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Battle Flag Design's B52 Tribute Sticker

BattleFlagDesign's B52 Tribute Sticker

BattleFlagDesign's B-52 tribute sticker is a fitting salute to one of America's greatest military aircraft and StickerGiant is honored to print their work. If you've been looking for a custom design for your outfit, look no further. BattleFlagDesign specializes in unit and ... [Read More]
Hall's Speed Shop custom clear sticker

Clear Stickers Recreate That Classic Water Decal Look

Here's one that knocked our socks off ... a custom diecut job on clear stock that we recently printed for Hall's Speed Shop of Wichita, Kansas. This sweet little sticker looks like it was lifted right off a classic hot rod from the 1950s. The combination of white, red and black ink ... [Read More]
#payphoneography sticker

#payphoneography Sticks Around

Once upon a time, pay phones controlled the means of communication for folks on the go, and it wasn't all that long ago ... Many folks in the world today can't remember a world without mobile phones. They've never dropped a dime into a slot to make a call. They can't imagine going ... [Read More]

Yesterday's Home Runs

Babe Ruth, a.k.a.: the Bambino held the record for the most home runs in one major league season, with a whopping 714 home runs over his 22 seasons in the big league. The Sultan of Swat played for the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and Boston Braves. His record stood for decades ... [Read More]

The Drumheller DinoArts Association is Dino-riffic!

The town of Drumheller, Alberta bills itself as the Dinosaur Capital of the World. Leading the charge, the non-profit Drumheller DinoArts Association is "committed to promoting and enhancing the dinosaur sculptures and murals throughout Drumheller." Drumheller is located in the ... [Read More]

What Would Hüsker Dü?

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="WWHD?"][/caption] Oh, I see what you did there! I can't find anything about this sticker. It's just a good joke. Searching led me to this really interesting oral history of the Minneapolis scene at Magnet Magazine. Go read it. I ... [Read More]