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BattleFlagDesign's B52 Tribute Sticker

Battle Flag Design's B52 Tribute Sticker

BattleFlagDesign's B-52 tribute sticker is a fitting salute to one of America's greatest military aircraft and StickerGiant is honored to print their work. If you've been looking for a custom design for your outfit, look no further.

BattleFlagDesign specializes in unit and organizational imagery for the United States Military. Proven in graphics production for the USAF B-52 community, my services are available to those needing to take their image to the next level. From patches, t-shirts, coins, new emblem or organization design, to monument production.

The B-52 first took flight way back in 1952 and dozens still remain on active duty.

Ready for a little Tuesday Trivia?

This one's not about the rock band or the cocktail ...

Q: What is the maximum speed of a B-52?

  • 500 MPH

  • 550 MPH

  • 600 MPH

  • 650 MPH

  • 700 MPH








A. The B-52 has a maximum speed of 650 MPH, with a cruising speed of 525 MPH and a combat range of 4,480 miles. Its service ceiling is 50,000 feet.

Want to learn more about the B-52 Stratofortress? Kick back with this cool documentary ...

Clear Stickers Recreate That Classic Water Decal Look

Hall's Speed Shop custom clear sticker

Here's one that knocked our socks off ... a custom diecut job on clear stock that we recently printed for Hall's Speed Shop of Wichita, Kansas. This sweet little sticker looks like it was lifted right off a classic hot rod from the 1950s.

The combination of white, red and black ink on clear backing delivers an authentic retro look of a water decal with none of the hassle.

Slapping a sticker on your 32 Ford hiboy's windshield wasn't a peel and stick affair back in the day. You had to carefully soak the decal paper in water and slide the image off onto the glass. Many decals were torn and pompadours pulled out in the process.

Flash forward to 2013. While you can still get custom water decals printed today, they can still be a hassle to apply. That's why most folks opt for the ease of the peel-offs.

Ready for a little Tuesday Trivia?

Q. Which actor did NOT appear in the George Lucas classic, American Grafitti?

  • Ron Howard

  • Henry Winkler

  • Richard Dryfus

  • Harrison Ford

  • Mackenzie Phillips








A: Henry Winkler, best known as Arthur Fonzarelli (a.k.a: The Fonz), was not a member of the cast of the 1973 classic.


#payphoneography Sticks Around

#payphoneography sticker

Once upon a time, pay phones controlled the means of communication for folks on the go, and it wasn't all that long ago ...

Many folks in the world today can't remember a world without mobile phones. They've never dropped a dime into a slot to make a call. They can't imagine going for a month without paying Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and the like their monthly fees.

Mobile phones are eradicating pay phones. Each day their numbers dwindle.

Payphoneography is an effort to preserve a bit of history with digital bits ...

In December 2011 Dan Marker-Moore started documenting this on instagram as @payphones. Starting in Los Angeles the project quickly evolved and expanded out New York, Chicago, and other parts of California. At the same time other photographers got involved and began taking photos of payphones and using the hash tag #payphoneography (payphone photography) .

If you see a payphone in an interesting place, take a few moments to capture it.

Q. How many calls are made via pay phones each year?

  • 400 million

  • 750 million

  • 1.7 billion

  • 3.6 billion

A. 1,700,000, according to the The American Public Communications Council (an association of Payphone Service Providers).

The Drumheller DinoArts Association is Dino-riffic!


The town of Drumheller, Alberta bills itself as the Dinosaur Capital of the World. Leading the charge, the non-profit Drumheller DinoArts Association is "committed to promoting and enhancing the dinosaur sculptures and murals throughout Drumheller."

Drumheller is located in the heart of the Badlands and was incorporated as a village nearly a century ago, back in 1913. That's sixty-five years before Bruce Springsteen released Badlands on The Darkness on the Edge of Town, if you're counting. Not that Bruce is a dinosaur, or anything.

Badlands you gotta live it every day
Let the broken hearts stand
As the price you've gotta pay
Well keep pushin' till it's understood
And these badlands start treating us good

The Drumheller Valley was the tropical home to dinosaurs, 70 million years ago, including the local favorite Albertasaurus. Think our current climate change dilemma makes for tough living?

The Badlands did treat the dinosaurs well for quite some time. But the dinosaurs disappeared with the Ice Age, and years later, the melting glaciers formed the Red Deer River Valley. Today's residents enjoy an area rich in oil, agricultural resources, and tourism, with the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology.




What Would Hüsker Dü?



Oh, I see what you did there! I can't find anything about this sticker. It's just a good joke. Searching led me to this really interesting oral history of the Minneapolis scene at Magnet Magazine. Go read it.

I never really got into Hüsker Dü even after the fact. I'm listening to Zen Arcade right now and it is indeed noise-pop. They were pioneers and stuff. Carry on.