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S-S-S-Striker Bows!

Striker Bows' meticulously crafted custom bows are true works of art. Bow owners choose the type of wood and the colors of the inlays, creating individualized designs. All bows in the Takedown series include Action Bamboo Limb Cores. Super cool stuff. Mass-produced bows simply can't ... [Read More]

Element Outfitters

It's Elemental, Dear Watson! Well, it is ... if you crave spending your days in the great outdoors. The idea for Element Outfitters was born from the need for an all-inclusive white water rafting site. A site where you can find white water rafting products, information, and most ... [Read More]

10-8 Performance

When was the last time you met an honest-to-goodness gunsmith? Not a gunslinger, not a kid with a Daisy air-pump, not a poser thug with an over-sized weapon he doesn't know how to use, but a real person who actually makes a real gun. From scratch. By hand. Behold, the guy behind 10-8 ... [Read More]

Guns and Coffee

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Guns and Coffee[/caption] So apparently this is a thing. I guess I'd know more about it if I had cable, because The Daily Show and Colbert have picked up on this whole brouhaha. It started with an anti-gun version of this parody of the ... [Read More]

Gone Fishing in my Tighty Whities

Congrats to J - he was selected as our Fishing and Hunting story winner! J sent me his fishing story last week, and I couldn't stop laughing as I read it. Stay tuned to the blog for another story or two, and we'll announce the winner tomorrow. Here's J's story: I usually take a ... [Read More]