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Wednesday, Shipping Specialist

Meet Wednesday. She's our rockstar shipping specialist and the real backbone of our company. Because let's face it--we could make the most beautiful stickers in the world but if we can't get them to you in time, whats the point right? Wednesday is an amazing resource to the StickerGiant ... [Read More]

Employee Spotlight: Tiffany Bernstein, Numbers Analyst

Hi Tiffany! Can you introduce yourself to our readers: I'm Tiffany and I've been working part-time here at StickerGiant for just over 2 years. Do you think you can see yourself staying in Boulder County for a while: I plan to be in Boulder County for another 13 years while my ... [Read More]

The 5 Best Websites to Find Jobs in Colorado

Short of dawning a cape and entering a job interview with the skills of a superhero, finding a job today takes real strategy. Whether you recently graduated from college, are looking to make a career transition, or have found yourself unemployed for any reason, there comes a time when ... [Read More]