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The Magic's in Shine Potions

Shine Potions

Eat. Drink. Shine. It's more than a restaurant, it's a place for healing potions, live music, dance, yoga and celebrations. Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place is a place for people from all over to stop and have an experience to remember and within these walls has also come some magical Shine Potions.

Shine was founded by triplets Jill, Jessica and Jennifer Emich, also nicknamed "The Blissful Sisters." Their restaurant is located in the heart of Boulder, Colorado off the Pearl Street Mall. From a focus on healthy food to the Shine Brewing Co., they have also created a line of Shine Potions. What is a Shine Potion?

"Shine Potions are enchanted beverages to remind you of the magic within. Through a harmony of supportive herbs, vibrational essences, sound frequencies and more, we tune each potion to a specific intention, one that is ultimately fulfilled by our most important ingredient: You. It’s a reflection of the power that you already contain. In other words: The Magic’s In You."

The Shine Potions have different ingredients and health benefits for each type. Pick one for clarity, energy, or even laughter. Their logo is of a potion bottle with hearts coming out the top with a very elegant font and appearance. It really stands out well as a custom logo sticker.

Finish off the final touches of your creations with a custom sticker.

All Day Breakfast at McDonald's

McDonald's All Day Breakfast

Wake up it's two o'clock in the afternoon and you need breakfast. McDonald's is rolling out their always popular breakfast all day.

McDonald's actually started testing their all day breakfast back in March. Starting on October 6th, this will spread nationwide and people will rejoice in the streets with McMuffins and other "Mc" food and beverages items throughout the day.

Our friends at Villing & Company had these awesome clear stickers printed for McDonald's franchises that show off the array of tasty breakfast items that will now remain available through the day. These four-color clear stickers will make a great addition to drive thru windows and entrances to promote the new offering from the golden arches.

The popularity of their breakfast and cut off times for it has even made it's way into movies, such as the somewhat classic, Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. Now, McDonald's can avoid outrage, like this scene (Rated PG-13 for one expletive dropped):

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Wait Less with Tapingo


Wait less, Live more. Simple words that we all try to live by. Tapingo is a startup company that has utilized modern technology and created an app for mobile ordering.

Tapingo has designed an interface for merchants to work with them and get listed on their service. Once users login to the app they can see what businesses offer pickup or delivery in their area. Tapingo's main market is college campuses and they are starting to spread out even further. This gives college students the ability to order food during a very busy time of their life where waiting is not an option.

Tapingo is covering ground with outbound promotions and campus visits. This includes an assortment of our kiss cut stickers with their logo and sayings such as, "Welcome to the Good Life" and a social call to action #Tapingo. They are building their fan base and creating a buzz.

Stickers are a great benefit to launch marketing campaigns, so make sure you don't hit the road without them.

Share Little Secrets

Little Secrets

To share or not to share? That is the question. With Little Secrets the choice is yours depending on the recommended sizes of bags containing these delicious candy chocolates.

Little Secrets has put a new type of candy on the market. Forget the run of the mill convenience store candy rack, because you won't see it there. Little Secrets is making candy coated chocolate by putting the words "delicious" and "natural" together. That means no artificial ingredients, flavors or colors.

We were going to guess the secret to natural, candy coated chocolate was not having them as cartoon characters talking... but there is more to it. They source the best ingredients by acquiring fair trade chocolate, which basically means the farmers follow good practices that they acquire the cocoa from.

Little Secrets is promoting their delicious color coated chocolate candies with some matching custom full color stickers.

Share your little secrets with the world through colorful custom stickers.

What?! An I Love Bacon Truck

I Love Bacon Truck

Bacon, the other American past time. Bacon lovers everywhere rejoice, the I Love Bacon Truck is a real thing! Traveling around and providing delicious bacon entrees to all.

This food truck has the aroma of sizzling bacon following it and is based in Huntsville, Alabama. "Awww..." I know, I know but it will be okay. Bacon is everywhere.

The I Love Bacon Truck has a varying schedule traveling from breweries to events. It is also available to booked for special events, if there is enough notice. It's easy to sign up on their site to keep track of the mobile bacon goodness.

The I Love Bacon Truck also has an awesome full color sticker showing off their brand and truck with a simple call to action to their website.

Colorful, catchy with a call to action are all great tips to follow in designing your business stickers.

Pies 'N' Thighs

Pies N Thighs Blog

There's nothing like stumbling into a small kitchen with six stools where the smell of lovingly homemade food wafts through the air. It's like stepping back in time to your grandma's kitchen.

For foodies channeling that nostalgia and fresh-baked atmosphere, Pies ‘N’ Thighs in Brooklyn, New York, serves up comfort food and charming memories.

Pie ‘N’ Thighs started by taking over a beer storage closet in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. They put their passion into their food with high quality meats and healthy portions of sweets.

Start (or finish, it's your call) with huge pieces of delicious, fresh made pies and giant donuts. Then, dive into some of their scrumptious American dishes, which range from Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Chicken N’ Waffles to Biscuits & Gravy. They only serve Certified Humane Raised and Handled® chicken, pork, and beef (yes, certified humane is a thing).

Pies ‘N’ Thighs has two locations in Williamsburg and the Lower East Side, and they are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For those on the go, Pies 'N' Thighs is packing up pies for the road with custom printed pie labels.