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Design Milk

Here's what the lovely folks at Design Milk have to say about StickerGiant: Design Milk stickers came from @StickerGiant -- they're so cute & fit perfectly over the apple on your Macbook ;) They're not trying to sell you anything, but they are pointing you towards things you might ... [Read More]

Colorado Ice Indoor Football

I just looked at the game schedule and you've got a little time to prepare for your Indoor Football League season – it starts in February, after the NFL hoopla has died down and hardcore football fans are jonesing for more pigskin. Pigskin! That's the magic of indoor football: you can ... [Read More]

Jen Kober - Skinny Bitch

I was confused about this one. I thought for sure this was a bumper sticker for some hip new diet. Turns out it's for Jen Kober, a stand-up comic. Originally from Lake Charles, LA - Jen Kober has bounded onto the national stage bringing crowds to their feet with her original blend of ... [Read More]

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

There's kind of a big-deal sticker, because you might know that Harry Potter was kind of a big deal. So don't expect the Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter to be some rinky-dink attraction: as you can see, they're building Hogwarts for real. Me, I never got into the books; ... [Read More]
Custom Oval Kiss Cut Stickers for the NoRMAL School - printed at StickerGiant

The Normal School

Imagine -- you pour your heart and soul into an essay about the modern cultural significance of bodily-process infographics in advertising, only it's not just an essay, it's kind of a free-form meditation on the interplay between the human body and commercialized medicine, with catchy ... [Read More]

BEST - A Creative Utility Company

The creative team at BEST came to us with a special sticker project. They needed some kiss cut stickers that made their contest for the BEST company website stand out. The BEST team has world class experience, MTV, Starz, MLB and Comedy Central.... just to name a few of their ... [Read More]