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5 Labeling Tricks to Drive Valentine Sales

When it comes to leveraging the day of love to drive business sales, there are a few obvious markets that reap the rewards. Chocolatiers, flower shops and food vendors can easily entice buyers during this holiday because their products make for the perfect show of love. However, with the ... [Read More]

White Girl Salsa Makes for A Sassy Custom Sticker

We recently met artisanal salsa company White Girl Salsa (Editor's Note: White Girl Salsa is now known as Winking Girl Salsa) at a local TEDx Boulder event and we were stoked when they called us up to order these custom die cut stickers. Already flavor fans of this trendy salsa brand, we ... [Read More]
Whiskey Ice Company round sticker

Great Balls of Ice!

Do you love whiskey? Goodness gracious, is it your favorite libation of all time? If you're a true aficionado of fine whiskey, you know that great glass can be ruined with a shovel full of the wrong ice. Let us bear witness to the Whiskey Ice Company's revolutionary product: The ... [Read More]

A HopsHelp Flood Interview with Zometool

StickerGiant had the pleasure of connecting with Carlos Neumann of Zometool this week to discuss the extent of the flood damage they experienced and to learn about ways to help: 1. Where is your company located? 1040 Boston Ave in Longmont 2. What does your company do? We ... [Read More]
Octo Lights custom die-cut sticker

Octo Lights Opens Up a Whole New World

Fluorescent light fixtures have a well-deserved reputation for being anything but beautiful. While they're fast and easy to install in a suspended ceiling, a grid of fluorescent fixtures = hum drum conformity. What if you could turn those boring fixtures into windows on a whole new ... [Read More]
Glow Fish Studio Sticker

Find Your Light at Glow Fish Studios

Glow Fish Studios of Wyandotte, Michigan is a glowing beacon of Midwestern creative goodness. With a wide range of classes to spark your inner light - including drawing, painting, glass beads, stamped metal, wirework, resin, seed beads, precious metal clay (PMC), jewlery design and metal ... [Read More]