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CogniTea Rocks Gorilla Marketing

Cogni Tea StickerGiant

CogniTea has productivity covered. Offering a healthier solution to the inevitable afternoon slump, this startup tea company is driving sustainable business growth through their Indiegogo project.

In fact, they sent us one of their prototypes just last week to try them for ourselves. There's nothing we love more than proving a products viability while running a successful grassroots campaign, and the label stickers they've been using to drive traffic to their funding platform is truly ingenious.

Just say no to putting your startup in debt to fund your idea!

An expertly executed crowdfunding campaign = sustainable startups. It doesn't hurt of course that the product speaks for itself. Once you experience an energy boost that circumvents the inevitable crash, you'll never want to go back. Can the big energy drink producers compete with that? Of course not!

But develop a network of product evangelists through an well-thought out crowdfunding campaign, and you have a business foundation of support worth it's weight in gold.

Be sure to keep your eye on the founders of CogniTea. This Team is doing business for all the right reasons and their sticker-driven gorilla marketing is worth implementing for your own crowdfunded venture.

Why Sticker Sheets Make for Ideal Event Swag


When organizing a successful annual event, leaving attendees and sponsors with a lasting impression is of the utmost importance. Event organizers from Wordcamp Chicago have found that stuffing event goodie bags are a great way to send a little extra love to their fans and supporters, which is why many event planners (and sponsors) print custom sticker sheets to inspire attendees. Value added merch like custom event stickers are a lasting promotional product for the following five reasons.


  1. Brand identity

If you're like many event organizers, you took great care in promoting your event by uniquely branding the experience from print materials to online presence. An event logo identity creates the perfect theme from which to generate brand recognition.

We recently had the pleasure of working with designers BirdDog Press who helped develop a logo for Lyons Homecoming, an event fundraiser that in part raised almost $35,000.00 for flood victims. The event organizers could not think of a better way to solidify their image to attendees than by printing custom sticker sheets. Tailor your event stickers to align with the design, color and vibe of your event – including co-branding them with sponsors – to give your sticker swag an element of personality.

  1. Sponsorship customization

Want to nurture the sponsors behind the success of your event so that they come back next year? Give them a lasting promotional shout out by printing a custom sticker. Customer and tech publication Xconomy did just that last month when we printed stickers for an annual sponsor appreciation dinner.

Custom sticker sheets allow you the ease of displaying multiple logo designs on a single sheet, making it a no brainer for you to enhance positive business collaboration with a sponsor for many events to come. Be innovative with the design and think of unique ways to showcase your strategic partnerships in a way that will provide mutual benefit.

  1. Attendee personalization

If you really want your event sticker sheets to make an impression, identify your market segments (moms, runners, music lovers, tech geeks, etc) and personalize a sticker design and branding that will speak to their passions. This added flourish gives your event personality and encourages a sense of fan identity within your group of event attendees.

  1. Trendy sticker design 

Printing sticker sheets are a trendy way to show your branding savvy. The die-cut sticker design requires no set-up fees and the ease with which you can cut unique shapes and sizes makes it easy to give your fans a one-of-a-kind sticker product experience. Even if you are merely looking for a simple design, other custom sticker and label products are available that are sure to fit your needs.

  1. Affordable product

Perhaps the best part about printing a custom sticker product to compliment your event promotion is how easy it can be to factor them into your event budget. Sticker sheets are a great way to show your event attendees a little extra appreciation without breaking the bank. The lasting return on investment you will see from sponsors and fans alike is well worth the spend.

HopsHelp: Woodley's Fine Furniture


Who was affected: Woodley's Fine Furniture

What do they do?: Furniture Manufacturing

Where are they located?: Longmont, CO

Flood damage?: An extensive amount of lumber used to manufacture furniture was damaged by the flood.

Why should I help?: Woodley's contributes to the local economy by providing much needed jobs and commerce



A HopsHelp Flood Update: Smokin' Dave's BBQ and Taphouse


Who was affected: Smokin' Dave's BBQ and Taphouse

What do they do?: Barbeque Restaurant and Taphouse

Where are they located?: Lyons, CO

Flood damage?: Though the flood never touched their building, city of Lyons flood infrastructure problems has left them without power, clean water, sewer, or patrons to frequent the restaurant. Keep updated to find ways to help they remain afloat despite the after affects.

Why should I help?: Smokin' contributes to the Lyons economy by providing much needed jobs and commerce not to mention an awesome hangout in a beautiful area.


A HopsHelp Flood Update with St Vrain Market

DSC_0100 (2)_full

[Editor's Note: The website for St. Vrain Market is down, but we've preserved their sticker story for posterity.]

Who was affected: St. Vrain Market

What do they do? Food Market, Deli, and Bakery

Where are they located? Lyons, CO

Flood damage? The market's distributors have been looking for suppliers willing to provide inventory donations and the market is looking at ways to bake and make sandwiches off-site until the water and sewer are back.

Why should I help? St. Vrain Market contributes to the Lyons economy by providing much-needed jobs and commerce not to mention food supplies for the small town.



A HopsHelp Flood Interview with Zometool


StickerGiant had the pleasure of connecting with Carlos Neumann of Zometool this week to discuss the extent of the flood damage they experienced and to learn about ways to help:

1. Where is your company located?

1040 Boston Ave in Longmont
2. What does your company do?

We manufacture and sell Zometool; a cool building toy for kids —and Nobel Prize winners.

Zometool is used in homes and schools (K-PhD) all over the world; over half of our sales go overseas to markets like Germany, South Korea, India, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Zometool is manufactured in Longmont using wind-powered electricity and is guaranteed for life (we replace broken parts for free for life).
3. What specifically affected your company during the flood? Property damage? Inventory loss? Personnel?

- Fortunately, all of our personnel is OK.

- Property damage:
We had to replace our power transformer, tear out all the drywall (cleanup service was $14k!), our forklift was damaged as was our backup production system (some of the molds with which we produce parts) and we are still in the process of re-habilitating our main production system (injection-molding machines) which were partially submerged.

- Inventory Damage:
We lost a lot of printed material and paperboard packaging.
Our core product is plastic, but a lot of it was soiled by dirty water. We have hundreds of thousands of parts which will have to be cleaned before we can ship them out.
We lost quite a bit of labor in the form of "ready to ship" inventory which got dirty. The kits now have to be disassembled and washed, after which we will have to re-count, re-bag and reassemble.
4. How can the local community help you to rebuild? What needs to be fixed? What would you need to resume business as usual?

- We could use help counting and bagging parts, this is repetitive but not difficult work which requires sustained attention for long periods. We have 2 counting scales available for this.
- Cash is a huge concern, as I imagine it must be for others affected; buying a kit from our website (Xmas gift?) would be a HUGE help; our product is most popular with kids 6-12 as well as with adults 31+ (appeals to both genders whether kid or adult).

Don't forget to check out our event to benefit local businesses effected by the flood here: