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Denver Tattoo Masquerade 2016


Centrally located in the heart of downtown Denver, Tattoo Masquerade will unite thousands of tattoo artists, painters, vendors, performers, and art lovers from all across the nation. There will be 40,000 square feet of ballroom and meeting room space at the Colorado Convention Center for this year's Tattoo Masquerade. Over this three-day event, more than 140 tattoo, vending, and live art booths, in addition to entertaining performances, and music will be on the schedule. They did a sticker sheet and a full event logo sticker on a black background with some sweet illustrations for smaller tear offs.

What's super cool is that Denver is ranked 5th out of the 15 Top Tattooed Cities in the US by Inked Magazine, which means that Tattoo Masquerade will be a premier multi-art expo, unlike anything before seen in the heart of Colorado. The expected attendance is in the 8,000–10,000 range, which is a lot of folks talking about a lot of ink.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for more.

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WordCamp Weekend: Porto, Maine and St. Louis


It's a triple play WordCamp weekend for the Sponsorship Desk, with a first-ever European city, along with two American faves.

To get started, let's take the long hop across the pond to the shores of the Duoro River in Portugal before coming back to the Atlantic seaboard in Maine and the banks of the Mississippi in St. Louis. Of course, all of these events have primo sponsored stickers rocking custom WordPress designs.

Huge shoutout to all of the organizers of these three events, plus high fives to every in attendance. It's always inspiring when a community gets together to learn and to grow.


WordCamp Porto

Kicking off this weekend, we're at WordCamp Porto in Portugal's second-biggest city and an all-around gorgeous seaside town. So, so, so very stoked to be sponsoring our first WordCamp on the Iberian Peninsula! Wow, StickerGiant in the land of exploration and the home of Port, the delicious dessert wine.

What's super rad about this WordCamp location is that the city of Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so there's plenty of culture and history to soak in along with the sessions on technology and opportunities for networking.

As is often the case, this WordCamp features a sticker sheet with WordPress logos and some local flavor. The colors on this one are a soft mix of a red hue along with a blue contrast, make for perfect tear-offs for any application and WordCamp promotion.

If you understand Portuguese, follow the #wcporto and #wcporto16 hashtags live on Twitter.


WordCamp Maine

Returning stateside, we begin in Portland WordCamp Maine, which is stocked with a slate of speakers and sessions for all types of WordPress users. And what a sticker sheet! Lobster Wapuu, yellow rain slicker Wapuu, and some old skool boat bouys in a subdued yellow-red-and blue color palette.


WordCamp St. Louis

Final stop: The Gateway to the West and WordCamp St. Louis.  This sweet city styled sticker sheet is adorned with the urban the skyline and iconic Gateway Arch, and WordCampers get a full dose of content, plugins and networking over two packed days of WordPress.

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Orlando Startup Weekend Education (SWEDU) 2016


Orlando Startup Weekend Education (SWEDU) 2016 brings together people of all skills and experience levels to launch tools, build schools and create learning spaces that redesign the future of education and the concept of school.

This is The City Beautiful's sixth Startup Weekend Education, proving that Orlando has always been on the forefront of innovating and changing education. Participants will pitch ideas and try to take it to the next level with support from amazing mentors. Their custom stickers for the event are really awesome, featuring the Lake Eola fountain in Orlando with the event name wrapped around the image. It's a simple design yet really portrays the feel of Orlando and makes a great sticker to slap on laptops.

Thanks to the Valencia College Collaborative Design Center for serving as host sponsor, and 4.0 Schools in the USA. 4.0 Schools is a non-profit incubator for education startups and schools. 4.0 is a community of educators, entrepreneurs and families that believe education can be dramatically better for every learner. In addition to Startup Weekend Education, 4.0 Schools supports entrepreneurs through its Essentials and Community Catalyst programs.

The action is happening on the @orlandostartup handle on Twitter.

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Here's a video about Startup Week Education.

Sponsorship Desk: Create Upstate


Create Upstate is a design conference unlike any other, bringing together Upstate NY and beyond in a celebration of design that features a stacked schedule of speakers and info-fueled workshops. Their sticker design features the Empire State inside a circle and is printed on our premium white stock. It gives the colors a great pop, and it will be be perfect for attendees to slap laptops and notebooks.

Sky Armory in Armory Square will play host for sessions, and Syracuse Media Group will be the workshop venue. Topics include lettering, starting your dream design shop, calligraphy, how to make accessible websites, ad designing for the long run. There's also a marketplace, with a mix of local and national goods that will serve up new gear for the studio.

We're proud to be part of a group of awesome sponsors, including the folks at AIGA Upstate NY that serve as the welcoming committee for workshop attendees and Coffee With Creatives. Between the full days and the parties and after party, there will be no shortage of inspiration and networking. One highlight will be the Student Design Challenge Showcase that takes place on Friday, with a winner being announced later in the day.
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Crop 2016: A Graphic Design Conference


Sponsored stickers will be visiting Crop 2016 down in Baton Rogue (Geaux Tigers!). Creatives will be gathering near the banks of the Mississippi in downtown at the Manship Theater at the Shaw Center for the Arts and at Creative Bloc for two days of workshops and speakers.

Crop is a first-time event coming to southern Louisiana, and the organizers are working hard to build an atmosphere where people who live and work creatively can meet, greet, learn, inspire and be inspired. If you are in the region, tickets are available, so go create community with them. They promise full days of stories, inspiration and tall tales from top creatives. And of course, no creative event is complete without an awesome wrap party (big ups to Roux House for hosting!).

We love their custom sticker design with the special type font that we "cropped" out as a custom shaped sticker that will look great on laptops and tablets of attendees.

Inspiration in design is all it takes to ignite a creative person on a new path. With this collective at Crop 2016, we know great things will happen and we look forward to future stickers from this meeting of the minds.

Sponsorship Update: Ancient City Ruby 2016


Ancient City Ruby 2016, a tech event based around the programming language Ruby on Rails starts today, with special, hands-on workshops on Wednesday, and then sessions that run all day on Thursday and Friday. The host venue is Casa Monica Hotel in the heart of historic St. Augustine, the Oldest City in the United States.

When attendees get their fill of coding and tech, they can stroll down St. George Street and head to the harbor and the Castillo San Marcos, a 343-yeard-old fort and National Park Service site, or cross the Bridge of Lions to St. Augustine Beach to tour the iconic, 150-yeard-old St. Augustine Lighthouse. Ancient City Ruby is a Hashrocket Event.

You can hop on the #ACR16 hashtag and follow the event on Twitter @ancientcityruby

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