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3 Steps to Great Customer Service

jennifer stickergiant employee

Every day, our team uses Zingerman's 3 Steps to Great Customer Service

One core value at StickerGiant is great customer service. Thanks to Zingerman’s and their dead simple Zing Train system, we have a terrific recipe to follow.

For those that have not heard of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses (ZCoB), this group is a family of eight businesses located in the Ann Arbor area created by Zingerman’s Deli founders Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig.

ZingTrain is their consulting company specializing in training, service, merchandising, specialty foods and staff management. We’ve applied Zingerman’s “3 Steps to Great Service,” which is the secret sauce that we spread on each phone call we take, each package we send out the door and each email we receive in our inbox.

Zingerman’s 3 Steps to Great Customer Service:

Step 1. Figure out what the customer wants.

Step 2. Get it for them: accurately, politely and enthusiastically.

Step 3. Go the extra mile.  

These easy-to-follow standards set the table for our high level of service, whether it’s internal or external interactions. Internally, we aim to be top-notch co-workers for our fellow Team members. Externally, we strive to be world-class customer service providers by implementing Zingerman’s 3 Steps, everyday. It makes StickerGiant a better place to work as a group, and it helps StickerGiant grow as a company each time we go the extra mile for our customers.

If you want to learn more about about Zing Train and the Zingerman family of companies, go to their About Us page.

It might seem simplistic, but service drives us each and every day. Every sticker has a story, and we want to empower our customers as great storytellers by helping them through the process. Because when we hear stories from happy customers about how we assisted them, it always translates into return business and positive word-of-mouth.

What does it mean to go the extra mile? Our staff are empowered to delight customers. Sometimes that means a shipping upgrade, others it's a blog about a customer we adore.

This week we decided to go above and beyond in the literal sense. Check out this super sweet video of the StickerGiant Quadcopter hovering above our world headquarters in rural Hygiene, Colorado, where our customer service has an altitude adjustment.

See StickerGiant From Above




Necessity is the Mother of Invention When it Comes to Stickers

code poet stickers and schwag stickergiant

Yes, that is a whole lot of brand schwag by Code Poet and it’s magical. Not that promotional items have any special powers, but because they show the creative edge some companies have when marketing their products. This pile of fun is awaiting a weekend of WordCampers and Code Poet has built a loyal following of WordPress enthusiasts by enticing fans with branded goodies like those shown above.

When trying to market with your stickers – whether it be for a brand, an event, a funny slogan/hashtag or a product – there are tried-and-true methods of collecting fan data and then there are those that, well, involve engagement and fun. The point is, you can put a sticker on just about everything there is, and creating something unusual or unique to give away with your sticker delights customers enough to remember you and your cause.

For example, you could make your business card into one big sticker. No losing it in your wallet when the time comes to give it away! Or what about a simple piece of origami with your sticker in the middle? Bonus points if it’s flat and comes with instructions for people to do it themselves. Make your sticker into a super awesome experience by using your imagination; you might be surprised at the buzz you'll generate.

Marketing doesn’t have to be boring, and we know your sticker certainly isn’t. It’s got the flair and funk that makes it unique to you, and that helps people remember it better. Try out some new ideas – we know you're creative, so show the world how thoughtful you can really be!

Creative Uses for Stickers That Promote Your Brand

changemaker sticker on cardboard box stickergiant

Stickers are a cost-effective way to brand your product and get the word out about your cause – who doesn’t love a free sticker? The cooler, the better. Some people actually collect stickers from their favorite places or events, which means getting your stickers out there in the hands of the general public increases your chances of drawing in loyal customers. Building a fan base is one ultimate key to success.

Most people are used to getting stickers in the mail with their order, but why not move your stickers to the streets? There are plenty of blank spots in the city just waiting to be stickered, so grab a handful of people and get to it!

Here are just a few examples of places your can stick your logo:

  • Trash cans – Everyone has to use them at some point in the day, so why not create a focal point while doing so? Slap a sticker under the lid or on the outside and give people something to smile about.

