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Ignite Denver 23


This weekend sparks will be flying at the Oriental Theater for Ignite Denver 23. Twelve speakers will take the stage to share their geeky passions and inspire the audience in an evening of five-minute presentations. Their sticker features the spark nodes and the bold red of the Ignite branding. It makes for a sweet laptop sticker to rep your Ignite pride. We've been sponsoring this event for a few years, and we are proud to be a silver sponsor for this wonderful community.

Since Ignite Talks are community run events, we wanted to give a huge shout out to the team organizing the night, the folks that took the time to craft a thoughtful spark, anyone who wanted to take the stage, and for sure all the people who have already bought a ticket to see the show live. It's a sold out show tonight, but we recommend streaming live to get inspired.

  • Elizabeth Giorgi – My Bad Job Reviews Made Me an Awesome CEO

  • Kelly Underell – Life is too short to not do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

  • Chrissie Hodges – Pure OCD/Intrusive Sexual Obsessions: It’s not as Pure as it Sounds.

  • Lori Heisler – Enough is Enough: Somebody Needs to Speak Up

  • Brenton Weyi – Humans Are Paradoxes

  • Emily Stones – Ban the Brand™: The Dark Side of Marketing 101

  • Matt Hyder – How to be Taken Seriously as a Young Entrepreneur

  • Jamie Shapiro – The Foundation of Leadership: Real Food

  • Sandee Billen Maas – “You Don’t Look Sick!” – When Public Opinion Goes Wrong

  • Meghan Saylor – Square Peg, Round Hole

  • Doyle Hanks: Love: the Bridge to Laughter

  • Brian Gryth – Quitter

You can stream the action live from their website or follow along @IgniteDenver on Twitter.


Sponsorship Desk: Ignite Denver 22


Tonight is Ignite Denver back for ID22. They've got their events stickers, just like last year when we sponsored Ignite Denver 21. The Oriental Theater plays host to an evening of Ignite Sparks, where there will be learning, heckling, drinking and eating (thanks Biker Jim’s cart!).

The lineup is solid and built to inspire. If you can't make it to the venue, you can watch on their YouTube channel. Ultralowfi will be playing the afterparty, and you can check in for tickets.

Thanks to all Spark presenters for Ignite Denver 22, and big props to the organizers!

  • Kimberly Brokling – Deal with that obnoxious morning person… by becoming one!

  • Michelle Archuleta – Disparities in Medicine: A Journey from MIT & Harvard to Rural Colorado

  • Mike Kilcoyne – Stop Being Such a Wimp – Thoughts on The Power of Honesty

  • Shawna Urbanski – Why life is wonderawetascially horruckful!

  • Brier Fine – I am Not my Stereotype

  • Paul Heffner – Get an Extra 30 Minutes in Your Day

  • Chrysta Bairre – White on Welfare

  • Meagan Cain – We Will Rise: Resiliency in Chaos

  • Mike Sudolsky – Temporal Architecture – Denver Homeless Shelters

  • Andy O'Connor – Five Minutes to Freedom – 4 Financial Blunders that Kill Your Financial Goals

  • Joe Fleenor – The World at its Best

You can also follow along live on the #IgniteDenver on their Twitter account.

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