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White Girl Salsa Makes for A Sassy Custom Sticker


We recently met artisanal salsa company White Girl Salsa (Editor's Note: White Girl Salsa is now known as Winking Girl Salsa) at a local TEDx Boulder event and we were stoked when they called us up to order these custom die cut stickers. Already flavor fans of this trendy salsa brand, we were excited to see how well these uniquely contoured stickers, featuring their awesome retro salsa gal, turned out.

White Girl Salsa has been distributing its cheeky recipe bursting with bold taste since 2009. And with a name like White Girl Salsa, this product aims to turn some heads. The inspiration behind the name comes from founder Julie Nirvelli, who uncovered the creative tongue and cheek reference after impressing Latino friends with her sassy version of  tomatillo salsa. The story goes that after licking their fingers clean, Julies' harshest critics lovingly called her recipe ‘White Girl Salsa’ and the name became permanent. With a whole range of flavors to fit any palate, what's not to love?


White Girl Salsa currently offers 5 varieties of our fresh-tasting, vegan, gluten-free, tomatillo-based salsa:

  • Mild Tomatillo

  • Medium Tomatillo

  • Hot Tomatillo

  • Smokey Chipotle

  • Cranberry Mango

Perhaps one of the best things about this company is that Head Honcho Julie Nirvelli, is a female entrepreneur whose unique business sense set her apart in the market place from the start. After spending time in her youth around high achieving businesses ventures, Julie had no doubt that she would one day start a company of her own.

White Girl Salsa took a big leap into the local food market just two and half years ago and has since expanded into RealSimple.com, won Naturally Boulder’s coveted Pitch Slam contest, was featured on Cooking with Paula Deen in “Paula’s Kitchen Helpers.” made a spot on KMGH Channel 7 with Gabby Gourmet, made WGS in the Denver Business Journal, was touted in Denver Food Examiner as one of the “few excellent salsas,” made 5280 Magazine’s e-newsletter, Table Talk.

Julie’s business savvy is experienced through her dedication to providing a customer experience with an emphasis on the wow factor--from branding, to purchasing, to taste.


 “Head Honcho” Julie Nirvelli



A HopsHelp Flood Interview with Zometool


StickerGiant had the pleasure of connecting with Carlos Neumann of Zometool this week to discuss the extent of the flood damage they experienced and to learn about ways to help:

1. Where is your company located?

1040 Boston Ave in Longmont
2. What does your company do?

We manufacture and sell Zometool; a cool building toy for kids —and Nobel Prize winners.

Zometool is used in homes and schools (K-PhD) all over the world; over half of our sales go overseas to markets like Germany, South Korea, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Zometool is manufactured in Longmont using wind-powered electricity and is guaranteed for life (we replace broken parts for free for life).
3. What specifically affected your company during the flood? Property damage? Inventory loss? Personnel?

- Fortunately, all of our personnel is OK.

- Property damage:
We had to replace our power transformer, tear out all the drywall (cleanup service was $14k!), our forklift was damaged as was our backup production system (some of the molds with which we produce parts) and we are still in the process of re-habilitating our main production system (injection-molding machines) which were partially submerged.

- Inventory Damage:
We lost a lot of printed material and paperboard packaging.
Our core product is plastic, but a lot of it was soiled by dirty water. We have hundreds of thousands of parts which will have to be cleaned before we can ship them out.
We lost quite a bit of labor in the form of "ready to ship" inventory which got dirty. The kits now have to be disassembled and washed, after which we will have to re-count, re-bag and reassemble.
4. How can the local community help you to rebuild? What needs to be fixed? What would you need to resume business as usual?

- We could use help counting and bagging parts, this is repetitive but not difficult work which requires sustained attention for long periods. We have 2 counting scales available for this.
- Cash is a huge concern, as I imagine it must be for others affected; buying a kit from our website (Xmas gift?) would be a HUGE help; our product is most popular with kids 6-12 as well as with adults 31+ (appeals to both genders whether kid or adult).

Don't forget to check out our event to benefit local businesses effected by the flood here: https://hopshelp.eventbrite.com/


Kris Lager Band Belts Out the Blues

Kris Lager Band

The Kris Lager Band has spent a decade on the road, bringing their righteous rocking blues and soul to fans across our great land. They're screaming down the highway right now, supporting their fifth album, Swagadocious.

Kris Lager Band, the Thrift Store Junkies from the heartland, play soul music and Boogie Trance. With their hot new album ‘Swagadocious’ these self-proclaimed ‘Rock Revivalists’ are quickly spreading their celebrate life mantra to the masses, and blazing a trail that many more are sure to tread and follow.

Upcoming dates include venues in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Colorado. If you can't catch them on tour, you can stay up on the band's journey with the KLB Funk Train Vlog on YouTube.

Here's a sweet New Year's Eve Funk Train episode that winds up at The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln Nebraska with a Beastie Boys Tribute featuring Sophistafunk.

StickerGiant is honored to print KLB's stickers ... Rock On!

Dreams Overcome Hurdles

The Only Thing

Does anything great happen without a dream?

When a thought first enters your head, it floats around a bit. The wind might blow it through one ear and out the other, or it might settle down for a stay. Over time, that thought might sprout, embed itself and grow roots. It might be a while before the thought manifests into a dream.

The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible. - Joel Brown

The deeper those roots, the more steadfast you become in your resolve that the thought blossoms and the dream becomes a reality. It's not always easy to fully believe it before it actually happens, but you must make the effort and visualize both success and life on the other side of the finish line.

Or as Yoda says ...


Leavenworth Mountain Retro Print

Leavenworth Mountain Assoc

While the Cascades boasts the highest peaks, Washington State is home to a spectacular array of mountain ranges. The Leavenworth Mountain Association celebrates the Wenatchee Range, in south-central Washington's Chelan County.

Leavenworth Mountain Association’s mission is to foster safe, healthy, and environmentally conscious mountain recreation through the establishment of high quality educational programs and the development of community resources for youth and adults in the Greater Wenatchee Valley.

This gorgeous circular sticker uses flat colors to great effect. The sticker appears to be a traditional linoleum block or wood cut print at first glance, when in fact, it's digitally printed. Super cool. Super retro ... kinda like the town of Leavenworth, which was was modeled after a Bavarian village back in the 1960s.

And now, for some trivia ...

Wenatchee Valley is host to acres upon acres of apple orchards and has earned the moniker "Apple Capital of the World."

Q: What is the most popular apple grown in Washington State?

  1. Gala

  2. Granny Smith

  3. Red Delicious

  4. Fuji

  5. Golden Delicious







A: According to the Washington State University, the Red Delicious remains the most popular apple grown in Washington State, holding a 30% market share (as of 2010).

 [Editor's Note: The Leavenworth Mountain Association blog has been removed from Blogger, but we've preserved their sticker story because we sure love them apples...and those mountains.]