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Gumby and Pokey in the Field of Dreams

Gumby and Pokey, Wherefore Art Thou?

Was there ever a more flexible fellow than Gumby? Born the eternally adaptable brainchild of California filmmaker Art Clokey, the Gumby series originally ran on the NBC network, with the first episodes appearing on the Howdy Doody Show in the mid 1950s. Our little green friend isn't ... [Read More]

Hot Springs Music Festival

Next time you find yourself in the Ouachita Mountains (that's in Arkansas, people), hang a left at the top of the hill and head on down to the Hot Springs Music Festival. If you hit Lake Hamilton, you'll have something pretty to look at, but you've gone too far. The Festival, now in its ... [Read More]


Bought Lady Gaga tickets for your girlfriend but you guys broke up and the heck if you're going to see that show by yourself? And does she think she is, asking you to wear a nice shirt and not tell dirty jokes at her parents' anniversary dinner? Sheesh, some nerve. Sell those tickets on ... [Read More]

The Jettison Commitment

The Jettison Commitment are a hardcore metal band out of London, Ontario. These guys take us back to the days of listening to Ozzy Osbourne outside our best friend's older brother's bedroom door, praying for the day we'd be cool enough to enter the inner sanctum. Reader, we never made ... [Read More]

The Vinyl Plane

The Vinyl Plane are a bunch of indie rockers from Uniondale, New York with a psychadelic/Southern rock sound. The lads have 2 albums and an EP just out. I'm digging their groove and their Twitter feed is hilarious, especially the alternate definitions for T.V.P. ("Turbulent Vision ... [Read More]

Grand Circle Expedition

Take a trip into the past with Pangaea Expeditions. Okay it's a trip into a desert. It's – oh I'll let them explain: The high desert plateau of the four corners region is a land of contrasts. A region that seems inhospitable is teeming with life and rife with history. The martian ... [Read More]