  • Car windows – Not on the window itself, as that would be vandalism, but under the wiper blades! If you’ve got the time and energy, you can create a little flyer with a sticker stapled to it then attack a local parking lot with your brand.

  • Bulletin boards – A lot of local businesses have a cork board set up where advertisements and business cards go, so go sticker them! If you want to give customers a way to contact you directly, leave a business card with the sticker, too. Otherwise, let the intrigue of your design encourage them seek you out. 

There are lots of creative ways to get all eyes on you – the crazier, the better! Make sure you keep it legal and think outside the box. Now that you know empty spots are just sticker places waiting to happen, keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic places to stick one down.

Draw Attention to Yourself in a Good Way


skateboard stickers bench

So you’ve started a new business, you’ve got a political campaign to run or just have a super worthy cause you’re ready to shout about from the mountain top. Good for you! Now how do you go about letting others know your aspirations?

One word: stickers!

No matter where you live in the world, chances are your local community (or one around you) has events throughout the years where vendors, artists and other local organizations can set up and get their info out to the masses. It can be a craft bazaar, a cultural event, a concert in the park or thousands of other things; the point is, you need to be there!

Let StickerGiant help you create a fantastically awesome sticker for your needs, then set up at these events to promote yourself. Give away stickers, business cards, fliers or brochures and let the word-of-mouth grapevine do the talking for you. And don’t be afraid to hand out stickers at political rallies or anywhere there’s a lot of people congregating together! Just walking through a crowd can allow you to network and make contacts through the power of stickers alone.

And do you know what that spells for you? V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

How to Get Sticker Sample Fun Packs


Not sure if stickers are right for you and your marketing tactics? Let us send you a selection of the different stickers to help you make a decision. We make it easy by placing sticker product labels on the back of each sample so that you can remember which ones work the best for you. Ordering stickers samples is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Get the right stickers in your pack

If you want us to send you a specific sticker product type in your pack, that's a cinch! We are able to specifically tailor your sample pack to contain only the stickers that meet your exact specifications.

Step 2: Tell us what you want

To make sure we stuff your sample fun pack with only the stickers you desire, leave us a message in the comments section when submitting your request. Envisioning how your stickers will look when produced as a specific sticker material helps us ensure that you get exactly the right solution.

Step 3: Making samples of YOUR stickers

Unfortunately we can't make your specific sticker design into a sample and send it to you, but we are setup to show you existing samples that will help you iron out the best option for your particular needs.

Feel like trying stickers for yourself? Request samples (you'll love them!)

5 Easy Sticker Marketing Tactics To Build Your Business

gripple stickergiant stickers

Despite the playful promotional angle stickers can offer businesses, stickers are also a fast and trendy way to connect with customers. Not only are they increasingly popular among current consumers, they also speak to a wide range of demographics.

Here are a few ideas that will help you use stickers as an effective tool to increase your business’ visibility and reinforce your brand identity:

#1) Let your customer endorse you.
If you have a logo or brand that is popular in your community let your
customers "like" you on their gear.
[Click here to see how Southern California Motorcycle Association use stickers]

#2) Your brand builds community
We want to belong to the community, and if your business wants to
build community let your members/customers join by indicating their
membership by applying a sticker to their personal things.
[Click here to see how 9 Seeds builds awareness with their stickers]

#3) Stickers say I've been there.
I was there. Is your brand, event or project a destination? A sticker
says I've been there.
[Click here to see how WordCamps build community with stickers]

#4) Disruption
Disruptive brands, events, projects or products attract early adopters
and thought leaders, let them spread the word, give then a sticker.
[Click here to see how Ian's Pizza uses stickers to spread the word with their unique approach to sticker marketing]

#5) Packaging
Every product needs a label....a basic sticker can add branding to
everything you sell even when you can't afford a different label for
all your products.
[Click here to see how Mary's market and Deli leverages labels to drive their business]