stickers and labels can sometimes be a tough process but big thanks go out to Lily and our entire customer service team for making the order process a lot easier.