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The Muthah Truckah


It's all about The Muthah Truckah. This sandwich food truck is pounding the pavement in Portland, the east coast city in Maine, and offering up great food and a lasting experience that you can share with a sticker.

The Muthah Truckah maintains a weekly schedule from various lunch spots to local breweries around town. They are focused on darn good sandwiches that are uniquely grilled with all the extras to satisfy the hunger bug.

With their unique color scheme and fun logo, The Mutha Truckah makes one darn good custom logo sticker. They use these stickers to spread the word about their mobile eatery.

Whether your business is mobile, or not, stickers are the "muthah stickah" of brand awareness in a portable billboard.

It's Grilled Cheese Mania

Grilled Cheese Mania

Cheese is simple comfort food. Everyone loves a good grilled cheese sandwich. (Unless, you have a lactose intolerance, in which case, we are sorry). Grilled Cheese Mania is providing everything we love about grilled cheese in many different forms out of their food truck.

Grilled Cheese Mania is based out of Harrisonburg, Virginia, where they are busy grilling up cheesy goodness. About now you are probably wondering, "What is that delicious looking creation pictured above?" Well, it is called a "Sweet Mucci" and it is cheddar cheese and bacon grilled on a glazed donut. The "Mania" In Grilled Cheese Mania has now been explained.

They of course serve classic grilled cheese sandwiches, in addition to their other fun grilled creations. They also offer sides such as soup, chips and a variety of drinks. In keeping their brand on the go, they use product labels to slap on soup dishes, drink cups and other delicious wonders flying off the grill.

Keep it simple but make it last with custom labels for your business.

Here are a few pictures they sent are way showing their Grilled Cheese Mania custom labels in action.

Grilled Cheese Sides Grilled Cheese Sticker Phone Everybody Grilled Cheese

The I Love Bacon Truck Brings Out Our Inner Child

I Love Bacon Truck StickerGiant

Calling themselves a “roaming bacon emporium” is, quite possibly, the best slogan for a business. Ever. Nothin’ says lovin’ like bacon, and the I Love Bacon Truck is heating up the mean streets of Alabama with an eclectic mix of cuisines including Mexican, German, Southern-style offerings and the traditional burgers and hot dogs.

Show the world your inherent love of bacon with this I Love Bacon Truck sticker, a retro design that reminds you of summer day BLT’s and a lazy breakfast at your grandma’s kitchen table. An added marketing touch we always appreciate is their clearly represented web address, a sticker bonus that helps direct bacon fans to the company's online presence.

Be sure to check their Facebook page often for updates and when they’re going to be in your area. They also keep an awesome, mouth-watering Instagram feed, too, for those times when you want bacon so bad you can literally taste it with you eye balls.

We just LOVE the cult following that has come to accompany any food truck vendor. See other great ways food truck-friendly events are using stickers to build a following via The Food Truck Bazaar.


The Food Truck Bazaar Stickers

the food truck bazaar stickergiant

Traveling to Florida this summer? If you’re a foodie (and aren’t we all?), then you should make it a point to visit The Food Truck Bazaar-- the nation’s original traveling food truck event. The bazaar visits approximately twelve different cities each month, so it’s likely that you will stumble upon one of these events during your travels.

Each event features 10-15 different trucks with a sampling of everything from ethnic food to barbecue. Owner Mark Baratelli selects each truck personally, tasting the menu and gathering the best trucks in the area in order to create the best possible experience for the tourists.

The custom stickers feature a curved ribbon highlighting a playful font that looks like it would belong at a state fair—or perhaps at a Food Truck Bazaar. The simple red color pulls together the sticker to evoke images of fun, merriment, and a good-eating time.


Are you a food vendor looking for better ways to stand out from the crowed? Check out more information about food labeling and How to build a foodie fan base.