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The Muthah Truckah

It's all about The Muthah Truckah. This sandwich food truck is pounding the pavement in Portland, the east coast city in Maine, and offering up great food and a lasting experience that you can share with a sticker. The Muthah Truckah maintains a weekly schedule from various lunch spots ... [Read More]
Grilled Cheese Sides

It's Grilled Cheese Mania

Cheese is simple comfort food. Everyone loves a good grilled cheese sandwich. (Unless, you have a lactose intolerance, in which case, we are sorry). Grilled Cheese Mania is providing everything we love about grilled cheese in many different forms out of their food truck. Grilled Cheese ... [Read More]

The I Love Bacon Truck Brings Out Our Inner Child

Calling themselves a “roaming bacon emporium” is, quite possibly, the best slogan for a business. Ever. Nothin’ says lovin’ like bacon, and the I Love Bacon Truck is heating up the mean streets of Alabama with an eclectic mix of cuisines including Mexican, German, Southern-style offerings ... [Read More]

The Food Truck Bazaar Stickers

Traveling to Florida this summer? If you’re a foodie (and aren’t we all?), then you should make it a point to visit The Food Truck Bazaar-- the nation’s original traveling food truck event. The bazaar visits approximately twelve different cities each month, so it’s likely that you will ... [Read More]